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Desserts & Pastries

Desserts & Pastries

Always on the hunt for the best croissants, tarts & ice cream🍦
Edith Loo
Edith Loo
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Had the Oreo cheesecake flavour and taro flavour. Do note that the gelato deal means 1 for 1 on double scoops ($6.50)! I enjoyed the flavour of the oreo cheesecake but I felt that the texture was lacking, it wasn’t creamy and it was difficult to scoop up occasionally. The taro was more creamy but the flavour wasn’t exceptional, tasting rather ordinary instead of a strong, rich authentic taro I was looking out for. But overall decent ice cream here, will recommend with burpple’s 1 for 1 deal and if you are in the area.

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Located at the old King Albert Park, Kindred Folk serves up delightfully good ice cream. I love so many of their flavours! My personal favourite is the roasted rice milk tea flavour, which is light yet rich with flavour. I’ve also tried the cereal milk, matcha gao and loaded cookies and cream and all of these are 10/10. I’d definitely recommend their ice cream to anyone, I’m in love for sure. 👏🏻

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Had their waffles here after dinner and I’d say they’re pretty decent, but not the best! Earl grey flavour wasn’t very strong in the ice cream so that was a big no for me, as I’m a fan of rich and strong ice cream flavours, especially for earl grey and other tea flavours. I’d still pick Creamier’s waffles over those here anyday. Portions here are good and pastas here are worth mentioning. Will be back to try some of their brunch offerings as well.

My personal favourite is the pandan flavour! But I love the white chrysanthemum one as well. Texture is amazing and flavours are rich and thick. A must-visit when in the East. 🍦

I tried twenty grammes after dinner at Brine just a few doors down, and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and texture of their ice cream, as well as the variety of flavours they had. Will be back to try their other flavours and waffles!

Loved the passionfruit meringue tart; and all their other pastries were good as well. Cozy and homely space with lots of vintage decor; i will definitely come back again for a bite if I find myself in the area.

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I’ve been frequenting an açai affair at their different outlets (Katong, Upper Thomson, Bugis, Westgate) and I really love their açai bowls for the wide range of ingredients included, as well as their many different drizzles (my favourite is the cookie butter, although it is sweeter than the healthier, less sweet options like almond butter).

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Tucked into a heartland estate in Kovan (fortunately near my house), this hip little ice cream place is so nicely decorated with cheeky neon lights and the ice cream is great - their flavours are very unique, including the Oreo Yakult which is really quite one-of-a-kind. Do try their rum & raisin which really packs a punch and is intensely flavourful.

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Loved the cronuts, croissants and pain au chocolat. Do more that they bake in batches, so when you arrive they may not have all the items, so you can buy some first and take a seat to wait! You can ask them what time the baked goods you want will be ready. Also note that there are very few seats (it’s a little bakery under some HDB flats, near the food centre). I would recommend this to anyone looking to try good bakes and pastries!

The cakes here are great! Always love the yuzu strawberry cake and the black sesame cake. I’d like for the matcha cake to be even richer and stronger but then again it’s already very good (especially love the azuki red beans within). Also one really off-putting thing is that they don’t provide water, not even tap water! After eating cakes usually most people would want to cleanse their palates and get rid of the sweet flavours/heaty feeling so it would really be great if you guys could provide some water.

Ordered the seasonal white rabbit flavour as well as the sea salt gula melaka, using the burpple beyond deal. The soft serve here is consistently good and the toppings are so unique! I’d recommend the honeycomb as well as the milk mochi and almond thins. The white rabbit flavour was pretty close to the actual white rabbit sweets, but I did feel that it was a little more light and bland. Keep it up Sunday Folks :-)

Best matcha, houjicha and sesame ice cream I’ve had in Singapore. The soft serve is so rich and creamy and so flavourful, and I love that Matchaya is continuously innovating to come up with new seasonal flavours so often! i tried their seasonal flavour, white sesame, and it was delightful.

Already thinking of my next meal 👅

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