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Desserts & Pastries

Desserts & Pastries

Always on the hunt for the best croissants, tarts & ice cream🍦
Edith L.
Edith L.

First time at Sweet Cheeks, a newly opened gelato shop a really short walk from Potong Pasir MRT and right next to the famous River South (Hoe Nam) prawn noodles supper spot. I really loved their cinnamon brown bread flavour! The flavour was just right and I loved the bread bits within. Texture of the ice cream was good too, thick and creamy. Will be back!

I’ve been wanting to try this forever! I always go for the most recommended Sor-Hei bun (which is really good, by the way) but I finally got to try this cruffin. The croissant exterior was really crispy and buttery, and the matcha cream was rich-tasting and smooth.

Geometry is one of the best local ice cream joints in my books - alongside my other favourites of Apiary, Creamier and perhaps Birds of Paradise. The texture of the ice cream is superb and the flavours are really unique, with a local twist.

We really enjoyed the açai here - the serving size was pretty generous, the toppings were great and the açai was smooth, creamy and very nicely flavoured. Love the presentation as well, in a wooden bowl reminiscent of Bali’s smoothie bowls. I would definitely come back for this if I’m looking for a healthy dessert in the area!

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Loved the ice cream here and the unique flavours they offered! We had the double scoop 1-for-1 on Burpple Beyond, where we had the coconut & pandan, green tea roasted rice, chocolate hojicha and pistachio. I loved the green tea roasted rice and coconut & pandan! Both were so rich in flavour and the texture was very smooth and creamy as well. The pistachio was good - I’d say it’s comparable to my favourite pistachio ice creams at Creamier and Apiary. However, I felt that the chocolate hojicha wasn’t that impressive as the chocolate overpowered the hojicha, making it taste a little unbalanced. Overall, really love the ice cream here and we will be back!

Had the matcha tiramisu and the strawberry cream cheese desserts this time! The strawberry cheese dessert was so, so good. The strawberry coating was just the right amount of sweet and really well-flavoured, and the cheese beneath was so soft, smooth and creamy. Unfortunately we didn’t enjoy the matcha tiramisu, as the matcha taste wasn’t strong at all and there was little? no? alcohol at all, making for a really one-dimensional, bland tiramisu.

Was really hyped to try their milk tea but we ended up slightly disappointed by the relatively mild flavour profile and lack of tea taste - my partner commented that it tasted more like milk than milk tea. We had the Yorkshire Milk Tea and the Lapsang Souchong Milk Tea - we both preferred the Lapsang Souchong milk tea as it had a unique flavour, compared to the Yorkshire milk tea that just tasted like mild flavoured milk. We will still be back using Burpple’s 1 for 1, but without a deal I would hesitate to purchase it again as I prefer stronger milk tea flavours.

We’ve been a fan of brother bird’s soft serves for years now - we’ve tried the matcha one, the cookie one and the Thai tea one and they were all good. We had the Oolong milk soft serve this time, and it was light and fragrant in flavour, and the texture of the soft serve was really good - no icy texture and incredibly smooth. Their flavours change every month!

Always wanted to try Jenjudan in Taiwan but I didn’t get the chance on my last trip, so imagine my excitement when they finally opened in Singapore! We were really impressed by their rendition of the brown sugar boba milk, the sugar levels can be customised (we chose 30%) so that it won’t become too sickeningly sweet or jelat. The milk tasted so fresh and was really fragrant, and the brown sugar pearls were delightfully soft and chewy. Would definitely recommend this!

I absolutely loved this dessert, and I dare say it’s the best sticky date I’ve had in Singapore yet. It was incredibly moist and warm, and the texture was superb. The sauce was just the right amount of sweetness, and the vanilla bean ice cream paired so well! I’d definitely recommend this. Big enough for sharing as well :-)


Apiary is easily my favourite ice cream place (alongside creamier & birds of paradise). I’ve been frequenting it since its opening, and it has never disappointed. Out of all the flavours I’ve tried, my favourites are the pistachio and rocher, just a personal preference, as all their other flavours are really good too. Love this place and I would recommend it to everyone!


This entire set is to die for! I’ve had it twice and I’m still so in love; each item is so flavourful and well thought out and all the little items go so well with the soft serve. I was blown away by the mochi and the incredibly flavourful azuki red beans that went so well with my matcha soft serve. I would not hesitate to buy this without the burpple beyond deal, but it’s made even more worth it with burpple beyond 1-for-1! A must try here.

Edith L.

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