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Value For Money & Burpple Beyond

Value For Money & Burpple Beyond

Affordable yet good eats, including those on Burpple Beyond that are well worth the price ✨
Edith Loo
Edith Loo
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First time at the newly opened Chico Loco and this really took the cake for me. The chicken was so well done and fried; wonderfully spiced and marinated on the outside with just the right amount of spiciness, and the chicken was so thick and tender within. The sesame buns for this sandwich were from Burnt Ends (same buns used for their Sanger) which was definitely a plus! Food worth getting dirty for indeed. Also, their salted coconut soft serve is great ✨

We ordered 700g of this to share among a family of 8, and the char siew was really good. We first tried this at the Michelin guide festival in February this year, and it really impressed us with the well-caramelised exterior and the tenderness of the meat underneath. The chilli that comes by the side is wonderful too and really packs a punch! Do note that the char siew, along with their signature meats, is not valid for Burpple Beyond 1 for 1, so be careful to check which dishes are valid before ordering, as they have many exclusions.

Loved the roast pork here that was crispy and flavourful - we got 400g of it for our family of 8 to share. The dipping sauces on the side were lovely too - there was a creamy wasabi-infused sauce and the chilli was superb. Do note that all their signature roast meats and char siew are not valid on Burpple Beyond, which is such a pity! Too many exclusions, and most of the items available for 1 for 1 are the less popular dishes.

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Best fried chicken sandwich in town - the chicken was so perfectly crispy on the outside yet extremely tender and juicy within. I mean, just look at how thick that chicken is within the sandwich! So delicious and extremely value for money on Burpple Beyond. It’s a pity that the Patty Melt was replaced by the Impossible meat version, because the patty melt was my favourite here.

Had the standard beef sukiyaki don at $13.90, cooked to medium rare on the spot in front of us. I loved the dining experience where they let you select the beef before cooking it, and everything was done swiftly and efficiently in front of you. Do note that the interior is really small and seats are very limited, so try to come off-peak or be prepared to queue!

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Had the salmon mentaiko bowls with quinoa and brown rice and the salmon was really good and fresh! Loved how fresh the ingredients were (the cherry tomatoes were so sweet and crunchy) and how everything came together so well, healthy and tasty is a good combination indeed.

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Banana confit, steamed banana cake, toffee sauce - this was a pretty unique dessert. I really enjoyed the wonderfully made banana meringues which were really unique. Most meringues are pretty boring to me but the banana meringue here was great; and I loved the banana cake chunks as well. My only gripe is that the serving could have been slightly larger, as we demolished this dessert in a heartbeat.

Potato gnocchi dumplings, confit chicken breast, truffle shiitake emulsion, Parmesan espuma - this was as mindblowing as the duck breast. The chicken was so so tender and I daresay one of the best chicken breasts I’ve ever had in Singapore - the texture of the chicken breast was really unbelievable. The gnocchi was really chewy and delectable as well. Brine is hands down one of the most amazing little restaurants I’ve had the privilege to dine at. Please keep it up!

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Dry aged duck breast, eggplant textures - this was amazing. Hands down the best duck I’ve had yet - and the best one I’ve had was from a famous French restaurant in Ho Chi Minh. This was amazing - so tender and juicy, so perfectly done to a slight crisp on the exterior, pairing so well with the duck fat/jus sauce - we polished it clean in a heartbeat while lamenting the fact that this amazing dish was coming to an end. Truly spectacular dish from Brine.

Steamed potato, red curry, garam masala, mussels, pani puri - I chose to order this instead because I had the beef tartare during my last visit here (really good too). The dish came together so well! Such a generous helping of mussels, wonderfully rich red curry sauce and potatoes to go along.

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I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been here and the number of times I’ve had this glorious full breakfast, so I’m just here to say that Birdy’s never fails to deliver and they’re consistently great. Keep it up!

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This was really good! I loved how thick and creamy the sauce was, and the mushrooms were so juicy and fresh. The pasta texture was superb as well, just enough chew and yet sufficiently soft to my liking. I would recommend this for sharing because the sauce is very rich and may be slightly jelat? But it wasn’t an issue for me!

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Already thinking of my next meal 👅

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