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Value For Money & Burpple Beyond

Value For Money & Burpple Beyond

Affordable yet good eats, including those on Burpple Beyond that are well worth the price ✨
Edith L.
Edith L.

The hor fun here was fried to a crisp, and resembled crispy pork skin, or maybe keropok/prawn crackers. The hor fun sauce was silky and thick, and the prawns were so incredibly fresh that they were sweet on their own! Would definitely recommend this dish, and I will be back to try more of their offerings.

Smoky pork cheek grilled to perfection, with a slight char and caramelised exterior - this was a great dish. The pork was soft and flavourful, and there was a good balance of pork fat and lean meat. We got this with Burpple’s 1-for-1! The decor here is nice and old-school as well, located within Kam Leng hotel at Farrer Park.

I’ll admit I had my doubts about duck ramen before trying the ramen here, but trust me when I say that I was blown away. The broth was thick and flavourful, without any overwhelming gamey flavour some may be worried about. The two pieces of duck chashu were exquisitely tender and left us pining for more, and the duck meatballs were so fresh-tasting and soft. I’ll definitely be back! This place is a hole-in-the-wall, as it is located in a small unit upstairs along the busy Holland Village area, but the ambience is great, giving off a really minimalist Japanese feel.

Had the salmon bowl and the mala pork bowl, and we enjoyed both. We redeemed Burpple’s 1 for 1 here and it made it even more value for money! The salmon was fresh and was drizzled with generous helpings of ikura, and the mala pork was pretty tasty too, even though we found that the mala was a lot more numbing (‘ma’) than spicy (‘la’). Will be back to try their other offerings!

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I’ve heard so much about Nantsuttei being one of the best ramens in Singapore and I finally got to try it. It was extremely value for money and I though the prices were really affordable here! The noodles were of a perfect texture and consistency as well, and the soup was pretty rich too. What really disappointed me was the chashu, which was thin, bland and dry. Overall, definitely worth a try and a really affordable meal in town.

I actually really enjoyed this dessert, made really value for money with burpple 1-for-1. The creme brûlée on top was perfectly done! It was crispy and torched to just the right amount, and the milk soft serve was pretty decent too (but not mindblowing, compared to the brûlée layer). With burpple beyond, this is really worth a shot.

Red sauce, roasted vine tomatoes, fresh basil, burrata, goat's milk feta - this was absolutely delightful. The cheese and tomatoes made a lovely, simple combination and the pizza crust was heavenly - just the right balance of crisp, softness and a slight chew.

This was a huge serving and really worth the money with burpple beyond. The eggs were creamy and soft and the smoked salmon was fresh. I still prefer Cheeky or Common Man Coffee’s rendition of the full breakfast though, with the thick bacon steak and really creatively done ingredients.


Had the truffle scrambled eggs with prosciutto and it was pretty good! The scrambled eggs was perfectly creamy, and the prosciutto was great and fresh. Good presentation too, and rather fast service! My only gripes would be that the toast was pretty dry, crumbly and plain-tasting, and wasn’t nice and soft like the brioche bread that some other cafes serve up. The truffle taste in the scrambled eggs could also be stronger. Overall, very value for money with burpple beyond.

This set is probably one of the most value for money ones in Singapore - the hitsumabushi set tastes fresh and the presentation is pretty authentic (I’ve had hitsumabushi in its birthplace, Nagoya). However, even though it’s about 2/3 the price of Man Man, I’d still recommend the more pricey options of Man Man and Uya for true quality, with just the right amount of crisp on the outside and the tender meat within.

The brownies here were probably the most perfect brownies I’ve ever had. The exterior was slightly crisp and the interior was incredibly moist and even slightly chewy. There were dollops of chocolate within the brownie and we were left yearning for more - but the service here was horrendous. We asked one of the staff what brownie flavours were available, and she simply replied ‘I don’t know’. The food here was great, but also pricey considering that it’s primarily a takeaway place and the seats are outdoors and uncomfortable.

Loved the presentation of the jaffles here (something like sandwiches) and they tasted pretty good. It was really worth it with burpple beyond, but I’m not sure if I would come back without a deal for these sandwiches. Coffee was pretty good though! I loved the ambience and the service was great.


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