Featuring PS.Cafe (Ann Siang Hill), Hambaobao, Seven & Ate, Burgs by Project Warung (Timbre+), Hammee’s (Commonwealth Crescent Market & Food Centre), Ordinary Burgers (City Square Mall), Fatboy's The Burger Bar (Serangoon Garden)
Yee Jun Poon
Yee Jun Poon

The chicken patty was cooked to a perfect crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. It reminds me a lot of McDonald's Mcspicy except that this has a thicker and more substantial patty. The burger is spicy but not quite as much as Mcspicy, which is great for those who do not tolerate spice well!

I loved every component of this burger. The buns were fluffy and buttery, a surprise really, because many burger places neglect the buns.

The beef patty was the right texture, not at all tough. I daresay the quality of the beef patty rivals that of many other burger places which charge at least twice the price. I love how Hammees went light on the sauce, allowing the beef patty to shine.

The fries are nothing to shout about, it's just there to help fill you up and complete the meal. You can add bacon for $2 which we did and I think it was a great choice because the added flavour profile.

I heard mixed reviews about this dish and hesitated to order this. But with the option to upgrade to truffle fries with an addition of $5, I decided it was a good way to let me try their famed and loved fries without having to order the whole serving of it ($16).

The truffle fries were so fragrant and crispy. Some restaurants' truffle fries smell like truffle and taste nothing like it. But there's no such thing here at PS cafe. The dish was accompanied by an aioli sauce which has a lemongrass fragrance to it, making it so addictive!!

Now for the burger itself, the main star is the patty. There was no heavy tasting sauce or garnish to carry the dish. The meatyness of the patty and freshness of the beef were more than sufficient to make this burger one of my favourites at this price point.

Both of us got the same burger. Overall its a decent burger, I really liked the jalapeño cheese sauce. The beef patty is decent but we couldn't really taste the beef with the strong flavours of the sauce (I'm okay with that though). I really liked the fries as well but I felt like they were a little stingy with it :/

The pulled pork was succulent, tender and full of flavour. Ive heard great things about Hambaobao but I did not expect it to be this good! There was some greens that gave the burger a nice crunch and a slice of cheese to complete the burger. The fries exceeded my expectations as well.

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Can't decide on a favourite burger? Ordinary Burgers makes it easy with a compact but inclusive selection, from $5.90 each! Beef? Check. Vegetarian? Check. Buttermilk Chicken? Check. Our favourite has to be the Spicy Fried Chicken Burger ($5.30), which Burppler Dex Neo likens to an improved version of the well-loved McSpicy.
Photo by Burppler Iris Lim

Got their signature. It was a really good burger. Overflowing with meat and flavour. The dip for the chips was good as well.

The burgers were good. Buns were soft and the meat was not dry. We upgraded our fries and no regrets!!


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