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Cakes And Sweets

Cakes And Sweets

Featuring The Plain Jane, Old Airport Road Food Centre, Tarte by Cheryl Koh, Takashimaya Food Hall, Shuu Choux Bake Shop, Chalk Farm (Paragon), Happy Oven, Nicher 焼き栗子, Café 2000 (M Hotel), Chocolate Origin (Kallang Wave Mall)
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

Ordered this from Cafe 2000. It’s their signature, along with chocolate which I plan to try next time. This cheesecake was indeed delicious. Cheese was thick and rich but not too jelat. I finished 1/4 no problem. Really liked the biscuit crust at the bottom. The cream on top was light and refreshing, didn’t add on to the heaviness as I feared. Very good cheesecake worth indulging.

Peanuts and almonds stuck together by caramel. Not too sweet, with a very slight saltiness. Nice to crunch on. Got a few other selections besides almond, like sesame, pumpkin seeds etc.

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My fav pandan roll from Bengawan Solo. Lovely moist cake with pandan fragrance and the cheese added more dimensions to the overall taste. One of the rare salty-sweets I like.

I noticed that the menu at Ion seemed different from other branches. This cake was a special one by Genevieve Lee, a Masterchef Singapore runner-up. I got the second last slice left.

Blueberry gel, lavender hazelnut crumble, cream cheese frosting, blackcurrant meringue. This cake was super duper delicious. I loved every bite. The cake was moist and not too sweet, blueberry gel inside was tangy, and the lavender hazelnut crumble was so good I lamented it was too little. The blackcurrant meringue was fabulous. I could pop like 10 in my mouth and be very very happy. I wanna eat the whole cake all by myself.

Choc cupcake with a layer of hazelnut feuilletine, with a dollop of orange marmalade jam inside, and crunchy rice balls and vanilla & choc butter cream piped on top. A divine treat. I’ve always loved orange choc so this really satisfied my craving. Not horribly sweet either. I enjoyed every bit of this cupcake, leaving only a bite for hubby 😋. A lovely dessert, plus the special performance of live music (10mins only) on the 4th floor of Ion, closed my fabulous Christmas Eve night.

Excellent tart excellent choc. None of that sweet throat-irritating nonsense. I ate bite after bite and could still keep going. Usually I could only finish half of a dessert cos of the sweetness, but this, I ate the whole thing 🤭

Very small sweet cake with flavors of pandan and gula Melaka, sprinkled with dessicated coconut on top.

I was never a fan of banana cakes but this was really nice. Banana taste was distinct but not overwhelming. There were bits of chewy oats scattered throughout the buttery moist cake. Not too sweet, perfect for tea break with a cup of Kopi/tea. Bought on 19 Nov expire on 22 Nov.

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They sell this in half now. Ideal for me since the full size was really quite big and difficult to finish within 3 days for 2 people.

The Berries was the seasonal special so was $8.50. It had lemon montee ganache, which I dunno what it is, but it tasted great! Slightly sour and made the whole eclair not jelat. Lessened the sweetness too. Very easy on the palate.

Dark choc had 66% choc pastry cream, which was still pretty sweet to me. The choc streusel on top tasted a bit salty, which I couldn’t appreciate. Would have been better without it.


The matcha cream was slightly bitter and there were little pearly balls for crunch. Definitely liked this. Mango passion fruit was heavy on the passion fruit, which I really enjoyed. Slightly piquant and very creamy. This was my favorite of the 4 I got. Used Burpple beyond so these were free.

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