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Grab And Go At Convenient Store

Grab And Go At Convenient Store

Featuring Cold Storage, 7-Eleven Singapore, JCube, Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre, 7-ELEVEN®, Four Leaves (The Clementi Mall)
Jasmine Lim
Jasmine Lim

Multi-grain chips in cheese flavour. Cheating without the heavy guilt!

Seaweed snack the comes in drumbstick form.

Random buys from 7-Eleven again. Waffle biscuit stripes that is both chocolatey and sweet!

Followed the recommended steps and microwaved it for a minute. Bursting chocolate lava flow out from the cake. Super sinful but it’s so satisfying!

Super soft and full of match fragance. Recommend to heat it up to get the super soft texture!

Passing by this old school bakery hidden within the hawker centre at Admiralty. It was the aroma that attracts me and looking at those trays of pastries makes me drools! Grabbing all the Shanghai Mooncakes with all their available at once!

Top Left: Sweet tau sar fillings with thin layer of pastry. The level of sweetness is just nice and not too gelak.

Top Right: The strong black sesame fragance was wheting my appetite. Furthermore, it came with a surprise salted egg yolk.

Bottom Left: Yam filling with salted egg yolk. Yam was slightly disappointing here as the filling was kind of a little too dry but the sweetness was just the right level.

Bottom Right: The pastry comes with walnut that give a crunch layer to the taste.

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From the health food series at Guardian, Nature’s Heart has always been one of the common brand that can be found. The cookies was individually packed in 2 pieces and there are 6 packets in each box. Cookie has a nice crunch and fragance from the grains.

Surprisingly it was not too sweet and quite light on the palate even after the whole bar. Not very chocolatey and you can taste more of the sugary white coating at the bottom.

Random pick at a korean roadshow, probably clearing old stocks. This was 4 for a dollar promotion at the cashier. The almond has this saltish smokey flavour but is a pity that the almond itself was quite soft and lost its crunchiness.

Savoury sandwich cracker with peanut butter filling. Personally i prefer this over the ones from Julie as the cracker is less saltier and filling portion is more.

2 piece oreo coated with dairy milk. Pretty normal, is just oreo coated with milk chocolate.

Promotion Alert! $0.8 instead of a dollar! It was more of a bread rather than a crossiant. Chocolate filling was rather substantial, best to microwave it and melts the chocolate abit. The crossiant was a tad too oily though.

How to eat and still stay in shape? 🤔

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