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Burpple Beyond

Burpple Beyond

Trying out the different places on Burpple Beyond!
Hao Zhe Bian
Hao Zhe Bian

Found at a neighbourhood community in bishan. The place was nice and cosy and the staff were friendly. The burpple beyond offers applied to all flavours except for the whisky flavour. I got the Hojicha and pistachio flavour and they were really great! The other flavours like salted caramel and honey were pretty good too! Definitely recommend with the 1 for 1 especially if you are at the area :)

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1 for 1 pasta was really worth it! Got the lobster and crab meat ravioli and it was pretty good. The sauce was just nice and not too creamy. Would definitely come back here with burpple beyond


First off, the staff was really friendly and helpful! We ordered the Wagyu Hamburg Steak with Sirloin Steak and the Milano Style Pork Saute plate. The pork was decent but the highlight would be their beef dishes. The sirloin steak was cooked to medium rare and really tender and juicy. Would definitely come back again to try their other beef dishes :)

We had the wagyu steak with burpple beyond which is really worth! The steak was juicy and tender and there is a nice chargrilled flavour to the steak. The mashed potato or truffle fries that came with it is pretty well flavoured.

However I feel that the steak is not really worth $59.90 but it definitely is worth it with the burpple beyond 1 for 1!

Will come back again with burpple beyond!

The sashimi cubes were really fresh and the portion was quite generous as well! I like that you could choose to add on a set meal while using the burpple beyond. Would definitely come back to try the aburi mentai don!

The flavour of truffle was really strong and it enhanced the flavour of the scallop and swordfish. We ordered the salmon and salmon sashimi and the slices were thick and fresh. However swordfish is not my favourite sashimi cut and I would definitely come back to try the aburi scallop and salmon don the next time!

The portion may be slightly small and the ambiance may not be that nice but since the price range is really good I would say its worth it!

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