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A. Ling
A. Ling
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#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Army Stew ($28)
Kimchi Pancake ($17.90)

Located at a super convenient location and every staff was friendly and helpful. Food was good especially the kimchi pancake, filled with flavours with the just the right combination of flour and other ingredients. Portions were quite big as we couldn’t finish all at the end. A hearty meal after a Long day of work was perfect at baek jung. Will definitely come back to try others, super worthy with Beyond!

#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Chicken Steak & Shrimp ($17.90)
Chicken Pasta ($13.90)

Cozy shop with unique and cute decos. Food was better than expected. Pasta was delicious, cheesy but not too sickening. Chicken steak was juicy and tender with flavourful sauce. Portion was sufficient for 2 and there’s extensive options for Beyond usage. Super worth it with Beyond and will definitely be back to try others!

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#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Full Jjimak
Spicy Chi Bap
Garlicky Chicken
Honey Butter Chicken
Nest Snow Chicken
Rose Cheese Chi-Queen

Staffs were very friendly, took our reservations even when we would be using Burpple deals. They also suggested that 3 vouchers were enough for 8 pax. Just as told, each portion was big and great for sharing. Each dish has a distinct flavour pleasantly. Good hang out spot with big group of friends!

#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Original Swiss Roll + Flat White
Nutella Swiss Roll + Iced White

Total : $11.90

A super cozy and quiet cafe with simple and lovely decos. Staffs were friendly. We felt that both the creams of the Swiss rolls were rich and fragrant. However, the cake part were not fluffy and soft enough. And the proportion of the cream is much more than the cake. But they weren’t too sweet for us maybe cause of the coffee we got. Overall it’s quite a delightful treat for high tea, quite worth the value especially with Beyond.

#BurppleBeyond 1-1

The Fowl Play $15
The Fun Guy $14
Amber’s fried chicken $14

Total : $29

Crowded on a Saturday late morning. Staffs were friendly. The Jaffles took some time to come, around 20 mins? We ate the fried chicken first and didn’t managed to finish the Jaffles after that 🤭 I prefer their fried chicken as it was well fried but not too oily. Sauce with a tint of spiciness and sourness, very appetising. Feel that the Jaffles were abit dry but it’s quite filling. Taste wise the chicken thigh in the fowl play was well marinated and mushrooms in the fun guy were nicely sautéed. Not sure whether will return as it’s quite far from my house. But definitely worth trying as Beyond made it more affordable.

#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Dark Chocolate Praline Tart + Iced Cocoa
Lemon Lavender Cake + Iced white

Total: $15.50

Tried their cakes instead of the ice cream for this visit. Lemon Lavender Cake was served warm with the prominent fragrance of lavender. Not too sweet and really goes well with the unsweetened iced white. The dark chocolate praline tart taste very typical, no surprises, just a decent tart. However, the iced cocoa was really smooth, milk and chocolate blends really well together. Third redemption for Beyond. It’s quite a good deal as we got to try other products instead of always ordering their signature ice creams!



Double Scoop + Cookie Bowl
Double Scoop + Waffle

Not sure how Beyond works for this as I paid $15.70 in total with only $6.70 discount. Asked staff and he said deal only applies to ice cream but on app it says applicable to ice cream with waffles and all. Nonetheless, can’t really remember what flavours we ordered, and only the rice milk tea flavour stood out for us. It’s quite a unique flavour.
Overall, it’s quite a nice place to chill but don’t think I will be back as it’s on the pricey side and I can find ice cream with the same quality elsewhere.

#BurppleBeyond 1-1 Set Dinner

Little Miss Piggy + Fish Cake ($16)
Wagyo Pho + Classic Pork & Prawn Rice Wrap($16)

Went on a rainy evening and the hearty bowl of pho was the perfect dinner for the tummy. Servings were quite generous for both bowls and taste-wise was flavourful and comforting. However, both side dishes were very disappointing, rice wrap was cold and soggy, can tell it’s ready made and just taken out from the fridge straight. Fish cake was really fishy, it’s made of fish meat flakes instead of minced meat, maybe some would like the flavour. Took a small bite and didn’t touch it already. But overall I would say it’s a really good deal as phos were up to standards and staffs were really friendly. Will be back as it’s near my office.

#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Fresh Milk Soft Serve in cone ($6.50)
Matcha Soft Serve in cone ($6.50)

Very fresh soft serve from Japan. We prefer the fresh milk one more as it was not too sweet and was really milky. Too bad there’s only one deal for Soft Serve on Beyond, worth trying!

#BurppleBeyond 1-1

The Ober Work ($16)
Veal Bratwurst Rosti ($14.50)

A cozy cafe that’s new on Beyond, staffs were polite and friendly. Rosti was so good with a sprinkle salt and lemon juice! The Ober Work was typical American breakfast and portion was quite big. Nothing to pick on. Overall a really good deal without service charge and GST, will definitely go back as selection for Beyond is almost everything on the menu and really love the ambience and the chill vibe of the cafe. Perfect for a weekend brunch!

#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Prawn Olio Olio ($18)
Carbonara, But not really ($16)

Crowded on a Friday evening. Prawn Olio Olio was quite unique with sichuan garlic oil and lap Cheong crumble. It was pleasantly flavourful and everything goes well with the texture of the curly pasta. Carbonara like it’s name suggests, really differ slightly from the usual ones. The sauce was lighter with the fragrance of mushrooms making the dish very smooth and not too sickening till the end. Overall think it’s fusion done right, portion looks small but surprisingly it was quite filling. It’s worth trying as Beyond makes it really a good deal. But not sure whether will return as choices were limited.

#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Royal Earl Grey Gelato + Flat white
Tiramisu Gelato + Cappuccino

Total: $13.70

Thanks to Burpple another gem is found in KAP! Cafe interior is gorgeous and classy but yet feels cozy. Both flavours of Gelatos were very refreshing, taste natural without any artificial flavourings. However I feel that it melts a bit too quickly and portion is small for price without Beyond. Set came with a drink making it perfect to chill and chitchat with your loved ones over a lazy afternoon. Will definitely be back for the Gelatos and chillax as it’s quite a good deal 😎


A. Ling

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