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A. Ling
A. Ling

#BurppleBeyond 1-1

House Special Chicken Pot $17.90
Numbing & Fiery Chicken Pot $17.90
Spicy Chicken Cubes $13.80
Hot Plate Prawns $14.80

Total: $71+

Utilised 2 vouchers for 5 pax. Ordered 2 Chicken Pots (Small) and 2 mains and about 5 add-ons into the 2 pots. We preferred the spicy chicken pot over the house special as its more fragrant and the spicies really gave our taste buds a strong kick! Portion of chicken in both pots were alright and we find the side dishes are on the pricier side, like one portion of instant noodles cost $3.90. For the mains, the Spicy Chicken Cubes, the ratio of the dried chillis flakes to the small chicken cubes was like 15:1, but chicken was well fried and flavourful. I like the sauce of the Hot Plate Prawns, and it looked really appetitizing with the colourful condiments. Overall, Beyond made it a fairly good deal especially when dining with friends since the price is on the higher side.

#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Prawn Olio Olio $18
Spicy pork Belly $4
Corn & Crab $6

Paid another visit before their closure at the end of this month. Ordered the Prawn Olio Olio again and have to say even after half a year quality of this dish maintained. The sichuan chili oil was aromatic and went well with the tangy curly pasta. This time round we tried 2 sides. The Spicy pork Belly was well marinated and cucumber was crunchy, it was nice but no surprises. The Corn & Crab was crab meat on steam corn, quite a pleasant combination. Sweetness from the corn blends well with the seafood taste from the crab. Overall, a delightful meal at Pasta Supremo.

#BurppleBeyond 1-1

"Te Kar" Been Hoon $12.80
BBQ Pork jowl $14.80
Ugly Cabbage $ 9.80
Mee kia $11.80

Crowded at 11pm on a Saturday, and after tasting the food we truly know why. The Mee Kia and Pork Jowl really wow-ed us. The Pork Jowl was tender and flavourful, sweetness and charred taste was well balanced. The Thai style sauce gave it the final kick. The Mee kia is a "upgraded" version, not only the more premium ingredients like the pork jowls, runny egg and crab meat but even the noodles were tangy and well mixed with
a pleasant tint of wok hey. Ugly cabbage was crunchy but a bit oily. "Te kar" been hoon gave me the homey feel, feels like something that can improve my appetite when I am sick. Though the dishes are on the pricey side, with the quality is definitely worth it. One more place added to my favourite supper list!

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#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Chicken Overload $16
Carbonara Farfalle $16

Crowded on a Saturday afternoon. Cafe has warm lighting and soothing ambience. Staffs were friendly and efficient. Chicken Overload is an innovative dish. Fried chicken with mushroom sauce but more like soup? With mash potato and some greens. Chicken was tender and juicy, went well with the mushroom sauce and the mash potato. Combination of flavours was surprisingly pleasant. Dish was very filling too. Carbonara Farfalle was a fairly safe dish, better than average. It was creamy and rich with ample amount of bacon. Mixing the egg yolk from the poached egg with the pasta made it perfect. No GST and service charge. Definitely will be back to try others, one of my favourite Beyond deal.

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#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Aburi Salmon Don $13
Tamagoyaki $3

Crowded during early evening at about 6PM. One of the best deal on Beyond actually. Serving looked small but it was surprisingly filling after the meal, not to forget the generous aburi salmon cubes in the bowl. Service was quick and efficient
with ice water provided plus no GST and service charge. Definitely worth maxing all 4 of the Beyond deals!

#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Triple B $20
Tomato Crab Pasta $19

Second time back here. Really love their simple yet chic interior and the chill and cozy vibe this place offers. Tried the Triple B for myself this time. Its an above average breakfast platter I would say, everything on the plate was good, especially the cheese saussage. Have to admit that it lacks carbo but the rest on the plate made up for it. Also, it was a fairly good deal as its 1-1 mains & drinks as I really enjoyed my ice latte. I foresee a third visit very soon!

#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Waffle Gelato Set

Total: $12

Very cozy cafe in a quiet neighbourhood. Staffs were very friendly. Chose Earl Grey Lavender and Cookie's and Cream ice cream flavours. The waffles, which were soft and fluffy, went well with both the ice creams. Also, really like the Iced Lemon Tea that came with the set, it wasnt too sweet and was very refeshing. This cafe will be a great choice for some weekend chillax session. Will be back to try their food.

#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Total: $21.65

Second visit back here. Got the Chicken Pho this time, prefer this to the Pork Pho tried previously, the chicken was tender and flavouful which complements the soup really well. However, the spring roll which is a signature vietnamese snack was dry and can tell its not fresh. The soft shell crab was okay, no surprises. The green drink is Pineapple, coconut and mint smoothie, the mint taste was too strong for my liking... felt like I was drinking toothpaste. The honey jasmine tea wasnt that bad. Overall quite a good place to chill after work.

#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Korean Pork Belly Tacos
Chicken Vatos burrito

Vato's Ritas: Sexy Sanchez & Grow a pear

Total: $55.32

Love the chill and cozy ambience at the resturant, best for afterwork gathering and chillax session. Food was great, both the tacos and burrito were fushion done right. Portion was big and very filling too. For the drinks, Sexy Sanchez was a little too strong for me who has low level of tolerance for alcohol but nonetheless it went very well with the food. The drink was also good enough for 2. Great deal provided by Beyond again, will be back as I really enjoyed the chill vibe.

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#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Pork Boat Noodle + Fried Thai Omelette
Rice with Basil Minced Pork + Kang Kong w/ Oyster sauce

Total: $23.80

Portion was more than enough for 2 pax. Every dish was on point, especially the Basil Minced Pork. Honestly its better than some of the thai food we ate in Thailand itself. Good food with good pricing, will definitely be back!

#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Chicken Ham and Cheese $4.50

Eggs were fluffy and charcoal bread was soft. The Mayo sauce complements the ingredients well. Staffs were friendly. Very worth it with Beyond, the sandwiches made a good snack!

#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Classic (with 2 toppings) $5.50

Tried both the mango and original flavour, preferred the original one. Staffs were friendly with wide range of toppings and sauce to choose from. Will be back!


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