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Maureen Yeoh
Maureen Yeoh

Honestly a steal for ramen and in an air conditioned environment but it was just salty with barely any savoury goodness of how a tonkotsu should be.

Probably a good cheap eat for people on a budget or students!

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Imported from Taiwan. This was my companion’s fav dish that night. Great grilled taste, seasoned well and its really not easy to grill cuttlefish and not make it too chewy.

Surprise recommendation from the staff there.

I’m only featuring the hits from that dinner here and you can read more in depth review at IG @canihaveabitepls

I have to say they do their seafood very well. This was my fav dish from them. The umami is pronounced and cooked just right. It’s also a sight to watched it get cooked.

More reviews up on IG @canihaveabitepls

So good. You know it’s a good meat when it looks like beef when it’s raw. I usually like fattier cuts like belly but thought this to have a really good balance of fats and lean meat.

I believe this was about $60 for all the layers of goodness? Very similar concept and style to the likes of House of Chirashi at East Village which is way nearer to my place. Pretty decent for a Japanese place in the heartlands but I have something similar near me so I probably will not visit unless I’m in the vicinity.

However they do have an Omakase option which was something interesting! You can check out IG @canihaveabitepls for a more detailed review

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For more in depth review please see IG: @canihaveabitepls

Came to celebrate a birthday. $100 for a sushi set lunch is very value for money. We left feeling stuffed.

Overall I wouldnt say it's the best - it remains as Shinji for us. More common fish here and some of the similar fish weren't as mind-blowing as shinji for some reason. I guess there is really a difference in the preparation of raw fish.

Our favourites were the hotate, jack mackerel and young shrimp. The latter two are more interesting and I haven't had them before.

The uni and ikura bowl were generous and definitely made the whole set vfm cos uni is so expensive nowadays!

Would I return? I'm a little on the fence as its definitely an enjoyable experience but I wasn't like surprised like I did with others. But for $100 and a great meal and great time. Yes for sure.

Finally got to try this place! Reservations is highly recommended! I booked early dec but was only able to get a slot on new year’s day.

Unfortunately for me, going on new year’s day also meant that Japan is on holiday and there was no fresh shipment of fish arriving. Most fishes were out including the uni. I was looking forward to the variety.

They replaced it with more of the other fish and I requested for more of swordfish sashimi.

Overall thick slices and value for money. They are also very generous with their sashimi slices. I would say it is very value for money at 20+$. Depending on the occasion, for a normal sashimi craving where you value quantity this would be perfect.

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I was lucky to secure a booking about 2-3 weeks prior. They open their bookings on the first day of the month before. It’s a 3-men team hence please be patient with replies. Only the $98 menu is available for dinner. Pretty affordable for Omakase style, chef Roy is amicable and engages in friendly banter.

Fish is good but nothing that really surprises me. My favourite sushi was the chutoro with soya sauce foam. But my favourite dish was the don at the end (pictured). So so good, I wished it was bigger. The crab temaki was pretty good too. Could do with more positive surprises but for the price nothing much to complain.

We also got a 300ml bottle of dassai 39 for $65 which was reasonable. Overall an enjoyable meal to celebrate my companion’s 30th.


A little pricey but pretty good! I believe their other makis are more elaborate but this is a staple for me. Negitoro is super smooth and tender. The rice used was also very good. I enjoyed this dish quite a bit. More than I expected for this simple dish.

Finally found a chicken based ramen I like!! I have started to be pretty sick of tonkotsu based ramens Cos I get sick of them pretty fast. Struggled to finish the entire bowl all the time. Not so much with this!

I loved the soup and noodles. But might not order the spicy one cos I can’t take spicy well and this tasted like chilli padi kind of spicy?? Maybe those who are fans of spicy food might find this no kick tho!

The ramen itself cost about $13 but do add $1.50 for the egg cos it’s really one of the best I’ve tried! Yes, it’s not cheap but what is ramen without eggs right??

All in all I paid about $17 for this bowl including gst!

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I would think this wasn’t too bad. Quite interesting. There’s actually something within the tamago that reminded me of the jian in oyster omelette. 🤔 I liked it but I do know of friends who don’t fancy it.

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This was a disappointment. It’s way too peppery and salty. Friends and I all preferred mazesoba at Kajiken instead.

We were there during the second bowl 50% off promo which made it a bit better. But I’m certain that we will not return again.

This is also slightly spicy.

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Love eating and snapping food pics Live, breathe and travel for food Instagram @rynezzie @canihaveabitepls

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