Pig Organ Soup / Kway Chap

Pig Organ Soup / Kway Chap

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Louisa Lau
Louisa Lau

This recently opened stall has the best value-for-money pork soup. They have sets Soup Bowl sets as well as a-la-carte Pork Hock, Pork Ribs, Spare Ribs, Innards (including the not so common Pork Tongue!), Pork Skin, etc, where you pick the parts you want with a minimum order amount of $4.

Here, I ordered the a-la-carte one Pork Hock and 2 portions of Pork Skin. I want all the collagenous parts! This cost only $5.10.

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Came to the hawker to try my luck this morning, as my previous visit here, this stall was closed. Ordered my favourite dish - Pig Skin, to assess if I would like their style of cooking. Portion was decent, only that certain skins were soft with a bite, while certain pieces were a little rubbery. In comparison, I prefer Blanco Court’s version, which is just 2 stalls away from this.

Returned here to try their Pig Trotter, after having tried their Pig Skin previously. It was superb! The entire Pig Trotter was Super tender - skin and meat! Plus, the portion had a decent amount of meat and skin! Also, I like the consistency of their Pig Skin as well! 👍

Ordered a plate of $4 worth of Pig Skin (my favourite part). I liked that the skin was soft with a slight tangy bite, and that it wasn’t over soaked with the dark sauce! Personally, I like pig skin done this way Esther than those soaked/dripping with the sauce. 👍

Came here to try 2 of my favourite dishes - Pork Skin and Pork Belly. Ordered $5 and $4 worth respectively, without sauce l/gravy.
The portion of Pig Skin was great, but I didn’t like that the skin was still thick with the dark sauce (probably because it’s put altogether in a pot of Pork Skin from the remnants of gravy it was cooked in).
Portion of Pork Belly was ok, and rather lean though.

I may or may not come back for this again.

Decided to try this stall as it’s not common to find a Kway Chup stall that has pig’s ears and tongue- So, ordered one serving of each. Plus, I ordered a large portion of pig’s skin and a small portion of pork belly.
They were all very “fresh” and yummy. Not like those where they’re over-cooked or soaked up in sauce!

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Decided to give this stall a try. The lady told me the minimum order for the pork belly was $5 and the pig organ soup $4. It was a disappointment as the portion as seen in the picture - that small portion of pork belly cost $5! There wasn’t much offals in the soup either.

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