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D & N

THIS WAS AMAZING everyone should get this honestly this was super super good!! There was an option for choice of pasta and we chose angel hair pasta. The pork belly chunks were SO soft and had so much flavour without being too fatty. I always feel averse to the fats at shaorou hawker stalls but this one was really done well with the skin being super crispy and tasty! The pasta was spicy, similar to regular aglio olio. I will definitely be back!

Quite a yummy dish! The char Siew was tender, soft and seasoned rather nicely. There was an option to choose the type of pasta as well. The egg added a smooth texture to the pasta with each mouthful. The sauce was not too bad but would be nice if there was more sauce! However, wish they would give slightly more meat- felt like there wasn’t enough charsiew for my pasta.

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Sweet potato lovers will love this one- it tastes way better than it looks! This was a pizza with tortilla base, spread with mashed sweet potato and topped with mozzarella cheese. I was initially skeptical about dipping it into whipped cream. Surprisingly, the taste and texture of whipped cream really blended extremely well with the sweet potato. Can’t wait to eat this again!!

Super pretty and almost too pretty to eat! The unicorn is actually squid ink jelly and is meant to melt into the truffle-infused chawanmushi. Personally, the truffle was a bit too strong for our liking and overpowered the umami blend of the ikura, scallop and chawanmushi. Good for foodies who love truffle!!

Firstly- this is a dish only for the adventurous! We were informed by the staff that the Buah Keluak sauce was an acquired taste. We still decided to try it, but it didn’t go with our palate. Overall, the chicken pieces were generous but rather tasteless and the noodles were not as chewy as the Classic Japanese Ramen that we are familiar with.

We loved this dish the best! Didn’t even have to use beyond because they have an ongoing 1 for 1 promotion! The unagi was prepared very nicely and had a soft texture, drizzled generously in tasty unagi sauce.
The garlic fried rice was very fragrant and had so much flavor in each mouth. Love it and would definitely get it again!


THIS IS SUPER GOOD! Deserves a review all on its own. Contains unagi-flavored coleslaw drizzled with mountains of ebiko and bonito flakes. I am usually not a huge fan of traditional kueh pie tee but this really stunned us because it was REALLY GOOD! The flavors went together nicely and you will enjoy it if you like unagi and bonito. Eat the entire thing in one mouth for maximum joy!!!😋😋 Also served in a cute dimsum tray!

This was a good dish. A very fragrant plate of fried rice with thick flavors of prawns and crabmeat. Each mouthful was really very flavorful and would be a joy for seafood lovers!! 😋🦐 We especially loved that the spiciness added a punch to it. Super good service with very lovely staff and definitely will be back for more!!

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