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Featuring Firebake - Woodfired Bakehouse & Restaurant, SONS, Pasta Supremo, Birdy's, Esquina, The Marmalade Pantry (Novena), Outback Steakhouse (Orchard Gateway), The Stamford Brasserie, Fish & Chicks (Ang Mo Kio), Anti:dote (Fairmont Singapore)
Wai Sek Mao (Glutton Cat)
Wai Sek Mao (Glutton Cat)

It had the flavours of mala and the first few months were nice. But as I continued eating, the dish became quite greasy.. dont think I'll be eating here again even with burpple 1 for 1

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Chicken rice to remain as it is. Pasta Supremo's rendition of chicken rice pasta was quite disappointing. The broth and chilli was on point unfortunately not sure if it was the choice of pasta or just pasta itself but it did not mange to absorb the flavours of the broth.

One of the better and more value for money poke bowl places! Order the light and add $3 for 50g for more fish.

The chicken was served fresh out of the fryer! It was succulent but flavour wise was a bit of the let down after hearing all the raving reviews. Personally felt that KFC original still trumps. As for pasta, it reminded me of primary school style where is is ketchupish sweet.

Very delicious plate of lobster pasta. For $14, dont expect much in terms of lobster but was a pleasant surprise with the addition of bacon.

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I think the otah is made in-house as it is light in texture. Well spiced and pair perfectly with the buttered toast.

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Ordered the soy based porridge and it was chock full of ingredients. Had 2 pork ribs, 3 meat balls, minced pork, 1 hardboiled egg. It was flavourful but I think they relied a tad too much on MSG as I was very thirsty. Another downer was that the porridge was too water.

Well very executed. Even better with Burpple Beyond!

Decent fish and chips.. but the chips is pretty yums, reminds me of what Long John Silvers used to serve.

Looking at the photo, most people would have mistook this was from a restaurant. But its served by a friendly neighbourhood cafe which has sincr closed down. Great tender piece of pork belly with a side of slice potatoes. You will be greatly missed!


Mouth full of smoky umami rice! Was surprised by the portion give than this is a tapas bar. A definite must order !

A greedy cat's food diary.

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