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Snake River Farm Wagyu Beef Patty, American Cheese, Caramelised Onion, Gherkin, Master Sauce, Chipotle Mayo, Brioche Bun.

Enjoyed the combination of cheese + caramelised onions + pickles + chipotle mayo with juicy patty and well toasted, soft, buttery brioche bun.

Tasty and affordable. Will come here for my burger fix.

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USDA certified Black Angus Beef Shabu, Yakiniku Sauce, Bunashimeji Mushroom, Spanish Onion, Goma Sauce, Brioche Bun.

Reminds me of Mos Burger’s yakiniku rice burger but elevated with the addition of mushrooms, a lot more meat and fluffy brioche bun. Love the bun.

Don’t mind getting this again :D

Their chicken burger is good too.

Fried chicken is crispy outside (nice batter!), really tender inside, not greasy and topped with slightly spicy mayo. Still prefer the cheeseburger but this is pretty good too, especially at $6 with crispy fries.

If you are a dark chocoholic, this is to die for! The chocolate choux is crisp on the outside and filled with dark chocolate mousse and crunchy praline with a thin layer of dark chocolate on top. Love the crunch element and the different textures in this decadent, super chocolately dessert that is somehow, not cloyingly rich.

Fried shallots do not add much to the burger. Don’t taste that much different to their normal burger. Patty and sauce pretty average. Potato bun is soft (duh) but you also get burgers with good buns at many other places.

Supermarket crinkle fries still taste like supermarket crinkle fries - even with shallots.

Only worth trying if are a shake shack fan in the first place. If not, don’t bother.

Double cheese burger, pickled jalapeños, caramelised onions and homemade sauce.

Eating this is a super greasy, messy affair. The star is the patty. It is juicy, loosely packed, beefy, nice sear, no tough sinews...beefy. The bun is really soft, buttery and fluffy. Big plus in my book for not putting in lettuce and tomatoes -tyvm.

I wish the onions could be more caramelised though for that sweetness or the sauce to be more tangy/punchy. The sauce is quite bland - taste sort of like some herb butter that is oily and quite tasteless. Maybe the intention is for the meat to shine. And it did. Shine.

Nevertheless, it is really a steal to get this at only $9.50. Only if the waiting time is not so crazy. Oh, and the fries are pretty darn good - hot, crispy, nicely seasoned.

And get the double patty please.

Come before 1130 and you’ll get to order Good Morning Burger with coffee/tea at $10 (org. $7.50 for burger alone)

Brioche bun, caramelised onions, free-range scrambled eggs, mature cheddar, sambal mayo.

Scrambled eggs are creamy and well cooked. The melted cheddar on top makes it extra gooey and flavourful. There is also the slightest hint of heat from the sambal mayo that makes this special. On hindsight maybe I should have added some protein for extra savouriness.

I will be back to try their eggtastic brioche (with brioche pullman instead) and of course to add on mature cheddar!

Burgerlabo now does lunch takeaways.

150g waygu patty, pickled onions, house-made mustard, house-made refreshing sauce, bone marrow butter (although I didn’t really taste it but I’m sure it made some difference lol), cheese, bakery brera bun.

The mustard taste is strong (with a touch of heat) while the pickled onions add some acidity. The bun is pillowy soft (and not soggy after a long trip). If I have to nitpick, I wished they would have put less mustard for the other flavours to shine.

The patty is also thick - I feel single patty is just nice for that ideal meat to fillings & condiments to bun ratio.

Although it is slightly expensive at $24, it is a rather substantial burger that is bold on flavours, to satisfy your burger cravings.

I have not tried their BB so I can’t comment if it is more worth it though (at a lower price tag with quite similar ingredients)

Baby Huey: Beef patty, ketchup, cheese, spiced mayo, onions in demi brioche bun.

Beef patty was slightly pinkish in the centre and it’s good. Bun was soft. As a onion lover, I love that there’s plenty of it in the burger. The burger may not be the best I’ve had in Singapore but it’s still good.

Naughty fries is a must order here. The fries are like fried cut potatoes and goes so well with the sauce and beef chilli. Portion is good for sharing.

We dined on level three and it’s loud - both from the very loud music and loud chatter from other tables. It’s very busy on a Friday night so do make reservations if you can.

Will come back if I have a craving for burger and fries

Shack Stack, cheese fries, Fifty fifty (L) - half lemonade half iced tea.

Fries are just normal crinkle fries you can get from supermarket - not worth the calories for me. Fifty fifty is decent but at $5.30 I’d rather buy some other drinks.

I do not like the combination of beef patty and fried portobello mushroom. The mushroom overpowered the taste of the beef patty. I’ll rather just get beef or mushroom burger.

Even after removing the mushroom, the beef burger just taste normal? The martin’s potato roll bun is good but there are other burger joints using this bun in Singapore too. At this price point there are many other tastier burger choices.

$25.50 for meh meal. Once is enough.

Located at B1 of paragon, there are only 4-5 counter seats. Gyu-Tori is more of a takeaway food stall.

Toasted sesame bun (similar to McDonald sesame bun but it’s nicely toasted - no complaints at $9.90), iceberg lettuce, 2 or 3 slices of tomato, mayonnaise, some teriyaki/Japanese bbq sauce, nicely seared thick waygu patty. Beef patty is legit good - juicy, creamy and nicely charred on the surface. You need tissues eating this.

There are around 10 sides for you to choose from: including potato, rice, salad, veggies. I chose broccoli with shiitake. At $9.90 it’s definitely a steal and much much better than fast food burgers and some other gourmet restaurant burgers at restaurant prices.

New favourite place to satisfy my burger craving.

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