One for the sweet tooth in me
Fel Tan
Fel Tan

Carrot cake was mediocre and so was the latte. Didn’t end up finishing the latte as it tasted way to acidic. The cake was moist (and that was the redeeming factor) but the icing was lacking. It tasted very sugary and processed. Maybe I got a bad batch that day.

This was a really unique coffee that I’ve not tried before. I’m already a huge fan of brave roasters but this one blew me out of the water park. The coffee was as strong as I remembered it to be and the cake complemented it well. Unfortunately the cake was a little dry as compared to the last time I was here so maybe this one was old. Still a good experience nonetheless!

It’s supposed to be a chocolate dessert place but when I saw those layers on the carrot cake, I knew I had to try it. It was relatively affordable as compared to other cafes and the taste was quite good. The cake was moist and flavorful but lacked that hint of cinnamon that I was looking for.

Beautifully executed carrot cake.
There’s a pleasant level of spice and I suspect there might be a little chai mixed in with the cinnamon. The matcha latte was lovely and the service was great too!

Very quiet location even during lunch hours on weekday.

The aesthetics was 10/10 but food was VERY lackluster. The food was beautiful and honestly breathtaking when u walk in because everything was presented with such flair but when u sink you teeth into it, it isn’t worth the price tag nor the amount of noise emanating from every table (since this is a popular spot amongst youngsters and hipsters).

The drinks here were discounted due to happy hour. Around 120 baht per cocktail. The vibes were meh though.

If you’re looking to get your desserts from this place, it’s highly recommended that u come before 6pm. By around evening, they’re mostly sold out. Shibuya toast was great - exactly the same as the one in BKK.

I know I’m being dramatic when I say this but this is the love of my life.

When I’m back in Singapore, I crave this so much. This was the whole reason for my trip to Hong Kong this year.

It was so smooth and so milky. For a person like me who loves the taste of dairy and milk, this is a godsend. Overhyped? I think not. It is definitely an acquired taste though.

Not exactly the ‘bingsu’ style but more ‘ice kachang’, which is right up my alley. The red bean was an add on that helped to sweeten the dessert, albeit already being very sweet.

Highly recommend if anyone is around the area.

Nothing can satiate my cravings for cheesecake other than the Cheesecake Factory.

Both cakes hit the spot. Indulgent and sinful BUT WHO CAN SAY NO TO THEM??

It’s more eggy than the ones you get from Yeeshun Milk Co but still good nonetheless!

Honestly, nothing special.
I rather stick to Liho or Gongcha for Earl Grey Milk Tea.

If you’re going to try milksha our I recommend going for their more signature drinks instead of picking out the more common ones.

Fel Tan

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