Featuring Gyu Nami (Orchard Gateway), Sanpoutei Ramen (Isetan Scotts), Tempura Tenten (Raffles City), Nantsuttei Ramen (Orchard Central), The Bettership (The Cathay), Takagi Ramen (51@AMK), Ichiban Boshi (Causeway Point), Kei Kaisendon (Square 2), IPPUDO (Marina Bay Sands), Sushiro (Causeway Point)
Agnes Ng
Agnes Ng

Nothing special. It’s a slightly more classy version of Yoshinoya with a runny egg but it’s not worth the price 😕 It’s a good place to eat in CBD due to plenty of seats / short queues, so I highly suggest to try another dish here.

Maki-san can be a hit or miss depending on how generous (or stingy) the staff is. The serving for this order looks generous and I’m very pleased especially at how thick the salmon sashimi is 😍

My combination includes :
- Soba
- Roasted baby potatoes, kimchi, grilled chicken strips, roasted shimeiji mushroom, tuna mayo
- Almond flakes
- Soba sauce
- Salmon sashimi

Most of the ingredients above are suitable for a salad bowl except maybe the tuna mayo.. Will choose that for sushi next time!

It’s Phase 2 Heightened Alert which means no dining out. Bought takeaway from Sushiro and chose my own sushi because I didn’t like the default sets 😂

$2.20+ per plate of 2 sushi:
- Salmon belly
- Swordfish
- Salmon with Basil Cheese
- Salmon with Spicy Cheese

$3.20+ per plate:
- Jumbo scallop torched with soy sauce

Total bill is $12.84 after GST

I like that they provided ice pack and the sushi remained fresh when I reach home after 20 mins. The staff at cwp outlet were very friendly and allowed us to sit at one of the booths to fill the takeaway form. Glad to also receive a stamp on the loyalty card for this takeaway, which means we can clock our visits with takeaway too 🤗

Ippudo’s original creamy tonkotsu broth enhanced with miso paste and garlic oil. Personally prefer this to the original broth. Garlic oil enhances the flavour of the soup and makes it more appetising. Do note that the prices in MBS outlet tend to be slightly higher than other outlets.

This comes with ippudo’s original creamy tonkotsu broth which is a safe choice for folks who decide to be not too adventurous 😋 Served hot, this will be a comforting bowl of ramen on any cold day. I think the prices in MBS outlet are higher than other outlets, so one can consider going to other outlets for the same ramen 🤔

I usually go for the original Takagi Ramen but decided to go for the spicy Karakamen ($8.50 with egg) for a change. Not a good choice as it’s mad spicy! 🥵🥵 For someone who doesn’t take spice very well, I could feel myself choking at the heat as I tried to eat the noodles. My friend ordered Black Tonkotsu ($8.90 with egg) and felt that the garlicky taste could be stronger, but still a decent bowl of ramen for a quick fix!

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Back to Kei Kaisendon for the third time, first time at One Raffles Place outlet. Service crew lady was quite rude when she was taking orders, but her attitude improved after that. Ordered Burpple 1-for-1 set, each set came with 1 don (I chose the salmon mentaiyaki don - delicious!), mini salad (not that great), yakitori (yum!) and hot green tea. The entire set was very filling and $34.98 for two sets is a good deal.

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Waited 30 mins for this while my friends were already halfway through their food. Not sure why this took super long to be served that day :( Serving looks small but actually the bowl is quite deep with lots of rice. Will prefer more veg to go with this as the sides are not enough to eat with the rice :(

Returned for another round of Burpple 1-for-1 set @ $29.90++ and ordered the Saba teriyaki don this time round. Glad that the standard did not drop and was still impressed with how tasty this is :)

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Ordered Truffle Black Angus Beef and Garlic Butter Black Angus Beef using Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 deal. Both taste pretty good but prefer the garlic butter one. Truffle taste is quite mild for the first bowl; while garlicky aroma is nice and quite strong for the second bowl. Service crew was attentive and kindly allowed us to sit at the bar and place our order from there. Will definitely return!

Used Burpple Beyond’s 2 dons for $25 deal. I like how tender the beef is and the pairing of egg and sauce with the beef and rice. Not a huge portion but it’s enough to fill me up. Service is pretty good - there’s a nice lady who served us with a smile and had a short chat with us :)

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Ordered the Chashu-men in regular size. I like that the noodles are springy and taste decent. Personally prefer melt-in-your-mouth chashu but these meat slices are tough and hard to chew. Not really a fan of the soup base as the unami taste is too strong. The only saving grace is the add-on ramen egg for $1.50++ which has a nice gooey egg yolk.

Loves sourdough and a cup of joe 😃

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