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Humble Fare 🍲

Humble Fare 🍲

Fuss free, comforting and easy on the pockets
Emily C
Emily C

I added shredded chicken (+$1) to the congee for alittle more texture to the meal. Whitebait was nice but turned soggy pretty quickly - I fished it out and set it aside so that it would retain its crunch throughout the meal. Porridge was smooth.

Silky smooth porridge topped with canned braised peanuts, sliced fishcakes, fried onions, spring onions, preserved radish (cai po) and coriander. Added on fishballs for that extra protein!

Very light yet flavorful bowl of porridge — probably due to the generous array of garnish. This is available at the fishball store.

Back to north canteen again for noodles — and while tom yum from banmian stores never tastes like tom yum at all, it’s my all time comfort food. North canteen’s tom yum is rich and hearty, served in substantial portions.

There’s nothing more gratifying than a huge plate of fried rice, seasoned heavily with sauces and served with chili padi. The sunny side up was oily and the yolk was runny... the perfect companion to a sinful dish. Unfortunately the chicken was bland and didn’t pick up any of the sauce used to fry the rice.

The chicken gives a nice bite, while the thick noodles provide additional textures to the overall mouthfeel. North canteen’s ban mian was generous and comforting. There’s nothing like a good bowl of noodles on rainy days.

Never would’ve thought I’d enjoy this so much.

The curry is free flow, you just have to get it from the self-service counter by the side. I got the sesame youtiao and it was crispy when served. Goes along great with the curry!

Porridge was smooth and topped with spring onions, ginger, and salted “cai po”. A comforting dish when the weather is cold.

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The highlight of this mala store is the addition of you tiao (fried dough fritter) to the food selection. When served, the fritter is deep fried to a perfect crisp, picking up the chili oil and spices well.

Their mix is fragrant, but the entire dish lacks the numbing punch I so love from typical mala eateries. It’s also slightly sweet which was strange. I ordered medium spice (中辣), but it was so mild I might have ordered small spice (小辣) instead.

The both of us paid a total of $20.70 for the pictured portion. We ordered a big bowl with one serving of instant noodles, and didn’t get rice.

I’d definitely be back for the you tiao, and perhaps try ordering the highest spice level next time. Overall an okay place.

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What makes their mala so damn good would be the fragrance of their spices. Oh what a perfect marriage of ingredients and sauce. They have the right amount of saltiness, and the time used to cook the food rendered a slight crunch for the vegetables and a nice bite for the meats.

NYP Koufu’s mala tend to be milder on the spice, so go ahead and order zhong (中) or da la (大辣). As a rough gauge, my friend who couldn’t take McSpicy well took 中辣 like a champ.

Usually $12-16 for 2 pax.

One of the best mala I’ve had.

Got the small prawn noodles bowl - the portion is decent, albeit rather pricey.

The broth was rich without being overpowering nor oily, making it really addictive and easy to drink. The garnish is amazingly crispy through the entire meal. The noodles were cooked to the right springiness. The best part of the meal? Broth and garnish are both refillable!

There’s a ngoh hiang store right next to the prawn noodles booth, so we got some of it as well. At the end of the meal I was thoroughly stuffed. Highly recommend their ngoh hiang meat roll!

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