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Desserts :)

Desserts :)

A list of good and not-so-good places to find desserts. Places here are worth at least 3 stars for their quality.
Amanda Chia
Amanda Chia

I am determined to redeem ALL açaí bowls available in burpple.

First time trying nutty party, my sister loved the cacao nibs. Feels very healthy - according to her~

Delicious. I personally didn’t really like the hulk because it had a very strong vegetable taste.. would be better if they made it less ‘veggie-tasting’ - my sister liked it because she said it made her feel very healthy.
Perhaps a very suitable guilt-free dessert.

But the berries one was really good. However they didn’t blend the bananas thoroughly. There were chunks of bananas in my berry bowl, which were not pleasant to find.

Would come again to try the toasts.

Ordered the coco glow. Not my first time here, and I still love it. I love how generous they are with their toppings, the large or even the medium bowl easily replaces one meal of the day. This was the place that made me fall in love with açaí~

The triple A is pretty good too, but I felt that the coco glow gave it a very nice layer, that is refreshing to eat with every bite of açaí. Love it.
You will not regret this.

We ordered the Hazelnut, Macadamia nut, and Mocha Almond Fudge.

Ice cream was thick and creamy, the hazelnut was hands-down the best among all 3.
The macadamia nut flavor was very subtle, and not much nuts, could not compare to haagan das’ ice cream.
The coffee taste from the mocha almond was definitely strong enough, and I like that it’s not too sweet.

However, the fondue was not runny, and thickened like chocolate fudge, which was disappointing..

Definitely could have been better...

I’d give it 3/5 stars, the only saving grace was the hazelnut ice cream.
Price was too pricey for very little things - would not recommend to go if not for 1-for-1.
I’d give the price a 2/5 stars.
The location was small and cosy with not much customers, can come here if you want to talk after dinner..

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