Lee’s Tum

Lee’s Tum

I miss xiaoningz
aicilA eeL
aicilA eeL

flavouRs were suPER unique! there’s like salted egg n other funK flavrs but we got the daRk choc soRbet, lychee, Apple piE n suM grandmas thing! THEY WERE ALL riCh n noice cepT for the grandmas thinG iZ q ok but aft awhile q eh, iZ an acquired taste :—) buT chill place (abit harD to finD dOE n onlY cash pAyment but duN worry~ goT atM NEARBy) will recommend!

AGAIN!!! sorry ninGz! side note to take — thiS trip realised that 141 onLi applies 2 the medium sized boWls!!!!

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frind found it noMZ TOO! review same as the prev timEs i came 🤩🤩🤩 gots 2 say that they r v consistent with d portion n quAlity doe ~~~

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chNgae uP frm d bUbble but lovely comPANY W loveliest fuud too; got the salmon bowl thing (16) n a vegan bowl thing (16) n OsmantUz oolong! SalmOn was pretty yUmz n hearty bcos soupy n vegan was well season n daMN nutrientZ! 8/11 would cOme bck sgain 🤩🤩🤩

got d truffle x2
wouLd rate it 7.6/11 for the taste bcos rice was dressEd well w d sauCe and the beef was quite soft (th0 cannot compete with rakki hehe) but truffle taste was gUD n stronk wuLd b (semi) go to bowl place — 141 made it affordable; other than that I think I wouldn’t have it without 141 buT maybe will be back for the other bowls ~
pal didn’t want 2 b in phot so douBle me fAce 4 xmAz blezzings buT paL rated it a 10/11 n said “rave reviEWs, cos good service”!~


this b the pork platter thing n there’s d soFt shell chilli crAb pasta @ the sidE (cannot b seen bCos platter too fat take up the whole phOto) u knO what else is fAt ?d pork .iZ juice n fat that melts in ur mouTh every1luUuVed though we thought the platter portion could be for 4 peoples! abit ex tho but ate till full, dabao d rest ~ abit inaccessible and hard to find parking space but iZ cool

we got d sweet corn n creamy truffle! 1-1 made it worth and jumbo wAs d righT poRtion for mini fries crave! wAs msg overloaD buT suPER TASTY :—)

got d nice to meAt u (15) n cheesus loVes u (14) :—) didnt expect muCh frm it but it was p tastefuL (even the leaves weRe q nomz) n filling~ was rly yumZ! and pretty chill place 2 siT n tOLK 4 Long time (tho was p echoey) buT niCE vibes n not a lot of pEople, q accEssible, wuLD come bcK again!

saeM plAce saME ratiNggGgGgGgg was gUuUd n refreshing triit

rating same as alw 4 mi!~ has becAme a goto bowl plAce bcoX v hearty! plus anothur featuRe oF a mR G! he rates it a 7.5/11 DIDnT give a lot of deets abT hiS experience derE buT by d lookS of hiS emptY bowL @ d enD, i hv concluded tT it iS a yum! sad thAt thiS is d lAst 141 (sorry ningZ) buT wuLd still come bck 2 this loVely truffle smiaoling plAce ~

same as my rAting whEn I went w liU :~) buT was morE satUsfyIng this time BOCS CRAVE HEHE woulD RECOMMEND! portion after 1-1 worTH IT :”)

samE AS THE PREV RATING!1!1! gUuUd as ever got d butterscotch n peppermint mochA boTh oN d “heAvier” side bUt was a gUD trit! pal gOt d oreO one and I 4got whAt d otheR was buT was rEal pleasAnt as wEll, hAs uPgraded 2 onE oF me GotO icEcreAm plCae :”)


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