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Lee’s Tum

Lee’s Tum

I miss xiaoningz
aicilA eeL
aicilA eeL
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had d salmOn don n pal had d unAgi!

Solid 8/11 bCos cheap n gUuUd! lOooVe fatty salmon n this place gave fatty n silky salmon cuBes hehe so was satisfied! Wasn’t pAls first time here (he usually gets the soup...?) but he looked satisfied 2 so cOOL! (DoesnT incluDe barachiashU doe in case u were wonDering) price worth even without d 1-1! is quite open for a closed area whICH I RLY LIKE HEHE n also near hV mrt so beaut <3 wouLd come againZxc!

wasn’t my first time but enjoyed it throughly :”) this time got d Thai milk t, strawBschamomile n nana choc (which wasn’t as bitter as the prev choc i got) as me flVors, was pretty l0vely! and sUUUUUper filling pal got the clAzzic s’mores!! overall was GuuuuD ex (again)!!!

same ratings n feels from 12! but riGHT got d almond butter this time n rediscovered mi lUV 4 it siA!! though I thought it was yummilicious, first time pal thought was damn swit LOL bUT FINALLY THRIVE HAS 1-1 susuUuuuper loVe d location bcos quaint n noT a lot of people so can talk cock louder~ plus side is that theyVe got a shit load of things u can go check out frm hEalTh foods 2 reusableS n rly loVe that they hV bins to separate recyclables n general waste :”))) omg side note in case u wondering why our acai so fLAT IS bcox we asked for no granola pumpkin sid nuTz etcetc (is not that they kiamsiap!!) okthX bye

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would give it a 7.8/11!!!
been here like 2846284773 years ago and i rmb the portion being much bigger KEK we got d big bfast bcos pal just zam n i got d avo toast! wasn’t sUuuUuper filling for me but they make sTh so simple taste gUd so no complains! overall was beauTtTtt place!!


got the avo toast, oyako pan n some truffle n bacon wich!!!

vvvvv beautiful place located suuuuPer NeAr d mrt :”) loved they art pieces thee and the food was filling! I had the oyako pan which was chix thigh n eggZ waS p yuMz chix was abit hard buT was well seasoned n the chips tasted like those frM 爱琴海! also g0t the sparkling matcha yuzu drinK which was q interesting in d beginning bUt grew 2 like it q a fair biiiit hehe wYld guVe the ambienCE 9/11 bcos rly damn chio~~~~

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hehe we got the carbonara n the salmon agioohlioo!!!

wuLd give it a 6.8/11 the oastAs not bad but not great hehe but I rly like the fish w the sauce hehe pal have it a 8/11 but thought her carbonara was q jelAT n the bacon was not crispy n the egg is naisu but for rly truly nothing special kek n she thought her coFfee was a lil bitter but overall was not too bad : ))

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this time didn’t gEt d mala!! went back bcos craving the chicken n we both got it HEHE quality still as good and the portion was just the right size for my stomach which isn’t too big or too smol! satisfied and got the egg too bcos 1-1 makes the bowl rLllYyy cheap! also Chef had other SuPer interesting recommendations to his menu that I would’ve tried other wise if I wasn’t craving the chicken :/( plus point was that today the chefs Son took my order so suuUper CuUuUüte!! ps didn’t take a bubble bcos was fAMISHED but this would do :-) KThXbYE


good oL mooKs buT w the fam this time I miss xiao nings:/ Spread as beaut as evR gave us 2 pots for 6 people which was pleasant n was suUuUuper windy too (wrt prev review I think is they place u sit) everyone ate till full so worth!

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photo creds 2 mi dear pal!

solid 7/11! we got the spice pork n 2xchasiu prices not too bad even without 1-1, was q flavourful and they v generous w the liao so m happi hehe on the edge of being abit Gao but just nice fo mi! not too far a walk away from bugis (like it’s closer than expected so, accessible!) wouldCOme bCkkk :-)



higher then the last time bcos the flavours this time didn’t confUse me hehe but MMMMMMMMMMMMMerelY! got it again but w diff fLavourz n was as pleasant a trit as eveR :”) got the salted butterscotch n Thai iced t! both were rReEeallii guud n m satisfied kekeke tried the yakult one and guava sorbet n wanted 2 get them bcos yeet but didn’t so a note!

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got the truffle MAC n cheese n pals got the smoked salmon n big breakfast
truFfle was too Gao for me (hence couldn’t rly taste the truffle after awhile but cool cool! was still gUd) so I couldn’t finish zzz pal thought big breakdfst was q a lot too but overall was good, nice place 2 sit thr Long Long 2 talk cock w friends hehe abit pricey wo 1-1 but still worth for it’s quakity

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pls refer to previous AA review ~ never changed since keke luV!

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