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All About Fries ๐ŸŸ

All About Fries ๐ŸŸ

Featuring Boufe Boutique Cafe (Tanglin), Supply & Demand (orchardgateway), Scrambled, S-11 (Ang Mo Kio 711), Astons Specialities (Bugis+), Jollibee (Lucky Plaza Level 6), Zoeyโ€™s Diner, KFC (Tiong Bahru Plaza), Napshot, A&W (1st Avenue)

Cheese Fries (S) ($4.90) look almost similar to mos burger fries thickness. It was fresh fried from the deep fryer and don't have overfried smell. I didn't eaten cheese fries finish due to order too much food. I takeaway cheese fries to avoid food waste and brought home for dinner. Under eatigo discount (50%)

Morning Ham & Egg Burger (set meal - $10.90) (ala crate - $8.90) is one of their best selling burger. Consisted of Benedict Egg, chicken honey baked ham and asparagus with hollandaise sauce. I accidentally broken Benedict Egg before starting to eat burger ๐Ÿ˜ญ. Overall taste, it was quite savoury and satisfied experience.

Can be make a set meal (fries + salad / soup ($1.50) + drink from winnies) - $3.90

Zoey's Truffle Fries (ala crate - $7.90) consisted of grated parmesan cheese, parsley and white truffle oil. I felt that fries was too thin compared to McDonalds and having strong truffle aftertaste.

Mushroom Soup (ala crate - $4.50) consisted of cream, crouton and buttom mushroom. It was creamy and thick texture with diced mushroom inside the soup.

Corn Soup (ala crate - $3.90) consisted of corn, fresh herb & cream. It was creamy and thick texture with a bit of corn inside the soup.

2 Pieces of Chickenjoy Set ($7.75) consisted of 2 chicken (original & crispy) , dipped sauce (mashed potato), french fries and colesaw, rice. They got a variety of side dishes to choose from. Chicken (original) was warm, juicy and crispy on outer skin whereas Chicken (Crispy) was hot, spicy and crispy on outer skin.

Me and My sister saw A&W outlet at 1st Avenue. Decided to have Root Beer Float and Curly Fries as a snack before dinner. I want to try A&W at Malaysia or other overseas outlet for a long time before returning back to SG.

Garlic Truffle Fries (Petite - $12)
Our Signature chunky cut fries drizzled with truffle oil and topped with shaved parmesan cheese, roasted garlic and parsley. For taste otherwise, I felt that the fries are just nice to serve after frying the fries and can dippled with chill and mayo sauce.

Fisherman's Dory ($18) consisted of Battered Dory Fish, shortstring fries and fresh greens with balsamic dressing comes different sauces such as chili sauce (opt for tomato sauce), malt vinegar and tartar sauce. I didnt have any idea what I order for especially need to order min 2 mains in according to get free cake deal. I felt that battered dory fish's size is average but for fries serving is quite average. Good to share with friends and didnt managed to eat fries. Initially, I want to order with Tripe B but its a bit expensive but that's always next time with my friend again.

Value Meal 1 PC Chickenjoy Set ($5.00) consisted of 1 chicken (drumstick), dipped sauce (mashed potato), french fries and colesaw. They got a variety of side dishes to choose from. Drumstick was warm, juicy and crispy on outer skin but I didn't order more and probably order spaghetti set with chicken for next round.

Hictory BBQ Chicken ($10.90) consisted of two side dishes (fried fries + baked potato). I realised that chicken size was too small but the hictory sauce was quite thick. Its quite affordable for western food.

O.R. Chicken Steak Set Meal ($8.95) come with one set of cheese fries and regular drink (pepsi black - can switch to another drink). O.R. Chicken Steak's size look average and also can dipped or drizzled with original sauce. I felt that O.R. Chicken Steak was quite oily (deep fried), original sauce quite thick and also worth it to try out for first time if you don't feel eating boned chicken for lunch or dinner.

Pork Chop's mushroom sauce quite salty after eating a couple of times. Pork Chop's size is just nice and not that filling Pork Chop include fried fries, coleslaw and canned beans. I didn't know the shop have changed owner and management until checked online.

Signature Fries ($4.50) come under a Set A meal. They made own signature spice blend of spices. For taste otherwise, I felt dry aftertaste after fries being mix with spices. Its good thing to serve with a side of curry mayo.



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