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Sharm's food crawl

Sharm's food crawl

Featuring Sunday Folks, Rakki Bowl, Tempura Tenten, Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant (Marina Square), Duxton41, Oporto, Masizzim (Westgate), Pasta e Formaggio (Marina Square)
Sharmaine Toh
Sharmaine Toh
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Paid ~$148 (after gst n svc charge) for 2 pax for the 90 mins premium buffet. There was a decent variety of wagyu beef cuts and the wagyu was melt in your mouth yummy. Staff was pleasant and brought our orders relatively quick and were helpful in changing our grill too. Overall pleasant experience but the fact that burpple beyond basically only gives you ben & jerry's ice cream (for $3 less than their in house $59.90++/pax promo), makes the beyond deal pretty bad as compared to other restaurants. Not a true 1 for 1.

I've always loved Sunday Folks and was really happy that they are on burpple beyond. We got the sea salt and malt flavours (do note that you can't customize ur ice cream with BB) and they were both delicious. Service was great too!

We got 2 flame grilled (half) chicken, 1 chicken rappa and 1 oprego burger with burpple beyond. The chicken in the wrap and burger was cooked but lukewarm and when we brought it up to the staff, they said that the sauce and lettuce must have cooled the chicken down (in the 5 mins it took to serve us...). Hence I would recommend u give the wrap n burger a miss. However, the half chicken (we got one of each flavour) was really delicious so I would recommend that u get that instead at Oporto. We also tried their chilli cheese fries but it was too salty so I'd give that a miss the next time I'm there.

We got 2 regular truffle wagyu beef dons which we enjoyed very much! The portion of beef was generous, and when the sauce and poached egg were mixed together, it was rly delicious. Went there on a weekend late afternoon and it wasn't too crowded. Great place, will be back to try their salmon mentaiko don

A great place to grab desert and drinks for tea! Chill ambience (we went on a sat) and great service. The fact that the cakes were sugar free made me enjoy them so much more! Can't rmb the name but we preferred the blackforest flavour cake ($9.9, on the right) over the choc fudge one, as it was more decadent and had a jam filling. Got the iced flat white ($6) and iced americano ($6) and we enjoyed both drinks too!

We ordered the Tonkotsu Chashu Ramen and the special miso ramen and they were both decent. (We got 1 free thanks to burpple beyond) We also ordered the gyozas and I have to say that I found them subpar. Would give them a miss the next time. However, the tempura that the other diners were having looked rly good and I will be back to try that!

We got the beef and spicy chicken stew and liked the beef one better. The spicy chicken stew was rather spicy even though we ordered level 1. We then got the potato pancake (decent and worth a try) and the kimchi fried rice with cheese. These items were free with burpple beyond (very worth it). I would give the fried rice a miss next time as it tasted quite ordinary to me.

I had the spaghetti marinara while my bf had the meat lover's pizza. Both were really delicious and it was 1 for 1 thanks for burpple beyond. They also had happy hour till 10pm so we got a pint at $7.90.

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