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Featuring Matchaya (The Cathay), The Bravery Cafe, O.BBa Jjajang (Tanjong Pagar), Gyu Nami, HOLLIN (Toa Payoh), Kajiken (Square 2), Souperstar (Guoco Tower), MuYoo (Raffles City), Acai Beach Club, Windowsill Pies (Haji Lane)
sok & xp πŸ‘…
sok & xp πŸ‘…

errrrrr the food soso only, the low prices of the boat noodles (ok one tip is the rice noodles nicer thn glass noodles) are compensated by the high!!! prices of their other dishes and drinks lol. dont be dumb !! can close one eye if the standard of food matches the price but nope..

come here only if you wanna experience being surrounded by many many many yps or just eat boat noodles (dont order other stuff la) long queueing time and waiting time (specifically the boat noodles)

salmon donburi ($18+), unagi fried rice ($16+), kurobuta kakuni donburi ($18+)

grilled salmon steak was burnt and the bitter burnt taste was quite strong ☹️ but the rice is niceeee
unagi fried rice is gr8 too but only few pieces of unagi (explains why it’s cheaper thn the salmon donburi LOL)
kurobuta kakuni donburi is gr8 too
price is ok for japanese izakaya food (not super filling) but the salmon needs to be improved man.... LOL
oh and v friendly service πŸ™‚

hakka tofu bowl and hakka fried chicken bowl ($7.80 each) comes w/ free cup of green tea

hakka tofu bowl was quite nice?? esp the french beans (I THINK) but not very filling considering the price 😩 must be the cbd area

good food, ok service (a lot of small talk/ noisy conversation between waiters in the restaurant, and constant changing of people dealing with the queue)

set A (jjajangmyeon + tangsuyuk + jjamppong) $50++
and 1 more jjajangmyeon $13++

$34.80 (4 pax!!)
grilled chicken cream sauce was pretty good, so were the bratwursts (cheese and spicy)
not sure how rosti is supposed to taste like but this tasted like hashbrown w/ more solid potato strips
pasta was tasteless?? HAHA

only takeaway available now on burpple but i think they allow dine in if there are not many people

beef lasagne ($25) v savoury, tasted gr8 w/ the right amount of pmodoro sauce and cheese
margherita pizza ($18) was ok, prefer to have more sauce; margherita pizza cravings not satisfied :-(
fegato di pollo e pancetta ($25) tasted like bbq! q interesting, but didnt really fancy the chicken liver (in our opinions)
spinach & ricotta ravioli ($25) q nice, right amount of creaminess; think of spinach wanton hehe

prosecco ($14) dry, light and fruity; v easy to drink
1 pint peroni beer ($16) light and less gassy as compared to 1664; easy to drink
merlot ($14) paired q well w the mains
tinot ($14) fruitier then merlot, easier to drink

lucky to have made reservation bc there were q a lot of ppl even though it’s still phase 2
online menu not up to date, but generally still ok

$18.80 (4 pax!! - $9.50 for a set of tekah, small bkt and a bowl of rice; $3.90 kailan; $5.40 for 3 rice, 1 taukwa, 1 egg, 1 meicai)

tekah was hUgE broooooo definitely needa find someone to eat w/ u. skin was qq and smooth, collagen vvvvvv soft w0w and the meat is tender
they added spices to the bkt so it was like damn nice? prefer this to songfa :>
kailan was a bit ex cos they just boil + add sauce & fried onion only haha
but the other sides are q worth; taukwa was q nice


they are under randy indulgence so it tastes the same ~
almond butter tastes gr8888888

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$31.50 ($18.80++ buffet charge & $8++ soup base charge)

variety was good
spam the δΊ”θŠ±θ‚‰ πŸ˜‹πŸ·
soup a bit too salty towards the end

laksa hokkien mee ($8) x iced kopi latte ($4)
ayam β€œlu rou” don ($8.50) x iced kopi latte ($4)

halal place!!
friendly & good service!! :D iced kopi latte was so good on a hot day lolz milk taste is quite strong, kopi taste could be stronger but still a nice drink.
laksa hokkien mee was pretty nice, but didnt really hv the hokkien mee taste??

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liquid version of the matcha icecream πŸ˜‹

$18 for burpple deals (2), $13.60 for mains not under burpple deals = $31.60 (filling for 5 girls w/ big stomachs!!)
3x iced thai green milk tea, 1x iced thai milk tea
green curry chicken, tomyum seafood soup (clear), kangkong sambal, fried chicken
pineapple fried rice, tanghoon chicken

all the food & drinks were quite solid. tomyum soup is damn nice but might be a bit choking(??) on the throat bc of the spices?? but i like it :-) everyone agreed that pineapple fried rice was goooooood. service was also fast. good for grp gatherings

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