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Over-Eats! - Malaysia

Over-Eats! - Malaysia

Food hunt in our neighboring country
Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~

Yum Cha lo! Helmed as one of the oldest dim sum restaurants in Penang, Yong Pin Dim Sum Restaurant has been in operations since 1981. Travel back in time as there’s no order chit or menu. Instead, the staff goes around each bearing a bamboo steamer with a variety of items. No doubt this place has evolved to a popular tourist stop, the patient staff makes recommendations specific to the point of what’s not to be missed and what’s only available on weekends.

Generally impressed with the freshness of their ingredients used in all their hand-made dim sum, especially those with prawns like the prawn wrapped in beancurd skin and har gao. One of the items that you should really try is the Thai-style beancurd. Piping hot silky tofu with a crispy exterior, dipped in the sweet chili sauce and shredded carrot. The addiction just somehow got a little out of hand.

The larger-than-usual char siew bao was handmade the traditional Cantonese way, shaped like a blooming flower. Encased in the center was diced roasted pork meat mixed in a sweet, thick, syrupy sauce evident of Hoisin. A pity the bun itself was a little dry and tough.

There were items that we didn’t get to try probably because we were near to their closing time, and that’s gonna be left till the next time! Till then, an authentic morning dim sum experience not to be missed.

🕗 6am-12pm daily, 7pm-12am (except Sundays). Cantonese dishes served during dinner.

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Some say Ali Nasi Lemak Daun Pisang is the best Nasi Lemak in Penang. Rows and rows of Nasi Lemak were prepared neatly yet quickly right in front of our eyes; from the rice to a ladle of sambal ingredients poured over to the pyramid-shaped wrapping that holds the rice nicely. The process was so unpretentious but alluring.

Unwrapping the banana leaf, I could already smell an ubiquitous coconut milk aroma from the rice and a pleasant freshness from the banana leaf. Digging in, the fluffy rice exudes a lingering pandan fragrance. What I underestimated was the sambal belacan that almost burnt me alive. Such intense fieriness from a spicy explosion, although somehow was still addictive. Small pieces of chewy sotong topped on the rice but didn’t quite hit the spot as it felt a little lacking. Whereas the bilis telur was comforting; a plenty of anchovies and half of a hard-boiled egg, something that we would all find familiar.

Portion was rather small and diners having at least 2 packets was a common observation. Good thing is, the price stays at RM 1.80 regardless of toppings. So is this really the best Nasi Lemak in Penang? You decide.


Established since 2011 as a hawker stall in night markets, @ricsburgermy has finally made a comeback with its new shop at Bayan Lepas. I really applaud their excellent service on the day of visit, when we were disappointed to find out they were under renovation, but the staff made an extra effort to inform us that the kitchen was still operating and we could do a takeaway. Eventually they even let us dine in if we didn’t mind the messiness.

We were recommended the hot favourite, Baconzilla, a perfect choice for bacon lovers. Not only were their burger buns house-made, the pork patty, which Ric’s burger is well-known for, was also made in-house. They surely lived up to their name for being a porky smashed burger specialist. Juicy with a tender texture, the pork patty was stacked with bacon, candied bacon, caramelized onions. Each bite came with a symphony of sweet and savory outburst, made evident by melted cheddar cheese and a secret Ric’s sauce, pungent like mustard. The bacon slices were on point especially those crispy edges and the candied bacon that reminded me of bak kwa. Though the burger seemed really meaty, it was surprisingly satisfying instead.

If that’s too much, they also have the Ric’s original pork burger with just the pork patty and caramelized onions. 5 pork burgers and 1 fish burger on the menu to choose from. Pair the burger with sides such as Ric’s fries (+RM 6.50), 1/4 dozen fried bacon strips (+RM 6.50) or spam fries (+RM 7.90) and a drink to make it a wholesome combo.


Rise and shine in Penang with this unassuming roadside coffee stall right in front of Bright Star Coffeeshop at Lebuh Noordin! Watch the Aunty, who’s been serving her iconic Kopi Peng for more than 30 years, brew her coffee of a special blend and prepare milk froth by hand. She then completes the drink with a signature star, as a form of traditional latte art, using the coffee sock. Available in both hot and cold coffee drinks. Very rich and dense cup of coffee that lingers. Ask for less sugar as it could really be sweet for some. But if you find that the sweetness inadequate, she’s more than willing to add more sugar.

Bright star coffee shop serves butter kaya toast to pair alongside the star coffee. Be there early to avoid crowd, especially after the stall has gained popularity since last year.

🕗 8am - 6pm daily, closed on Thursdays.

Tipped off by a local about @nasi7benua when the boyf asked for recommendations in Bayan Lepas, a less-traveled area in Penang. You need some effort to get there, but this one and only Nasi 7 Benua is definitely worth the distance. It’s buffet style for the side dishes.

The 7 colorful types of rice are: Nasi Lemak Pandan (Green), Nasi Minyak (Light yellow), Nasi Lemuni (With black speckles), Nasi Tomato (Orange), Nasi Putih (White), Nasi Kacang (Yellow), Nasi Hujan Panas (Rainbow Ghee Rice). Almost like a sampler platter of flavorful rice, some of my favourites were the Nasi Lemuni that had an earthy taste similar to olive rice, and the Nasi Hujan Panas with some interesting colours there. Surprisingly, the rice wasn’t oily.

We chose boiled okra, fried chicken, fish curry and ayam masak merah, which was popular with the locals. Generally, the meat were tender, be it fish or chicken. The fish curry leaned towards sour, while the ayam masak merah was slight spicy. But my eyes were quickly attracted by the fried chicken that I knew I had to try. Even though it was already cold, the thick batter crackled loudly with each bite and the chicken meat was still juicy. Can you imagine such crispiness? It was so addictive that we had a second piece.

It’s not only instagrammable, but its taste was too, impressive for a small eatery by the roadside. Staff was friendly, even though we were the only patrons and was near their closing time. It’s probably somewhere I would choose to go again on my next Penang trip, and I think it truly deserves more love.

🕗 Monday-Thursday, 11am-6pm. Friday-Saturday, 11am-10pm. Closed on Sunday.

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If there’s only one must-try wantan noodle in Penang, I’d recommend this from Wan Tan Mee House in Jalan Burma, Georgetown. The first time we chanced upon it was through its back door without any shop name, only to realize it’s one of the top few Wantan Mee in Penang. Quality has been consistent over the year, based on my own experience.

Unlike the usual Wantan Mee, the noodles in this plate is somewhat like Yee Mian drenched with a thick, starchy egg gravy, akin to a Hor Fun gravy. It’s chewy without any alkaline taste, yet smooth because of the gravy coating. Served with shredded chicken, char siew slices, pork lard, mushroom and deep-fried wantans. Minced pork of a flavorful marinate wrapped in wantan skin of a level of crispiness that had me over the moon like never before.

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Foodie for life <3

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