dessert πŸŒ™

dessert πŸŒ™

Featuring Tom's Palette, Udders (Upper Thomson), Denzy Gelato (Bishan), Hvala (111 Somerset), Lady M (Scotts Square), Biang Biang Noodles Xi'an Famous Food, Doughnut Shack, belle-ville Pancake Cafe (Square 2), YolΓ© (Bugis+), Blackball Express (AMK Hub)
on the hunt for gud fud  ✨
on the hunt for gud fud ✨

had the matcha & hojicha goma drinks. both were really thick and concentrated, definitely quality drinks! am not a big fan of matcha so i preferred the hojicha goma, which was quite earthy and not too sweet. not bad but pretty pricey :-(

honey earl grey hazelnut cake ($8) was really lovelyβ€”light, sweet and fragrant! worth ordering πŸ‘πŸ»

7/10 🌟

these were pillowy, soft and delightful. very sugary too but that’s probably what makes them so tasty. the creme brΓ»lΓ©e flavour is really unique and the torched, caramelised top makes it one notch above the rest. thai milk tea & black sesame flavours are pretty good too.

8/10 🌟

this was a crepe cake with fresh cream spread generously in between each layer. the cream (rather than the layers) is definitely the highlight of thisβ€”you can really taste how light and fresh it is! the top is coated with a sweet syrup which complemented the cake nicely. definitely not your lady m crepe cakes, but at $4.70 i’m not complaining πŸ€ͺ

$4.70 | 7/10 🌟

super yummy flavour! they were plenty of lotus biscuit chunks embedded within the sweet ice cream, which had a slight hint of saltiness. only gripe is that i find udders’ ice cream rather icy nowadays and lacking a rich creaminess. flavour is delightful but texture β€” less so :-(

7/10 🌟

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the roasted bronte pistachio (below) was smooth and creamy, with the sort of natural creaminess from nuts. the pistachio flavour was rich and pronounced, without being too overpowering. quality gelato BUT i wld say not mind-blowing enough to justify its price 😒 (+1.20)

the mango and blood orange sorbet was a citrusy and fruity crowd-pleaser. the texture of the sorbet was quite different from the pistachio gelatoβ€”the sorbet was considerably less creamier but rather, light and refreshing. ps. this flavour is vegan!

it is pricey but you’re definitely paying for quality here :”) would come back!

$8.60 | 9/10 🌟

the pancakes were soft and fluffy as well as light without being too airy! they were sufficiently thick as well to make for a good bite πŸ˜‹ got the mango flavour, which came with a generous serving of mangoes and fresh cream. really good dessert to satisfy one’s sweet tooth. a little pricey though, for the 2-piece portion (which is good for one!)

$11.90 | 8/10 🌟


for $6, you get a hearty bowl of biang biang noodles, egg tomato stir-fry, sliced cucumbers and meat. really simple, yet really tasty! the noodles are definitely the star hereβ€”they are about twice or thrice the width of your average ban mian and have a really nice chew. the sides complemented the noodles well, with the tomatoes and egg providing a dash of sweetness and the crunchy cucumbers adding texture. a simple but satisfying meal πŸ˜‹

$6 | 7/10 ✨

this place serves up some really amazing dessert at pretty affordable prices! the ice cream/gelato was rich & creamy, plus there were many unique flavours available! favourite has got to be the yuzu β€” it was light, citrusy & smooth, with a very prominent yuzu flavour. πŸ‹ brownie waffles were crispy on the outside & soft on the inside, and complemented the ice cream well. a little gripe is that they didn’t quite taste like brownies, but they were good nonetheless. overall a lovely place for dessert and just a stone’s throw away from bugis too!

8/10 🌟

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pretty good vegan ice cream, although it's noticeably less creamy and more icy than normal ice cream. hazelnut flavour is quite enjoyable, quite light unlike the usual rich kind of ice cream. a quaint little cafe great for long afternoon chats :-β€œ)

6.5/10 🌟

a well-crafted crepe cake with layers of fresh cream sandwiches in between thin crepe. the thinness of each delicate layer allowed the cake to remain light and tasty, despite the amount of cream in the cake. without a doubt, Lady M does crepe cakes best πŸ˜‹ the original is always a safe, albeit slightly boring, option when it comes to their cakes.

went in the evening and a lot of the cake flavors had already been sold out (including the seasonal one) so go early to avoid disappointment!


seasonal pineapple flavoured froyo was really good, sweet with a subtle sourness. very refreshing and probably one of my favourite yole flavours! had lotus biscuits, mango & hazelnut sauce as toppings.

$5.90 | 7/10 ⭐️

ordered the signature dessert with winter melon shaved ice + an additional portion of mini balls! (via foodpanda) a really good treat to enjoy in the sweltering heat of singapore πŸ‘πŸ» a pity the shaved ice melted by the time the delivery came. the fresh and chewy balls filled with sweet potato/taro as well as the mini balls are definitely the highlight here 😊

7/10 ✨

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