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Jenoque _
Jenoque _

I too thought that it would be a usual bland cafe mushroom soup, turns out i was wrong. The mushroom soup here is really good. You can enjoy the strong after taste of the mushroom and won’t get tired of it. If you are not very hungry you can come by this beautiful gem if you are at Katong!

Would like to come back to taste more of their food!

If you like to indulge in your Monday Blues, come to the bettership for a nice peaceful dining experience. It will be very quiet so it would be best to bring along somebody.

Burpple 1 for 1 only has 3 choices of beef don. But their don taste so good, you should come and try if you are at Cathay. They serve cold/hot tea with miso soup before your don comes.

Everyone will be facing in towards the kitchen shape like a boat and everything is blue which makes you feel like you are at sea.

The shop is within the condo which is a good place to chill and rest. I specially love the lobster mac and cheese, so if you want to get something cheesy with a bit of the kick of lobster you should try this! Service is great! Overall is a wonderful experience!

Omg the taste was amazing! I’ve never felt this much flavour in my mouth with a bowl of don! Definitely worth the money and sweat to come here! The interior has a pink floral kind of feel too. Great food great vibe!👌

Food was amazing! Love the Fish&Chips! It’s crispy, full of taste and I couldn’t get enuf of the truffle fries at the side❤️ the pesto cream fish was not to my taste as I prefer the fish to have a stronger taste, but the mash potato mix well with the sauce. Also, The Ribena with mint gives an interesting punch as well!

We waited for a Long time for our food and even though we have no complaints, we were given an in house white chocolate cake to compensate our time, and because of the wonderful overall experience, we would definitely come back again!

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If you get tired of the usual restaurant food at Vivo, worry not ! We have found an alternative for you at Fuel Plus+ 🙆🏻‍♀️ Come on down within a few stops to discover this wonderful cafe that serves great food and service!

If you have more than 4 friends at night, I would recommend to book a reservation!

You will not be bored by its colourful interior and street-like style. They have a wide variety of main dishes to choose for the 1 for 1 deal so head on down to satisfy all your cravings here at NY Night market!

We ordered Shrimp Mac and Cheese, and New York Steak. It taste good but the portion may be abit small but bcoz of the Burpple Beyond deal, it was worth it!

So girls, if you do not want to have a filling meal that day, try their food !

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