It’s alright:) taste is not spectacular enough... and the place is too ulu for me to want to visit again. if you live in Tanglin then go for it!

Breko cafe is TOP in terms of ambience (2nd floor so cozy) and FOOD. all the spaghettis were special and spectacular. lurve and will definitely go back again!!!

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I don’t really fancy mayo but this was actually GREAT the salmon cubes are thicc and fresh. great vibes too on a weekday night. happy.

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WOW large is huge!!! Wouldn’t usually get large if not for this burpple offer :)

I went alone and was planning to to takeaway for myself & a friend. Lo and behold, I was told that SUPPOSEDLY, 2 people have to be present to redeem burpple 😯 Plot twist: thanks to the kind staff, they decided to make this time an exception for me and allowed me to redeem the burrple after all!! Thank you so much!! :)

Mocha is not bad :) They do not provide water, but the place is quite nice for studying, although not quiet as there are many small business meetings going on. There are power points too, and the decorations in the cafe are aesthetic!

THICK sashimi slices, friend loved it cos the portion’s generous. teriyaki chicken tastes homely! :) fresh good food.

omg so salty. my friends liked it tho. nice flowers on ceiling :)

Quiet and beautiful area with good food we enjoyed! improved from the last time we tried (probably a year back). Loved it :)

Smoothie bowls. The berry base was sour but the tropicana base tasted like banana milkshake! Granola was nice :)

Just the right amount of taste & pepper! Generous with meat. Perfecto!! Will be back :)


Garlic pizza was 🔝, nothing like i’ve tried before. Tom yam pizza was good too but a tad too spicy for my liking. Nonetheless, great ambience for a reunion with a pal!

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