Cafe Hopping

Cafe Hopping

Featuring Lola's Cafe, The Coffee Academics (Scotts Square), South Union Park, Rookery (Hong Leong Building), Wu Pao Chun, PS.Cafe (One Fullerton), The Social Space (Chinatown), Rabbit Carrot Gun, Petit Pain, Plank Sourdough Pizza (Swan Lake)
Alicia Ng
Alicia Ng

Hoover Egg Tart Cookie Skin ($2.30) | Hoover Egg Tart with Pastry Skin ($2.30) | Kam Kee Pineapple Bun Butter ($2.80) | Kam Kee Pineapple Bun Luncheon Meat ($2.80) | Kam Kee HK Milk Tea ($3.80)

Egg tart - just disappointment!!! I would usually go for the pastry skin, but this party skin is so MEH. The cookie skin is more flavourful - that being said, the taicheong ones are still better. In terms of the texture and the flavour for both pastry and cookie skin.

Bolo buns - honestly not the best I’ve tried... SO GOOD BAKERY has comparable bolo buns that are cheaper, and w/o the queue.

Milk tea - pricey. Would not get this again.

The food is so disappointing. Thank god we came early and didn’t have to queue for this. Would have been more annoyed if we had to queue for this disappointing food 👎🏻😾

It opens at 11am, but there was already a queue at 1045am. My boyfriend and I got the last of the croissants!!!! (We would have gotten more but that’s that for the day)

The croissant is smaller than the ones at TBB and also cheaper (prolly cuz of the size). But damn that croissant is SO! GOOD! If only they open a few more outlets and are more accessible?!? I would be buying these over TBB!

The texture of a gluten free cake is not for me 🤷🏻‍♀️

Tiann’s waffles w scrambled eggs & fresh mozerella ($19) (smoked trout was OOS that day)

The waffles taste just like how a gluten free waffle would taste like - damp and (a lil) soggy. Nothing too fantastic honestly. It’s also a lil pricey for waffles.

$28 | Spiced herb bratwurst, maple bacon, homemade baked beans, sautéed mushrooms, halloumi cheese, cherry tomatoes and eggs of your choice (we got the poached) served w brioche toast and seasonal greens

Skip this, skip this, skip this!!! I will take this $30 and get a better breakfast set elsewhere (points to common man coffee roasters)

Brioche was meh - was it even toasted?! Homemade beans also didn’t taste too fantastic. The only good thing there was the maple bacon - that is moist and flavourful.

$24.50 | Homemade potato hash patty served alongside smoked salmon, baby spinach leaves, sour cream, poached egg, radish slices, ikura and micro greens

Hash was very well made and tasted rather crisp and clean, compared to the usual oily taste you get from hash. The pairing with ikura and salmon elevated the whole dish and I really enjoy it! Tho I would say it’s only worth it with the 1-for-1. $24.50 for this would be a lil too pricey.

Roasted Eggplant + Miso Dressing // Roasted Mushrooms + Creme Fraiche

The mushroom toast just tastes exactly like what you’d expect - no surprises. But THE EGGPLANT - damn that’s a really good one. Complex flavours and very 开胃 😍👌🏻

Not a fan... not a fan! Pancakes tasted meh, Thai milk tea was meh, the soya milk was not too bad tho.

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Generous amount of pulled pork! Worth the money! Tastes good as well 👏

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