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Featuring Twenty Grammes (Bugis), Creamier (Toa Payoh), KOOKS Creamery (Serangoon), The Dark Gallery (Takashimaya), Matchaya (The Cathay), Group Therapy (Cross Street Exchange), Dopa Dopa Creamery, Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza), Apiary, Icenoie Hokkaido (Tanjong Pagar)
Chu Ning
Chu Ning

Tried 4 flavours : Oreo milk, hojicha, salted butterscotch and white chocolate speculoos

Each flavour hits the right spot in terms of the sweetness and taste.

Personal faves were still the Oreo milk and white chocolate speculoos.
Oreo milk was super nostalgic, tasted like cookies and cream

Chose the raspberry flavour, not overly sweet

The chocolate come was affordable at an add on of $1.20. The hardened chocolate was thick and the cone remained crispy. V satisfying.

All time favorite dessert !!! Black glutinous rice with ice cream. At some other restaurants, they will serve it in a coconut with coconut ice cream instead of vanilla !! But this portion was good enough after a filling meal. Overall, the dessert was well balanced in terms of sweetness which came fr the ice cream.

Chendol was abit too sweet.

Cookies and cream was great, not too sweet.

Durian didn’t have that super strong taste while the chocolate flavour was not bad.

Salted caramel and earl grey !!!
Both flavours were rather distinct but I preferred the earl grey more

Waffles were quite fluffy and went really well w the ice cream !!

Good for sharing

Crispy waffles topped with 2 lovely scoops of ice cream.

Flavours chosen were honey comb and hazelnut with Nutella.

Honey comb has bits of honey comb!

And this is for all the coffee lovers who needs their daily caffeine intake.

Vanilla Ice cream with an espresso shot.

Pure indulgence !!!!
Expected the chocolate to be really thick and sweet but to my surprise, the chocolate was smooth and not too dense. The vanilla helped to even the flavours out. Time

Really enjoyed this cone as you can taste the chocolate flavour but it’s not overly sweet

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So I asked the staff why it’s called hot chocolate, was it gng to be served hot to me or sth ?? His reply was that they cooked the cocoa under low heat and because of that, I would be able to taste the smokiness of it.

Long story short, the chocolate ice cream was really good, it wasn’t too sweet and too thick. Quite addictive.

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This dessert was rather unique.
I’ve often come accross vanilla / chocolate soufflés but not a durian version.

This Mao Shang Wang soufflé caught my attention and I’ve never regretted that decision.

The texture of the soufflé was soft, light and airy and it had a strong taste of the durian.

The mangosteen sorbet that came with it had the tangyness and sourness to balance out the sweetness of the soufflé.


Tried a total of 3 flavours - pistachio, chocolate and raspberry

All the flavours were good with pistachio being the best.

Chocolate was rich, creamy and slightly bitter while the raspberry was towards the sour side. The pistachio helped to balance the flavours out

Cafe was pretty cozy and located near junction 8

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Chu Ning

Level 7 Burppler · 240 Reviews

Forever hungry • Can be seen munching on a slice of pizza most of the times

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