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Jasmine G
Jasmine G

Had the salmon and dill galette with banana and nutella crepe which was really good 😊 Nice find!

We had the snapper fillet x 2 and can i just say it was DELISHHHHH. The fish was pan fried perfectly and the mushrooms were sooooo yummy! Really loved the meal and super worth as a deal 😊

It was super delish!! We had the big breakfast set ($27)with the impossible meatballs ($22)! Both sets were super good and my personal highlight was their toasted bread - buttered to perfection! Would highly recommend to come even without burpple deal! 🌟

Hmmm would have to say was mildly disappointed, perhaps because it was overhyped? The pistachio tastes very similar to the creamier one but I prefer the small smashed pistachio bits from creamier... That being said still very very good ice cream!! 💪🏻

Such an amazing dinner!! 5 🌟! We had the spinach ravioli and the mushroom pizza!! As someone who usually isnt a fan of ravioli, was pleasantly surprised by this dish, with it generous filling and drizzle of olive oil 😊

My boyfriend said this was his favourite pizza everrrr?!?! Such high praise but really an amazingly yummy truffle mushroom pizza, made even better with the Burpple 1-1 deal! A must have in my opinion 👍🏻

Can I just say, this might be the best brownie I have ever had??? The candied walnuts, against the soft moist brownie and sweet salted caramel ice cream??? Match made in heaven. Although it wasn't on 1-1 but had to get it (with the raving reviews on Burpple) and it didn't disappoint!

We ordered the seabass and the duck confit ($24 each) with Burpple 1 for 1! The seabass was sooo good and the broth with pasta was so nice and warm - perfect for a rainy day! My friend said her duck confit's pasta was really chewy too as it was handmade by the shop! Overall super good a deal and very impressed by the food served :)

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Really enjoyed the Truffle burgers ($18) at 1-1 burrple deal made with impossible patty, which dare I say, is an impossibly good price. The truffle taste however isn't very obvious, but it was still really yummy! We also got a side of churros ($6) which was a little underwhelming.

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Went for the 1-3pm lunch deal and thoroughly enjoyed the meal! Place was very short on staff so food came really slowly after the order but the server for our table was really understanding and sweet despite being overstretched!

Really good sashimi, barramundi, naan, and burnt durian cheesecake- would highly recommend these!

As frequent cedele patrons this was their newest item that we had not tried before. While their normal muffins/pastries often disappoint in being too not sweet this tasted borderline healthy and was actually quite delicious. not bad. 7.5/10 would buy again.

We bought the basque matcha cheesecake and impossible pie. Have to say it's the basque (best haha) matcha cheesecake we've had! There is a slight jasmine aftertaste to the matcha and is much better than a normal basque cheesecake for a matcha lover!

Their impossible pie was also really good, and taste like ground beef patty with cheddar, like a cheeseburger!

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