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Featuring Teppei Japanese Restaurant, Hvala (CHIJMES), The Sushi Bar Dining (Ngee Ann City), Kanshoku Ramen Bar (orchardgateway), Sushiro (Tiong Bahru Plaza), Ramen Keisuke Kani King, Baikohken Ramen Restaurant (Ngee Ann City), Ha-Oh Hototogisu (Paragon), KOMA Singapore, Akashi (Paragon)

Sashimi platter - part of the affordable $128 Omakase dinner.

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This fresh tasting marinated sashimi cubes over flavoured sushi rice really is the best value Kaisen Don one can get. Served with a miso soup, it also comes with free flow sides of carrot/radish and salmon stew.

There are many versions of this dish in the market, but over here at where it all started still taste the best!

Ordered the following for 2 people

1. Yellow tail nigiri
2. Swordfish nigiri
3. Giant scallop nigiri
4. Salmon with basil cheese nigiri
5. Prawn with avocado nigiri
6. Monkfish liver gunkan - can skip this
7. Mini sweet shrimp gunkan
8. Prawn with avocado roll
9. Medium fatty tuna sashimi
10. Uni ramen - the Uni come across as abit smelly, will not order again
11. Chawanmushi
12. Prawn tempura
13. Miso soup with clams

Bill came up to $70+ for the above. Every item tasted good except the couple that I mentioned which I won’t order again. Have to come back again!

Shoyu Ramen comes with two slices of extremely tender pork loin and some bamboo shoots. Promotion going on now comes with a free egg for $13.50 nett.

The noodles is thin and curly with a bite to it. Soup is tasty and not too oily. Overall a yummy bowl of ramen at a reasonable price tag 👍

Presented in a rather unusual way. With the tempura shrimps on top rather than within the maki itself. Taste is good. Tempura is of the right crunch and rice is nicely marinated encompassing the seaweed, cucumber and avocado.

We also ordered the Wagyu ribeye and Wagyu dumpling. Both were excellent.

The decor at this place itself warrants a visit. Not sure about the price as it’s s birthday treat.


Comes with 2 slices each of maguro, salmon, hotate, hamachi, kajiki, salmon belly, ikura, tamago and cucumber. Quite a good amount of sashimi for $26.90. The rice is well seasoned too.

In the background is fried mini shrimps at $6.90. Not bad for a snack/appetiser!

Price has gone up slightly ($0.30) from when they first opened.

This is a real treat for someone who loves azuki bean with matcha. The cake is very spongy, might be too light for someone who likes denser cakes.

Kaisen Don ($25++) in the lunch menu that comes with a miso clam soup on the side.

Bowl of fragrantly prepared Japanese rice topped with slices of sashimi. Not the best kaisen don but decent enough for the price.

Ordered the crab ramen and added 2 slices of iberico pork and half egg ($7.90)

Crab broth is very light and certainly taste better after mixing in the tomato crab paste. The sour cream and lemon didn’t really elevate the taste. The sous vide Cha Shu tasted much better than the iberico which had too much of a porky taste. The egg is flavourful with a melting yolk.

Noodles are the thin type with a little bite which might not appeal to people who like it more al dente.

Paid $28 after all the taxes. Certainly one of the most expensive bowl of ramen I’ve had. Next time I will just order a ramen with additional whole egg.

Pork belly that melts in your mouth 👍

Having had braised pork belly that’s tough this is certainly one of the best I’ve tasted.

Akashi makes for a great Japanese meal if you’re looking for mid-tier family restaurant in central Orchard area!

Sushi roll with tempura prawn, avocado, cucumber, grilled unagi on top with a sprinkle of tempura crumbs and tobiko. it is definitely tasty with the tempura prawn still crunchy and the crumbs adding an extra texture to each bite.

Price is pretty steep at $35 but as an Accor plus member, we’ve got 50% off the bill 😃

$15.90 bowl of Kani Ramen comes with flavoured egg, 2 slices of char siu, bamboo shoots and black fungus. The broth was indeed rich and thick with a light crab flavour. Tasted pretty similar to keisuke’s lobster ramen I would say.


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