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Asian Persuasion

Asian Persuasion

Comfort food for when your asian roots kick in
Eunice Pang
Eunice Pang

šŸ’µ: $8 (i think??? šŸ˜³šŸ˜³)

šŸ¤”: Thin skin, small ball of meat & a lot of juices!!!!

šŸ’µ: $13.80

šŸ¤”: Not as good as I remembered leh... DTF please buck up!!!!

šŸ’µ: $15

šŸ¤”: My favourite dish from the entire meal - and i don't even like tofu that much! Tofu is handmade, fried perfectly before being topped with the fragrant fried radish and served with a sweet-savoury sauce omg will definitely reorder despite the price

šŸ’µ: $12

šŸ¤”: Loved the differing texture between the two styles of hor fun, sauce was thick, but lacking the wokhei that I was expecting and about 1/3 of the lalas were unopened šŸ˜ šŸ˜ 

šŸ’µ: $15

šŸ¤”: Soup was lemak, but it tasted like something was missing, but I couldn't put my finger on what ā˜¹ļøā˜¹ļøā˜¹ļø Crayfish was kind of hard to remove from shell, but meat had a good bite to it

šŸ’µ: $15

šŸ¤”: Love ordering french beans @ tze char places because they always do it so well????? This was super good, but why is vege so expeNSIVE!!!!!

šŸ’µ: $18

šŸ¤”: Really liked the cereal in this dish, but the soft shell crab just tasted more like fried tempura batter and we didnt even eat the 'parcel' bcos we didnt know it was edible HAHAH

šŸ’µ: $-

šŸ¤”: Went back to Swee Choon since dining in is now allowed woop woop and I got my ultimate favourite - shrimp beancurd roll oOoooOOoO still as good as ever <3 tried my first ever JJM and it was really good too and the mee suah kueh which I only had 1 piece of because I was VVV full liao :< but overall SC was still as good as I remember, and service was ZOOM ZOOM v fast

šŸ’µ: $17.30++

šŸ¤”: The noodles were as chewy as I remember, and this bowl would satisfy someone who love something creamy and cheesy, though it was definitely on the saltier side.

šŸ’µ: $12.80

šŸ¤”: This fried rice is very xiang!!!!!!! Could have had more wok hei to it, but was still really good and we wiped this clean!

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šŸ’µ: $17.80

šŸ¤”: Is otah supposed to be soft?
Because the one here was, but boy was it good, n all my friends agreed too!
It might seem expensive for otah but it was stuffed with seafood so šŸ¤©šŸ¤©šŸ¤©

šŸ’µ: $16~

šŸ¤”: JEM mala is best mala!!!!!!

doing this so u won't have to waste ur calories on bad food

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