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japanese 🍣

japanese 🍣

Featuring Rakki Bowl, Koh Grill & Sushi Bar, Umi Nami, Tempura Tenten, Kajiken (Square 2), Kei Kaisendon (Marina Square), Manpei, Healthy Soba IKI, Kogane Yama (Jem), The Sushi Bar (Tampines 1)
R Goh
R Goh

The spicy ramen ($12) adds a local twist! A dollop of chilli is added to the tonkotsu broth. I found it a little too spicy, but the others really loved the added flavour of dried shrimp!

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Gangsta Ramen is famous for its individual dining booths, but they are perhaps under-utilised - most diners came in groups on a Friday evening, and had to wait for limited seating! They were also severely short staffed with just one chef and one server, resulting in quite a long wait. The miso ramen ($12) was nothing out of the ordinary with a thick pork-based broth. The noodles had a good bite but meat was a little tough! We came with a chope voucher and had the gyoza and chicken cutlet as sides!

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Despite being its namesake, the choices of soba available under burpple Beyond is painfully limited, to the point that we decided not to use it. The mori soba ($9) is a simple meal. The noodles were firm and complemented by the dipping sauce.

Had the Yakiniku Don ($14.90++) - the options for Burpple’s 1 for 1 are limited, so this was our lunch pick. The meat was a little chewy but I liked that the sauce was well balanced and complemented by the sweet onions! Best part would be the huuuge portion.

Umi Nami never disappoints for an affordable Japanese meal! Swung by for a late lunch during the weekend and the crowd had thinned out. Finally tried the Aburi Scallop & Salmon Don ($17) - the rice is a little too hot and mushy for my liking, but the scallop was sweet and the salmon had a good bite. Portion is more than sufficient for me, and appreciate that the sashimi is fresh!

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Didn’t realise that there are differences in the burpple set between outlets! This one ($25.90) is slightly cheaper, but comes with mentaiko tamago (instead of ebi) and without green tea. The sweetness of the tamago balances the savoury mentaiko! The bara chirashi here has great variety - our bowls had scallop and prawn in addition to the usual salmon, yellowtail, whitefin and octopus (no tuna though). Whilst not usually included in a typical bara chirashi, those are really premium items!! I’d probably come back to this outlet for that reason alone.

Tucked into a small mall, the restaurant opens up into a homely space reminiscent of an authentic Japanese eatery. I imagine they must be quite well known for their sushi, but we tried the tonkotsu charshu ramen ($14.90++). I wasn’t fond of the noodles - they had a good bite, but tasted starchy / like yellow noodles. The broth was thick and flavourful without being too salty! The pieces of charshu are rather thin, but they were easily the highlight - glazed in a sweet sauce, the meat is tender and its fat melts in your mouth 🤤

Kagane Yama is my second-favourite tendon joint! I usually get the mixed bowl ($15.80++) with level 2 spicy sauce. The standard of the rice may vary a little, but the selection of ingredients and their quality is always guaranteed. I particularly like their pumpkin, sweet potato and chicken hehe. Bit of a bummer that they are no longer on burpple beyond (such a steal when it was!) but definitely still coming back for my tendon fix :-)👍🏼

Similarly, the price of the truffle wagyu don ($27.90++) has increased significantly since Rakki Bowl opened last year! This item, however, has maintained its standards. The onsen egg, when mixed in, created a thick sauce that coated the rice grains evenly and lent a terrific flavour. The beef slices were tender, not too fatty and charred nicely; with some garlic chips to add texture.

Prices have increased quite significantly since Rakki Bowl opened last year, and unfortunately the bara chirashi ($22.90++) wasn’t as good as I remembered. The cubes of sashimi were fresh but soft - particularly enjoyed how the tuna wasn’t fishy at all, and the sweetness of the swordfish. However, the rice was rather disappointing as it was dry and lacking flavour. I’m usually a huge fan of Japanese rice, but I barely finished half of the portion :-(

While most people come for the Nagoya style, I like the traditional ramen toppings of char siew and an onsen egg ($12.30++)! I do find the noodles a little starchy but the noodles are what Kajiken is known for. Enjoyed the sauce, and that it can be further customised with white vinegar and chilli oil :-)

Snagged a really good deal!! The burpple beyond 1-for-1 set ($30.90) comes with salad, soup, a side, a rice bowl and a drink each. The salad with sesame dressing and green tea is nothing to shout about, but miso soup was a pleasant surprise as it wasn’t at all powdery or artificial tasting - I really enjoyed the flavour and that it came with kelp & tofu. The ebi tempura also exceeded expectations - the prawns were rather small, but the flesh was sweet and firm. The torched mentaiko drizzled on top added a nice savoury contrast to the dish! As for mains, we tried the bara chirashi and mentaiyaki tamago kaisendon. Both came with a generous portion of fish (salmon, tuna, whitetail, octopus, scallop, tobiko). It wasn’t the freshest (some pieces felt a little bit mushy) but that was more than made up for by the great flavour! Sweet and not at all fishy. The restaurant is rather small/ crowded and service is not the best but really worthwhile considering how a rice bowl on its own is easily above $15! :-)


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