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Helmed by Chef Martin Woo and team, SENSHI Sushi & Grill continues to bring value-for-money ala carte buffet selections with new additions to the lineup like seasoned baby octopus and seasoned sesame seaweed salad in the appetisers’ section, new makis like the unagi maki, and mains such as unagi fried rice.

Regulars to the restaurant can also continue to look forward to the past favourites, that are mainstays in the menu, such as pidan tofu, chawanmushi with truffle paste, sea clam butter monte, salmon mentaiko maki, spider maki and other aburi options like salmon with cheese sushi and salmon mentaiko sushi.

Buffet prices are charged at $45++ per adult for lunch and $55++ per adult for dinner. With the launch of the new menu, there is a promotion of 50% off selected ala carte items that are not part of the buffet, such as the Miyazaki A5 wagyu beef (U.P. $58.80) and Grilled Squid Glazed with Spicy Miso Sauce (U.P. $18.80), valid between 20 to 31 May.
✨ SENSHI Sushi & Grill
📍 333 New Bridge Road, Dorsett Singapore, Unit 01-01, Singapore 088765
🍴 [Media Invite]

the triple flavour salmon selection ($5.50) had 3 types of aburi salmon nigiri:
- nacho cheese
- mentaiko mayo
- something mayo but was my fav!!

the seared beef sushi ($3) was honestly damn worth. v flavourful and the beef strip was very long. there were 2 nigiri too for the price this is such a steal!!

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a thick NY cheesecake with a layer of candied sweet potato on top. kinda giving donki vibes. i think there’s sweet potato incorporated into the cake too!


the slices were LEGIT THICK super worth. we saw the table beside us immediately order another 3 more plates👀

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since it’s from Sushi Express, they do also have their usual $1.50 plates on the conveyor!!

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A wordplay of 寿司家, Sushi Plus is a contemporary sushi dining concept from Sushi Express. You still get to enjoy economical prices starting from $1.50++ with the addition of premium items that cannot be found at Sushi Express outlets. Ordering was fuss-free with our mobile phone using the QR code that was given to us. Orders will then arrive swiftly on a sushi train, similar to Genki Sushi and Sushiro concept.

I felt that their quality is better than Sushi Express outlets with very economical prices. Of course, you have to be realistic and not expect high quality tasting sushi at such a price. The thick-cut salmon was really thick, fresh and firm which made us order more after having one. The garlic butter scallop was interesting and they have really cheap and good teriyaki scallop skewers. If you love clams, go for their miso soup with clams that come with a generous portion of clams swimming in there.

Thick-Cut Salmon Sashimi 》$4.50
Mentaiyaki Tamagoyaki 》$2.20
Triple Flavour Mini Hanamaki 》$3
Grilled Mackerel 》$4.50
Garlic Butter Scallop Sushi 》$2.50
Miso Soup with Clams 》$2.50
Teriyaki Scallop Skewer 》$1.50

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From now to 31 May, you can also get to enjoy 50% A5 Hokkaido Wagyu Bento (U.P. $31.80) and from now to 18 May, get 50% off the second bento order.

Each bento comes with a bed of Hokkaido Yumepirika Rice and topped with your choice of meat that has been flame grilled to perfection, prepared a la minute and glazed with the in-house marinate. Besides the premium A5 Hokkaido Wagyu Bento, there are other options such as Yakiniku Karubi Bento, Beef Sukiyaki Bento, Hokkaido Pork Yakiniku Bento and Pork Yakiniku (Miso) Bento. Each set comes with tonjiru miso soup with pork.
✨ #ricesando Tokyo
📍 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura, Unit B2-45, Singapore 238839
🌐 https://ricesando.com/
🍴 [Media Delivery]

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Then came the assortment of makis that we ordered. The TFS Signature Maki is a platter of their signature makis all in one plate, perfect option for those of you who can't make a decision. We also gave their Ebi Fry Maki and Spicy Salmon Maki a try, which we slowly savour throughout the night, with accompanying drinks and friendly conversations - no better way to end off the night!


A hole in the wall (quite literally), this restaurant is hidden along an alley on Amoy Street and you'd quite possibly walk on by if you haven't been paying attention or intentionally looking for it.

We ordered a couple of dishes to share and started off with the Truffled Organic Ribeye Steak, which is a 200g NZ organic ribeye cooked to medium rare, topped with 5-6g of shaved truffles, accompanied by a bowl of grilled vegetables. Spotting a nice shade of copper red, this was flavourful and tender to say the least.

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Really nice and “sweet”. Refreshing presentation that let you enjoy the feeling of spring in Japan!


The straw smells v strong on its own, unfortunately it barely penetrates into the plastic wrapped natto.

The natto is plain and doesn't produce as much white stuff as norm when you twirl it.

Maybe it's atas or sth but not particularly impressive, at nearly double the price UP compared to the other brands.

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Ordered the beef don ($10.90) with the addition of miso soup, mini salad and chawamushi (+$2).

Miso soup was not bad. Mini salad was refreshing with the roasted sesame dressing. Chawamushi could use more dashi flavour. But for the price paid it was ok.

Beef don was not bad. The portion size was ok. The beef was quite tender but could use more salty-ness.

Overall not too bad.

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