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Recommended lists of Best Sushi in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Sushi, Japanese Best Sushi in Singapore Sushi is an art that takes years to perfect. The best sushi is definitely worth paying for, but if you don't have the funds to travel to Japan and get the best sushi, fret not. Featured are places that give you a bang for your buck, depending on how much you are willing to spend ;)

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Top 10 places for Sushi

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Take family lunches up a notch with the fresh selections from the a la carte Buffet (from $39.90 per child; $43.90 per adult) here. Recommendations by the Burpple community include the super fresh Salmon Sashimi, addictively crispy Fried Crabs and succulent Grilled Prawns.
Photo by Burppler CHENG YI CHNG

We had uni to start the nigiri course of this omakase, which came with:
* wagyu tataki
* sea bream soup
* 3 appetizers (uni with ikura and beancurd skin, irish oyster, miso gindara)
* 2 seasonal sashimi (flounder with tosazu jelly, botan ebi)
* 6 nigiri sushi (uni, Bluefin otoro, their signature surf and turf, foie gras, hotate, conger eel)
* miso soup
* omelette
* fruit
And they serve decent nigiri with well vinegared rice in traditional edomae style, with two exceptions that are more modern - their signature surf and turf, which came with ebi, uni, ikura on a bed of fatty A5 raw wagyu, absolutely lovely. The second sushi that's more modern is the foie gras, which is seared and served along some rice. Besides this, the other 4 sushi are the classics which I've always loved.
And I found it to have excellent value as well. For $180++, my dinner came with several premium ingredients. Although there may be more premium and rare ingredients served at omakase at other Japanese restaurants, but those typically cost $300++ upwards. This $180++ omakse is something I could more regularly return to get my omakase-fix.
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Wakame seaweed
Onsen egg

Pretty yummy and filling 😋

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This special chirashi bento for $35 was worth every single cent. Seafood was fresh and sliced into generous portion.

Wagyu Beef Tartare, Amarbi, Uni and Ikura.
Omakase Menu @fatcowsg
Akatsuki $80.00++
Sumire $120.00++
Omomuki $180.00++
Nagoyaka $250.00++
Location: @fatcowsg Camden Medical Centre, #01-01, 1 Orchard Boulevard, Sinapore 248649
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$17 for a row of 6, on the pricey side but the quality was good.

$19 for this bowl, comes with a miso soup.

Ingredients were fresh and fairly generous, rice was good and flavourful too. A pretty good chirashi for a non-specialised restaurant : )

Situated along Prinsep Street (5 mins’ walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT), this newly opened sushi joint offers sumptuous Japanese dishes at wallet-friendly prices.
For just $10.80++, this colourful bara chirashi don is undoubtedly En Sushi’s best deal. The fresh cut sashimi chunks such as salmon, tuna, yellowtail and octopus were well-marinated and neatly piled over a bed of vinegar-seasoned rice. The portions were pretty generous too for the price!
P.S. The Minced Tuna Belly Sashimi Maki was great but probably not so worth it.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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