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This was first taken during Chef Akane's kaiseki dinner conducted at Sushi Kimura. But her own restaurant is opening soon, so keep a lookout for good news coming our way soon!
Pictured is Japanese fig with Shine Muscat and Tofu Sauce. The thick, rich texture with strong flavours from fig, was balanced by grapes to lighten the consistency.
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A well-marbled bouquet of pink pork arrives at our table along with the oroshi hotpot, ready to be dunked into the sweet, soul-soothing broth packed with Japanese leeks, carrots and cabbage. I wish we had winters here so that I could enjoy a hot bowl inside on a bitterly cold evening outside.

Thanks @burpple for the invite and @teppankappoukenji for hosting!

Taste: 3.5/5

For S$30.00, the Wagyu Cube Steak seemed to be a great dish for one or for sharing. Basically the steak was done in such a way that they managed to trap a lot of juiciness within from the high-heat grilling, before they were served with fried garlic chips and brown sauce, both of which add dimension to the already awesome meat.

When it was a sharing dish, I caught myself popping it into my mouth quite involuntarily, and that did not end even with the “paiseh” piece left. Oops!


Featuring the following:
▪️Apios Bacon Cream Cheese Yaki ($13.80)
▪️Sujiko Avocado Salmon Oyako Roll ($21.80)
▪️Butabara Steak with Kuro Ichigo Jam ($18.80)
▪️Hirosaki Ika Menchi ($12.80)
▪️Mutenka Yaki-Chikuwa Cheese Buta Roll Yaki ($11.80)
▪️Aomori Chestnut Baumkuchen with Laci-Ice cream ($10.80)
▪️Tonami-ga-oka Farm Laci-Ice cream with Caramelised Apple Jam ($6.80)
▪️Ringoginny ($9.80)
It's the 2nd Aomori fair here at @sunwithmoonsg, available for a limited time (till end of Jan 2020). Be sure to try out the new seasonal offerings from Aomori local cuisine, Sun-styled Aomori cuisine, Nokke don (DIY chirashi don), "Shimokita" Apios Amercicana to Aomori Desserts & Drinks!
For the cheese lovers, do order their Apios Bacon Cream Cheese Yaki which you can do the #cheesepull while it's hot from the rich melty crust and enjoy the sliced apios and bacon topped with cream cheese. My favourite of all is the Mutsu Bay Hotate & Salmon Ringo Oroshi Nabe which came with Mutsu bay scallops and salmon in hotpot with grated apple and sukiyaki sauce. 😋
For the drinks, there are 4 options:Ringo highball, Ringoginny, Ringo Float and Apple tea. I have tried the Ringoginny and Ringo Float (non-alcohol and sweeter). Also, complete your meal with low fat milk vanilla ice cream from the 2 choices of desserts available! 👍🏻
Thank you @eatsnapsg for the invite and @brandcellar @sunwithmoonsg for having us! 🙆🏻‍♂️
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Assorted sashimi sushi which totally exceeded my expectations. Everything just went so well together. Highly recommended!

I love this so much! Ebi sushi topped with a thick cut of eel and 🥑. Would definitely order this again.

Wide variety of food here! My friends particularly enjoyed the tempura squid. Chirashi don was v affordable at $10.80 w a few slices of sashimi that tasted pretty fresh too. The umaki and salmon mentai sushi are my standard orders here 💯

I haven’t had sashimi fresher than this in recent memory – each cut of of yellowtail, flounder and tuna was meaty and almost melt-in-your-mouth.

Remember to use your #BurppleBeyond for 1-for-1 seafood, agemono and steak 🔥

Thanks @burpple for the invite and @teppankappoukenji for hosting!

Taste: 3.5/5

Didn’t realise that there are differences in the burpple set between outlets! This one ($25.90) is slightly cheaper, but comes with mentaiko tamago (instead of ebi) and without green tea. The sweetness of the tamago balances the savoury mentaiko! The bara chirashi here has great variety - our bowls had scallop and prawn in addition to the usual salmon, yellowtail, whitefin and octopus (no tuna though). Whilst not usually included in a typical bara chirashi, those are really premium items!! I’d probably come back to this outlet for that reason alone.

Usual price $23.80 but went on Saba day hence 50% off!
This was so worth it. It’s crispy on the outside, soft and moist on the inside. It’s hands down the best Saba I’ve tasted. Will definitely return to have this again! 10/10

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With its expansion from the previous humble stall to the restaurant, its menu also grew in variety and range of items. The drinks menu also appealed with the choices of colourful cocktails.
We loved every little details put into their menu design and restaurant decor. This season, collect their Christmas bear chopstick holder which makes a nice bookmark for the holiday.

Well grilled and the fish meat inside was filled with natural sweetness. Time to put down the chopsticks and wipe it clean with both hands.