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Sushi is an art that takes years to perfect. The best sushi is definitely worth paying for, but i...

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From start to finish the meal was sublime. Each course was perfectly executed with lots of thought going into it. Chefs were friendly and approachable, making the meal an overall wonderful experience.

Got the Aburi salmon and hamachi don which was tasty, but the portions are rather small. Hamachi didn’t taste very fresh but was ok overall with the sauce.

I am a fan of @entertainersg apps as I can find thousands of 1-for-1 and discount offers in this app. This time, I redeemed a 1-for-1 Jin Chirashi that includes Sea Urchin, Salmon, Tuna, White Tuna, Scallop, Salmon Roe and Sweet Prawn at $35.00++ @jindining It’s a good deal!
Location: Jin Fine Dining (AMOY Hotel), #01-02, Far East Square, 76 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 048464.
#entertainersg #jinfinedining #burpple #burpplesg #chirashi #amoyhotel #telokayerstreet #fareassquare

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I promised a review soon, and I’m here to deliver today. Promises made, promises kept. Now, the crown jewel in @shoyakitorisushisg bluefin tuna selection is definitely the Tokujyo Toro Don at $48.80++. Sure, it’s a hell of a premium, but the premium ingredients within have earned that price tag fair & square.⠀

It’s a mega sashimi rice bowl, topped with negitoro (chopped tuna), akami (lean tuna), chutoro (medium fatty tuna), substantial scallops straight outta Hokkaido, ikura (salmon roe), and ten grams of uni (sea urchin). The tuna, as we’ve already established earlier, is about as ocean fresh as you can get without catching the tuna yourself. It’s slightly sweet & marvellously meaty, and it’s what makes up the meat of the satisfaction in this bowl. The chutoro is exceptionally fatty for the medium fat cut of tuna, and it’s exceptionally felicitous as a result.⠀

The scallops are rather gargantuan in size, and they are strikingly sweet thanks to their freshness & quality. The ikura are little mini grenades of juicy, briny deliciousness that explode in your mouth for a proper flavour fiesta. The uni can be rather polarising as it’s mildly briny & bitter, but I could certainly appreciate its creamy, smooth quality. Think of it as ocean butter, and you’re about there.⠀

The most underrated element in this bowl is definitely the rice. The chef that made this sushi rice is especially experienced in the art of rice, and it shows in the stunning quality of the rice in here. The sweetness from what might be the mirin & the sharpness from the rice vinegar are perfectly balanced as all things should be. It’s perfectly fluffy & moist, with just the right touch of starchiness to hold it all together. Perfection.⠀

I’d like to send a very heartfelt thank you to @shoyakitorisushisg for hosting us with such hospitality!⠀

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I always love Genki n my friend was telling me this sashimi (I think might b swordfish but not too sure) is v good it’s like a v fatty fish n the mouthfeel rly good af. N it rly is!! Have been ordering it ever since haha. Also love the other food on the menu like salmon sashimi n other sushis yeah nth much to fault abt Genki tbh

Check this place out for their salmon sashimi deal on Mondays and Thursdays at $3/5pcs! Super worth it place to get your sashimi fix.

However, they only allow diners to dine in for 1 hour. So it’s probably not a place you would wanna go to if you wanna catch up with your friends.

Had the Aburi Salmon roll - it was infuriatingly disappointing. In my opinion Japanese food should be simple, well executed and fresh. For starters, the rice in this roll was BROKEN and CLUMPY. As it is an aburi dish, we will overlook the observation that it was warm.This should never be the case as Japanese pay close attention to the quality and texture of their grain especially sushi chefs. The cream topping placed above the roll tasted like canned tuna with excessive onion and mayo. Needless to say my date and I were let down this trip to Takeshi

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Tried this crab special, which came with a lot more crab than I anticipated. It was finished off with a blowtorch, which lent a layer of complexity to the delicious porridge I made after my meal.

Value for $ as u will be served a variety of sushi.We leave it to the chef to decide on the sushi. Just that the pacing of the sushi is a bit off at times. The first sushi is aburi then the lighter flavored sushi at the end. It appears that the chef seemed to give cheaper version of sushi first and by the time We are too full for the higher end sushi. Overall, we will still visit the place as we find the sushi is pretty decent and it is a good place to address sushi craving.

Ultra smooth velvety uni on top of supple and plump scallop, what else can a person ask for?!?

@fatcowsg Chef's Table Omakase Menu features the Homemade Tamago Hot Stamping
Location: 1 Orchard Blvd, #01-01/02 Camden Medical Centre, Singapore 248649
#fatcowsg #tamago #burpple #burpplesg #omakasesg #sgomakase #orchardroad

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