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Uni on uni! This was the last course and it is also the reason why I would recommend going for the 18-Course Sea Urchin Menu. We get a small rice bowl of uni mixed with Japanese rice, topped with uni pieces, ikura and a dollop of wasabi. I am already salivating just by looking at what goes into the rice bowl. Every single rice grain is coated with creamy uni and with the ikura bursting in my mouth with every bite, it is just packed with umami goodness. The meal ended with a light and refreshing bowl of miso soup to cleanse your palate.

\\ 18-Course Sea Urchin Menu (3/3) 》$128

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One of the perks of omakase is the firsthand experience we get sitting at the bar counter and relishing the most authentic Japanese dining experience. We get to observe the chef as he prepares individual pieces of sushi right before us. It reminds me of my omakase experience at one of the sushi bars at Tsukiji fish market.

There were 2 chefs and each of the chefs would handle 4 guests which gave a very personal touch. The chef would only serve the next course when we are done with the previous. The fishes were oh-so-fresh and solid! Each course was paired so well with different sauces that nothing tasted similar throughout the whole course.

My 12-Course Sushi is as follows
- Hirame Flat Fish
- Squid
- Prawn
- Sea Bream
- Japanese Groupa
- Golden Threadfin Bream (Not in Picture)
- Golden Eye Snapper (Not in Picture)
- Chutoro
- Otoro with Soy Sauce Foam (Not in Picture)
- Hototo (Not in Picture)
- Horse Mackeral (Aji)
- Sea Urchin

\\ 18-Course Sea Urchin Menu (2/3) 》$128

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This is one of the most affordable and reasonably priced omakase in town. It is an 8 seater restaurant hence it is not possible to get a seat without a reservation. Their omakase is priced at $98 or $128 which includes sea urchin. I thought it would be worth diving straight into their sea urchin menu since it isn't exactly easy to reserve a seat. Reservations are open 30 days in advance.

For starters, we had the Hijiki seaweed salad seasoned with soya sauce and cooking sake. It has a combination of slightly salty, sweet and savoury flavours which serves as a refreshing appetiser. Next, we have salt-sprinkled edamame served warm, followed by onsen tamago with truffle soy sauce. The truffle onsen egg comes with a soft runny yolk, accompanied by bursting flavours of ikura and truffle aroma.

Towards the end of the meal (before the rice bowl), we were served a crab meat handroll wrapped in seaweed and rice. It was sweet, simple and delicious!

\\ 18-Course Sea Urchin Menu (1/3) 》$128


@jidai_restaurant is an innovative restaurant tying the tastes of Japan🇯🇵 together with chef-owner Darwin’s arsenal of French🇫🇷 techniques.

Here’s what we enjoyed for this SGD88 8-Course Omakase!
👉Chile Uni | Uni Miso Emulsion
👉Sea Bream | Scallop Tartare
👉Tuna Kutsuo | Fermented Spicy Mushroom
👉Parrot Fish | Squid Ink | XO Crab
👉XL Hokkaido Oyster | Sake Leek Soup
👉Atlantic Cod | Hazelnut Potato Risotto
👉Matcha Two Ways
👉Sake Kyoho Grape | Vanilla Tuile

Soo belly satisfied, we were transported to seafood heaven without breaking the bank! Just like our previous dining experiences at @jidai_restaurant, what we had did not disappoint and even managed to bring our tastebuds on an adventure…

[Media Invite] @theprsalon

9 Circular Rd, S049365

Of course, we couldn’t leave @kazoku_japanese_cuisine without having another one of their dons, which is covered by #burpplebeyond one for one deal. It might be kinda basic, it might be entirely predictable, but we simply had to try the Aburi Mentai Salmon Don ($11.90 nett).⠀

As you might’ve guessed from my previous reviews, the sashimi was faultlessly fresh and were sliced generously thick. The blowtorching released the fragrance of the omega-3 rich oils in the salmon while altering the texture, giving it a softer, crumblier mouthfeel when chewed upon. Of course, the star attraction is that savoury, creamy umami Mentaiko mayonnaise, which had its deliciousness amplified due to it being scorched by the blowtorch.⠀

Kazoku is an incredibly affordable place to satiate any hankering you have for sushi or sashimi, and it turns into outright robbery when you use Burpple Beyond for their rice bowls. Once again, thank you for the hospitality, @kazoku_japanese_cuisine & @burpple!


The Aburi Mentai Ebi Salmon Roll ($15.90 nett for 8 pieces) is the new crown jewel of @kazoku_japanese_cuisine maki (handroll) range, and it looks glorious. Just like the name, the roll itself is a mouthful. Crabstick and ebi tempura (prawn tempura) are rolled up tight in rice, but that ain’t even close to being it. A thick slice of salmon sashimi is draped atop the roll, garnished with a dollop of Mentaiko mayonnaise, and blowtorched beautifully.⠀

The seared salmon was downright divine with the mentaiko, as both slightly charred elements united to form the perfect union of umami. Of course, the deliciousness of mentaiko wasn’t limited to the salmon, and it was more than enough for the whole roll. Speaking of the roll, the ebi tempura was utterly unrivalled. The supremely crunchy panko breading concealed a springy, juicy large prawn within that even managed to eclipse the stellar seared salmon.⠀

These redolent rolls from Kazoku are perfect for snacking upon as you imbibe a drink or six from ToGather’s bar. Whether your poison of choice is beer, wine, or even soju, you definitely gotta roll up on Kazoku’s marvellous maki with some alcohol.⠀

Arigato gozaimasu for hosting us, @kazoku_japanese_cuisine & @burpple!

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Once you’re done with the turf, it’s time to move on to the surf. The spicy sashimi carpaccio ($13.90 nett) at Kazoku raised an eyebrow initially, but soon the other eyebrow shot up at just how surprisingly sensational this unique sashimi platter(?) was. The same fresh, thick slices of octopus, salmon, scallops and tuna were joined by some crabstick & a generous amount of Thai chili sauce. The Thai chili sauce was incredibly feisty & fiery, setting our tastebuds alight, while adding spice, sweetness and a little saltiness to the sashimi. Nobody anticipated this fusion, but this fusion is definitely one made in culinary heaven.⠀

Thanks for inviting us, @burpple & @kazoku_japanese_cuisine!


Besides chirashi dons & sashimi, @kazoku_japanese_cuisine has quite the selection of beef dishes. They offer a half dozen beef with rice options, alongside a beef udon. The one we got here is the standalone option, the Sirloin Steak with five pieces of complimentary salmon sashimi for $19.90 flat.⠀

The beef is probably not wagyu, but it is most definitely delicious, juicy and tremendously tender. It’s marvellously marbled with fat, and each slice of the medium rare steak required minimal mastication to fall apart. Have a slice of beef with a fried garlic chip to really accentuate the delightful beefy qualities of the steak, and to add to the sparse amount of soy sauce seasoning the meat. While I do wish that the steak was more strongly seasoned and that it had a more pronounced sear, it’s still darn decent for the price of admission.

Thanks for inviting us, @burpple & @kazoku_japanese_cuisine!


10 balls, the meat sticks to itself abit and it's fine but while it was dense enough it could taste like meat a little bit more. Surprisingly there's some bits with something like a charred crust and the tiny bits of gristle contributed to texture as well. Not enough sauce clinging on to season the whole ball tho

Decent enough for a frozen option


The cone was very soft, not good at all

Milk ice cream is like a mixture of Hokkaido milk ice cream with low quality whipped cream. Decent but not particularly good, it's too wispy

Passable but not recommended

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Good quality food items, served with small portions, yet delightful. Works well for a buffet, which allows us to try out many different dishes. Check out this complimentary mentaiko scallop. Super good!