chinese 失

chinese 失

Featuring Swee Choon Dim Sum, Dumpling Darlings (Amoy Street), EVENTASTY Noodle Bar (Funan), Joo Seng Teochew Porridge, Xiang Hao Chi, Delibowl Express (Funan), Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant (The Metropolis), Song Fa Bak Kut Teh (Jewel Changi Airport)
R Goh
R Goh

Loved the tangy tomato soup the last time I was here, but decided to try something different! The wagyu need mushroom herbal soup ($15.90+) proved equally delectable, with a savoury soup base and variety of mushrooms. The beef is a tad too cartilaginous and fatty, but the noodles are extremely springy!

Ordered their set menu earlier during CB, and then went back for a second round with their bento sets ($9.90)! I must say it is incredible value - the set comprises a main, a meat, a veg and a dim sum. It even includes 2 desserts, which are not included in their usual weekday lunch sets ($12.90++)!! Opted for ee mian with sliced fish in ginger & spring onions, garlic spinach and spicy vinegar dumplings. The portion was very generous and the food retained its flavours well!! Opted for these as I didnt want to risk soggy food, but otherwise Id recommend their pau!

Ordered the signature afternoon tea set ($55)! Its better value for money than ordering alacarte, although I wouldnt typically have chosen some of the items included. It comprises savoury items like mee suah kueh, siew mai, chee cheong fan and beancurd roll; as well as sweet items like liu shao bao, egg tart, sweet potato ball and red bean pancake - among many others! The set is quite extensive and good for 4 small eaters. However, Ill be upfront and say that this is better left til restrictions are lifted and dining-in resumes - some items were greasy and soggy in a way that not even reheating could salvage, which is a real pity.

Cant go wrong with a staple - the lu rou fan ($6.90) features white rice topped with braised meat. I would have like more sauce (I like my rice doused!) but it was definitely tasty. The meat is nicely layered and tender!

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One of those places that have withstood the test of time!! Their noodles with pork chop ($6.90) is one of those dishes that make for a really hearty meal. Wished the portion of noodles was bigger, but its a delightful mix of QQ noodles in dark sauce and the fragrant aroma of fried shallots. The pork chop is slightly sweet, tender and crispy!

The tomato soup is highly raved, so we made sure to try it! Priced a little bit higher, we got it with the same braised wagyu beef ($15.90++). The soup packed a punch with every sip - bursting with flavour, it was thick and tangy. The hand-pulled noodles, stained orange by the soup, adopts some of the rich flavour! The braised beef also had a hint of sweetness from the soup. A little on the pricey side but definitely a bowl worth returning for

Bone broth soup is a staple in every noodle joint, so I was really excited to try Eventastys! Paired it with their braised wagyu beef (S$13.90++). The soup was surprisingly clear but steeped with flavour! Appreciate how it remained light without compromising on taste. Loved the slightly chewy hand-pulled noodles, and the incredibly tender beef. This dish paired very well with their chilli oil!

Popped by for dinner when I was in the area! Am a little bit bummed that the refreshed burpple beyond deals have time restrictions. Got the dinner set ($10.90), which comprises a main, side and soup. The selection of sides have changed, so we tried the potato salad and the fungus salad. Both were lightly marinated but somewhat unsatisfying - Id say to give the fungus a miss as it was rubbery. Was also disappointed to see that the presentation of the meal has changed.. the portion of meat given seems much smaller in these disposable bowls. Ive raved lots about the butter chicken (review on 29 Oct 2019) but this was a major let down! The taste is starkly different from what I had previously - sickly sweet, flat and lacking dimension. Majority of the pieces were of batter and fat, with few chunks of meat. The marinated beef slices fared much better. Although a little salty, the meat was tender and well seasoned. Also enjoyed the roasted capsicums!

This was from a visit in end 2019! Was so impressed by my first meal here (review posted on 29 Oct 2019) that I brought more friends. All the components were as good as before! Swapped out the stewed beef brisket for marinated beef slices, which I enjoyed more. The beef was tender and tasty! Scored the whole meal ($11.90) using burpple beyond.

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Was quite apprehensive about dining here, as I had read the earlier mixed reviews. Interestingly, the eatery is halal despite featuring strong Chinese flavours. Im really happy to say that Delibowl seems to have improved lots since its opening, and proved to be a good choice! Claimed the burpple beyond 1-for-1 deal for their whole day set ($10.90): each comes with one soup of the day, one side dish and one main. Between the two of us, we got their kampong chicken soup and tomato egg soup. Both were on the saltier side, but had plenty of ingredients inside. My only gripe is that the soup wasnt hot when served! For the side dishes, we tried the tofu and cucumber - both are served in the same savoury sauce, which is largely salty with the barest tinge of spice. Enjoyed the cucumber more as it helped to break up the otherwise heavy flavour. The beef brisket came highly recommended, but I wasnt a big fan as I found the stew too starchy and sweet. The portion of beef was generous and there were slices of tomato included. The butter chicken, on the other hand, was a big hit - the portion was huuuge, with tender battered chicken pieces coated in a thick sauce and served with onions & curry leaves. Really enjoyed the chicken and will be back for it again!!


Swung by for a late dinner on a rainy day! This Teochew porridge is a perennial favourite and a good choice any time. We had braised duck, cui rou, qing cai and tau kee with two bowls of porridge ($17.20 for two). Love the traditional style of cooking and the strong flavours that are balanced by the warm watery rice. Portion was really filling!! #oldisgold

Im a big fan of the peppery soup version, and Song Fa definitely hits all the right spots! The pork rib soup ($7.60++, small) had 3 pieces, each with tender meat and not too fatty. Best part is that the restaurant offers unlimited refills, which definitely satisfies all your cravings! The spicy pork belly ($8.30++) was thinly sliced and served with a thick gravy, ladies finger and dried chilli! Loved that it came in a claypot and that it packed a punch. Lastly, the xiao bai cai ($6.20++, medium) exceeded our expectations both in taste and portion.

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