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Soupy Stuff

Soupy Stuff

Perfect for this tired soul 😅
Chew Sher Mein
Chew Sher Mein

When you can't decide between proteins, you have the best of both worlds :D My dining partner introduced me to this newly opened Thai food located in Parklane.

They have a choice between pork, chicken and seafood, and I opted to mix the chicken and seafood into one big bowl for a total of $10. Understandably and much to my delight, this resulted in the soup bowl being massive; it was the size of a huge ramen bowl.

Between the two proteins I definitely liked the flavorful chicken thigh slices better. They weren't the thickest shreds of meat but they were tender and had soaked up the tomyum soup. And the portion was so generous; I was fishing chicken pieces out of the soup for a good half hour. The seafood didn't fare too badly either; plump mussels, crunchy prawns and squid. But I just felt the chicken would have been more value for money.

The soup itself was packed with spices and seasonings; lemongrass, chilli and spring onions were just a few I saw floating in the broth. Yet it wasn't overly spicy; just enough to tickle the tastebuds and the back of my throat. It was mildly sweet; a taste not typically associated with tomyum broth but delicious regardless.

Totally delicious and value for money :) I will definitely be back :)


Chose this place because it was the only place with empty seats in the middle of the office crowd rush :) I was really craving something comforting yet fit my macros and so I chose this simple bowl of tom yum with dory fish ($5) and added an extra $2 for more fish. :)

Its definitely a more Chinese-style tom yum soup, packing a spicy punch without too much sourness. I was grateful for the fact that it wasn't too oily or rich. There were shreds of cabbage, tofu cubes and tomato slices floating among the fish slices. I felt that the amount of ingredients (especially the fish) was way less than what I expected given that I paid $7 for it.

But the friendly aunty, calm environment and comforting soup still made for a pleasant dining experience. :)


This is the Creamy Tomato Basil soup with a Sesame Chicken Popiah and a cup of hot genmaicha. I was so favorably impressed by this!!

The popiah was loaded full of veggies and drizzled with a rich creamy sesame sauce. Crunchy bits, soft starchy popiah skin and meaty chicken flesh added a medley of flavors and textures that I adored. It was just the perfect companion for hot, tangy tomato soup. The genmaicha was a refreshing palate cleanser to sip on between bites.

2 Souper Meal sets only cost $9.80 and altogether made a healthy, fuss-free and very filling meal (my dining partner was a guy some more). It is really a great deal thanks to Burpple Beyond!


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