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Nicole L.
Nicole L.

This cosy Taiwanese cafe has a wide selection of mains and desserts! Was full from lunch so we just got drinks. The black sesame latte was light and felt quite healthy. The coffee for the latte was also pretty good. Paid around $4 for the drink and there’s an additional 10% student discount!

It’s pretty cosy and quiet, so I’ll probably be back to try the snow shaved ice desserts and mains.

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Really hearty tomato-based dish that hit the spot! This is the perfect comfort food that isn’t too calorific.

Paid around $9 after Burpple Beyond

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Crispy chicken cutlet on a bed of mashed potatoes, surrounded by a moat of creamy mushroom sauce! The chicken was moist on the inside and crispy on the outside. Really delicious and I would get this indulgent dish again!

Paid around $9 per pax after Burpple Beyond

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This dish is the definition of comfort food! The chicken was very tender and went well with the tomato base. A really filling and hearty meal!

Paid $9.70 per pax after Burpple Beyond

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Paid $9.70 per pax after Burpple Beyond! Pretty good for pasta, but I feel like there are nicer options at this cafe like the salmon mac and cheese! :)

I found the salmon to be rather dry :( Not sure if it’s because I have high expectations of salmon in general, or it’s just because cafes tend to overcook their salmon? Either way, this was okay, but I wouldn’t order it again! Not really to my taste :)

Paid $9.70 after Burpple Beyond

This was the clear highlight of the meal! The mac and cheese was so decadent and you could see the stringiness of the melted cheese with every bite 😍 This wasn’t my main, sadly, so I only got a small bite from my friend’s plate. But I definitely will order this next time!!

Paid $9.70 per pax after Burpple Beyond

The other reviews were right... The chicken sausage was not to my liking. It had a weird chewy texture and I had trouble even piercing my fork through the sausage.

What a pity because the rosti was excellent! It was crispy without being too oily.

I wouldn’t order this again because just eating carbs isn’t satisfying for me. The other item I tried (marmite chicken waffles) was way better.

Paid around $7.50 per main after Burpple Beyond.

Nicely seasoned chicken that was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The waffle was also fluffy and crispy initially, but it didn’t really maintain its shape for the entire meal. Towards the end, it lost its crisp but that’s understandable! I’d order this again.

Ambience was good but I’d imagine if the cafe was full, you’d probably be distracted by the noise and surrounding conversations. Went at around 6.30pm on a weekday night and that was just nice.

Paid around $7.50 per main after Beyond.

The affogato ($10) came with some very delicious granola, 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, bananas and caramel.

Overall, it was great but the coffee they provided is seriously very acidic and bitter. When I tried a sip of the espresso, I visibly gagged because the taste was acrid and reminiscent of battery acid. After we poured it in with the ice cream, the coffee became more tolerable.

Probably wouldn’t get this again unless they change up the coffee used.

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Personally, I found the salmon to be a bit dry but I think that’s due to baking the salmon instead of just pan-frying it. The vegetables were great - crispy on the outside and soft in the centre. The poached egg was perfectly cooked with a soft runny centre.

This place has a nice atmosphere but I recommend you avoid the tables with the spotlights (like the circular wood table). It’s extremely hot there and I was sweating slightly by the end of the meal.

Paid $10 after Burpple Beyond

This fried chicken was thinly breaded, giving the chicken a crisp exterior with a succulent interior. The chicken came with this maplesyrup-oil emulsion that was so good but so sinful. I dipped my chicken in it for a few bites before setting the dip down cuz I felt kinda guilty 😅 In summary, some excellent chicken with AWESOME CURLY FRIES.

Just wanted to make a comment here about how good customer service turned a bad experience into a good one! The first serving of fried chicken we got had raw, floury breading. After I reflected this to the staff, they promptly replaced my dish with a freshly fried serving that was way better than the first.

Overall, the chicken and customer service was great. A point to improve on would be the consistency of the chicken.

Paid $15 per pax after Burpple Beyond.

no $ but rlly hungry

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