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Featuring Biang Biang Noodles Xi'an Famous Food, Shu Yan Sichuan Cuisine, Xiao Yang Guo Kui (Northpoint City), Da Long Yi Hotpot, Mini Fashion Pot, Xiang Piao Piao Mala Hotpot, City Foodcourt, Hao Wei Lai (Chinatown), Reunion BBQ
Diana Su
Diana Su

As u can see, even kids love it. Anyway, son is already aiming at trying the spicy beef one next.

Ordered the 麻辣肥肠米线 with tons of their fried chilli oil. It was sinfully delicious, spicy with lotsa sides. It has been long since I get any decent 米线. 红锅 is far off as compared to this. The China lady in front of me ordered 15 bowls to take away. You can imagine how good it is. Anyway, name of the stall is called 老幺幺.

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Cabbage Pork dumpling. Serving of 10 for $7. Freshly make daily. U can see them rolling the dumpling as you order. Cook for 8min😂 Thin chewy skin. Goes well with mixtures of 4 tubs of chilli oil n vinegar. Hungry just thinking bout it.

Butter and original chicken base. Prefer here to else where cos its more spacious as well as minus the crowd. Food n service wise always good. Spent $171.25 for 4 pax. Will go back to my usual mushroom soup next time round.

Ordered below all for $132.88. Serves 4 adults n 2 kids. Food was very good, a tad salty for few. Kids love the spicy lala, and pig's brain. Adult loves the Stewed Duck. The potato noodle宽粉 was nicely cooked and goes very well with the savoury sauce thickened by the potato in it. Came here twice in 3 days and 3 times in 2 weeks. Anyway 10% discount cos I reserves via Chinatown delivery 唐人街外卖
5x grilled mutton
2x grilled bacon enoki
10x grilled salted prawn
Grilled Pig's brain
Grilled enoki
Golden bun
Stir fry You Mak Vege
Stir fry Lala
Spicy Duck Head
Stewed Duck with Potato noodle

Very big box of xiangguo. ULTIMATE SATISFACTION!

Ordered the mixed Veg in Vinegar sauce, consists of cucumber, black fungus and enoki. Very 开胃sourish sweet. The mixed lamb soup was OK. Dumpling was good especially the skin which is chewy but not very thick. Grilled Mala cumin Pig's Brain was savoury good. Actually very very good. But top in line is the grilled lamb ribs. Crispy crackling skin with tender meat. YUMMMM!!! there's lots of varieties to choose from n I'm certainly gonna be back for their other dishes which I've already had my eyes on. Paid $60 in all. Totally worth it. Happy meal happy day. P/S: forgot to mention, all these cleared by 2 Pax

Ordered 超辣with Tau kee, kelp, enoki and the potato Broad noodle. Paid $7.50 for it. Taste wise not bad, was asked if I wanted the option to add the 麻豆 for the numbing taste. Portions wise miserable, didn't even filled half of the take-away box. By far, the smallest portion of Mala I've ever ordered. Went for it cos it just opened at Parklane. Disappointed and totally not full.

Bought the multigrain 煎饼果子 asked for spicy sauce. It was huge, savoury good and very very cheap $2.80 compared to the one I get at Peace Center which was $5 plus minimum. Tried the other crispy 梅干filling one and it's great as well. They have Shanghainese Pan fried Bun selling for $2.80-$3 with pork or prawn fillings.

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So far this my fav mala, in terms of taste, fragrance, spiciness, freshness n variaties. 2nd time this week. But the queue can be really long. Ordered 大辣with seaweed, black fungus, crispy beancurd skin n Maggi noodle. All for $7.50.

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Went back and deliveroo many times. Approved by authentic Chinese. This is a must order 石锅豆花肥肠 Stone Pot Beancurd Intestine. Very very full flavoured and goes very well with rice. Another must order is their 龙抄手 Spicy Vinegrette dumpling. We always asked for extra vinegar extra spicy. YUM just thinking bout it.