Remembering all my 1-for-1 deals tried :)
A (:
A (:

it's really a BIG bite! liked that the portions are pretty big esp the veggies and the curly fries! ((; tacos reminded me of upsized bar bites haha i felt like i was eating 3 different parts of the taco though i.e. taco shell and fish and mango salsa or perhaps that was how tacos are supposed to be like anyways 🙈 nonetheless decent filling meal! ((:

flat white tasted smooth and there's no bitter aftertaste (: staff said it was double shot

1 for 1 beverage seems like a pretty good deal! wonder why it's called PPP coffee haha for a moment i heard it as PBT 🙈

V worth it açai and friendly staff! Nice to chill here as it’s a nice environment despite its inside a IT store :”)

Snapper Fillet was nice! I like how the dish was so multi-layered (:

Just happened to chance upon this place on Burpple Beyond and I was so glad to have tried it! I'm not an expert of meat but thought the pork chops were pretty yummy! Pork chops were thick and meaty and they were also juicy, moist and chewy (: Tasted some good char as well! Good enough on its own without the sauce! Truffle fries were really not bad - crisp and tasty! And they came with truffle mayo and truffle oil too! Also kudos to the staff who served us (nametag says part timer) - he was really enthusiastic and courteous plus he really patiently addressed our queries and shared his recommendations! Really enjoyed myself with the good food and good experience! (Y)

Had the cheesy chicken and i rlly like the combi! esp love the potatoes which are seasoned very nicely that i don't even need any sauce to go with it :D pretty good meal and worth it with burpple also - it's a nice place to head to when we are around the hood (:

Went late so missed out on all the popz items so in the end settled for Peach Tieguanyin and Soursop Sencha (not in pic)! Fruit teas tasted pretty healthy and nice hehe guess peach tieguanyin is quite a safe choice and soursop sencha rlly has the soursop bits!

The drinks didn't disappoint! Came back for the chestnut pearls and they were still so awesome huehue (: Crunchy and chewy! Lemongrass kombucha was shioks as well and genmaicha milk had a nice roasted taste (:

Forgot which one of it is being pictured here but we got Calming Bites (Lavendar Honey + Honey Jelly + Aloe Vera) and Gastro Relief (Coriander Honey + Grapefruit + Honey Jelly) which are $5.30 each! It's 1-for-1 with Burpple Beyond! Calming Bites is less sweet ((:

The combi tasted light which was good and the prawns felt like they were given a nice lil' panfry which added some xiao crunch to them xD

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Is this new on Burpple Beyond or have I been missing out all this while?! Deal is for a selected main + non-alcoholic beverage + dessert! Udon is the specialty here and I like that the cold udon has a nice springy bite :D The dipping sauce is flavourful too! Unagi Don is not bad and there were 5 big pieces for one serving of warabimochi so nothing much to complain! (:

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A (:

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