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Sweet (tooth) MonsteršŸ«

Sweet (tooth) MonsteršŸ«

Chocoholic, waffleholic, icecream-holic: to summarize, a sugar-holic
Jarhz T
Jarhz T

I would eat this sandwich over cake, and I love cake more than anything, so this speaks waves about this wonderful creation. A luxurious rendition of an enduring breakfast classic: a thick dose of crunchy peanut butter was unapologetically slathered on two slices of cornflake-coated chocolate bread. Not to forget the jam, which gave a lighter dimension to the nutty-savory profile of the peanut butter sandwhich. There is something so satisfying about the interplay of textures- a creamy sticky spread, fluffy bread centre and crunch of toasted cornflakes, all tied together by the jam. Served hot and crispy, this is not your everyday breakfast, or your casual pre-gym snack. I enjoyed my sandwich thoroughly, and may we never talk about the calories.


Oh, for the love of crossaints. Pre-ordered a box of these delicious bakes, and boy was I torn amongst the innovative yet exquisite flavors on display. The pastries at Brotherbird are fun, visually attractive and generous in size. They also deliver in the taste department, made flaky and crusty, but slightly less buttery than a traditional crossaint- allowing the custard fillings to claim centre stage.

Of my box of 6, the banana cream pie cruffin shone as it was generously pipped to the brim with a lucious creamy banana cream ganache, which I must applaud for its balance of fruity and milky notes. The flaky pasty was the perfect medium for the subtle-tasting cream, every bite was satisfying without being overwhelmingly rich.

Another of notable mention is the Ferrero Crossaint- a timeless combination of chocolate coated crossaint filled with a viscous hazelnut rocher ganache. Biting through the crispy rocher ganache dusted with gold-colored flakes, layered sweet pastry and finally the flowy-middle- these were reminisent of good-old Krispy Kreme's nutella-filled donut, turned up a notch.

Tucked into a cloud on a plate, doused generously with nutella-esque chocolate sauce, with a side of vanilla ice cream. Perhaps the lightest, fluffiest pancake in the market, with the texture of airy custard infused with an eggy castella-like fragrance. Have them as a post-meal dessert that sits easy on the belly and on the palette. I definitely inhaled mine within minutes.


A plate that truly lived up to its name! Caved into my chocolate cravings, and ordered this chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream and berry reduction- a combination that can do no wrong. My belly was satisfied with the richness of the heated chocolate, creaminess from the ice cream and the tangy berry sauce. To be able to dine amongst the chic ambience the alley bat definitely added to the experience.

Nonetheless, I did feel that the brownie could do with a little more texture, as the mouse-like layer was a little one-dimensional after a while. But I have no regrets as this classic sugar-nudge was still the best way to unwind the way, especially when slowly savored with a glass of prosecco and night of good conversation.

Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite cake in the world is ps cafe's chocolate blackout. Hence, it was with apprehension that I ordered this Mango and Banana Crumble. Thank God I did, for I was rewarded with the best crumble I've ever had.

Warm crumbly buttery crust accompanied by the a goey centre of thai honey mangoes and banana, it was a bite as comforting as ab embrace. I loved the way the tropical fruity flavor was mellowed just slightly by the caramalization process, yet still sufficient to balance the sinfully-buttery flavor of the dough and crust. And have I mentioned that basic-by-now yet all so satisfying scoop of vanilla bean ice cream? I have no words.

Jarhz T

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