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aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

The hazelnut was reminiscent of kinder bueno but in ice cream form, it had quite strong hazelnutty flavours. Pistachio was decently nutty, could have been nuttier, but it was definitely way too sweet. The texture looks weird on first glance, bc of how crumbly it is, but when eating it’s actually alright, and sufficiently creamy. Just that it melted super quickly so half the time we were having gelato soup. Wouldn’t return for this, there are better places for gelato around the area.

Thought these 2 were alright flavours, settled for them as my favourite flavours were not available. The strawberry cheesecake had some ‘cheesecake’ bits but they weren’t very nice. The pbj was true to its name, it was a pb ice cream with some jam bits folded in. But I personally think that pb doesn’t go very well with things meant to be sweet (ice cream, macarons), there’s a strange sweet-savoury clash to me so I wouldn’t order this again!

Brown butter crumble was surprisingly decent! Surprising because I didn’t really like their new flavours but we took a chance on this. It wasn’t very nutty like how actual browned butter smells, it was more like a nice vanilla base (you could see the speckles) with a cookie biscuit taste. I don’t mind having it again but it’s not something I would actively choose. Pistachio was good as usual! Really gao and rich in pistachio flavour.

Hopped by this new gelato cafe in the hood and we were all SUPER excited by the plethora of exciting flavours!! For the pistachio, the pistachio flavour was rather prominent but I felt that it was on the sweeter side (dopa is still my fav place for pistachio but this is still rather solid)! I was excited for the burnt white chocolate but I felt that the smokiness / charred taste was too overpowering that I couldn’t taste much of the white chocolate (was a slight disappointment for me). Texture of the cone was good it had the solid cone waffle-ish bite (if you know what I mean...) and it was therapeutic watching the cones being moulded on the spot 😌

Finally my turn to try the highly-raved mochi waffles from gelatolabo and surely both the waffles and ice-cream didn’t disappoint 😋 the mochi waffles were SUPER crispy on the exterior and fluffy on the inside, ok it took me a while to bite into the “mochi” of the waffles which I felt that although it was the supposed usp of the waffles, it wasn’t the one that won my heart haha the waffles are good on its own even w/o the mochi :-)

Pistachio - first few bites were really good but I couldn’t really taste the Himalayan pink salt flavour in it and it got slightly sweet for me towards the end but the nutty flavour was really profound (still dopa dopa is my number 1)

Cold brew - was such a pleasant surprise!!! I love it more than the pistachio haha tho the gelato wasn’t as smooth in terms of texture but the coffee flavour was so strong with the right level of sweetness (didn’t really get much of the cookie butter bits tho)

The ambience at Mohamed Sultan’s was amazing as well!! Deco v v comfy as compared to the outlet at Cavan Road! Love it, definitely will be back ☺️

I am a Hvala fan loved the vibes loved their matcha drinks loved their waffles but sobs I have found a let-down at Hvala and it’s this matcha cookies and cream ice-cream 😪 it was so so sweet!!!! And I couldn’t even taste the matcha flavour in it the matcha bits tasted like dough bits added into my milk (?) vanilla (?) ice-cream?? Really very disappointed given its price point and from hvala!! I will stick to the matcha drinks in the future 😔

Haven’t had kooks in a while! I like the combi of warm cookie & cold ice cream. The cookie is slightly underbaked for the lava-ness, and crisp at the edges (my fav part)! The ice cream isn’t anything to shout about, but the combi of cookie + flowy chocolate + ice cream satisfies. Maybe it was bc I shared it, but I felt that it wasn’t too sweet/jelat :)

I usually go for brown butter ice cream as it has a nice mild caramel-ish flavour, pairing well with the choc cookie. We tried the coffee flavour this time, and it’s decent. Am glad they’ve remained pretty consistent since I first had it 2 years back!

Was at 5 The Moments Cafe on a Friday night and it was super crowded!!! Left our number and was told to wait for 30 mins but thankfully we were in within 15! :-)

Overall I was SO SO surprised by how enhanced all the flavours tried were! I got the blue pea sea salt - I was so confused at the start because it was literally “salty” and I couldn’t wrap my head around it. But I grew to like it more and more, and the saltiness was light on the palate / my friend got the passionfruit which was SO SOUR my face immediately crunched up the moment I tasted it their passionfruits are indeed freshly made

Overall it was a pleasant experience while I wasn’t particularly fond of the flavours so I will def be back still to try the other flavours :-)

Have been wanting to try venchi for some time and it did not disappoint! It now ranks quite high in our list of great ice cream places. The gelato was reaally smooth, texture-wise quite creamy. The hazelnut was reminiscent of kinder bueno, while the cappuccino had a nice & mellow coffee taste. Both were great! Will be back to try their other flavours :) Btw is it just me or this place kinda reminds me of grom gelato?

The mint flavour was refreshing but not too in-your-face (I usually avoid mint flavours as it feels like I’m eating toothpaste?? does anyone feel that way too?), but for us it kinda overpowered the watermelon taste. The Chia seeds gave some crunch! The texture was slightly different from their other flavours, but still nice and smooth and light :) This flavour is not my thing, but it’s a personal preference - to each their own!

We checked out this new spot for gelato, which does pretty unique flavours! The smoked hay was true to its name - it wasn’t grassy/green tasting at all (thank goodness!) and was rather pleasant. Preferred this out of the two, as smoky flavours in dessert are rather appealing to me.

The banana burnt butter tasted a little like Korean banana milk, and I liked the banana crisps sprinkled on top! Would have been nicer if there was a deeper banana flavour. They allow for taste-testing here, so we tried their apple & cinnamon, but that tasted a little flat so we didn’t go for that.

We weren’t a big fan of the texture. A little too crumbly / not creamy enough. Would probably return after they’ve sorted out any operational kinks to try their waffles and other flavours :)

The waffle was rather crisp, but it wasn’t very fluffy inside. Both flavours of ice cream were alright too, but it was a little too milky for my liking - the honey / rum&raisin flavour could have been more integrated into the ice cream base. I had somehow expected a honeycomb crunch (the actual beehouse, not the sugary toffee thing) since the name of the flavour is “honeycomb” after all, but it was just honey mixed in.

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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