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Beyond - Drinks

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Sher Ong
Sher Ong

Burpple beyond deal!

If not for Burpple I probably wouldn’t have chanced upon this place as it’s quite ulu on the 2nd floor of this new building along beach road.

They used fresh tea leaves for the milk tea but the free drink choice is a little limited. Wanted to get 2 teapressos but you can only get 1 if you use Beyond.

We got the golden oolong milk tea and Lychee Black Tea macchiato with rose salt foam. Tea is a bit bitter but refreshing and worth the money!

Burpple beyond deal.

Having had other % of hot chocolates at the other outlet at Taka I can’t really tell the difference but they’re all nice!!

According to the staff, 72% is more fruity and 75% is more earthy.

Burpple 1 for 1!

Like the drink with pearls, it’s definitely interesting as it 降火 and there’s so many benefits to eating mung bean such as they are high in antioxidants, lowers cholesterol levels, reduces blood pressure, high in fibre etc! So much health benefits compared to your cup of BBT!

One medium cup is quite filling too.

I like it more with milk as I’m not such a fan of pearls and they went well together.

Will be back to try their other signature non- mung bean drinks!!

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Burpple 1 for 1 deal!

Interesting take on the green bean. I’m not a fan of green bean soup but this probably changes my mind to “cool down” on hot days. As they usually say it gets rid of your body heat.

The pearls are quite sweet and soft and the drink (can’t select your sweetness level) is not overly sweet as the staff told me they use malt candy instead of sugar syrup!

It’s great for a hot day as it’s like a green bean slushie which is 2 in 1. Cools you down physically and “internally” too!! Highly recommended!


Burpple 1 for 1.

Very friendly staff at the outlet who will also introduce the different kinds of honey they sell in tubs! Interesting varieties and some I’ve never tried before. I’ve also learnt new knowledge such as lychee honey (from Thailand) does not have a lychee flavour but it’s from the plant! So it doesn’t taste like lychee at all!

Some of them have really distinctive tastes that you will either like a lot or dislike.

Interesting place to get your 🍯 fix!

This drink was not as nice as Manuka Passion if I’d have to compare both. The honey is slightly more intense with a deeper taste. But I love aloe Vera so I chose this initially.

Burpple beyond deal!! I think I’m gonna get addicted to this! It’s so good and feels healthier than bbt!!

of course the price tag is high too. But I think I’d rather get a healthy drink than a Starbucks frapp.

This was really refreshing and the passion fruit goes well with the manuka honey and sparkling water. Highly recommended!!

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Min 2 to order.

Chicken felt a little too small to be worth $1.40 though I like the bbq taste and chilli.

Initial thoughts: wow such a pretty looking drink!!

Description says it’s a blend of pink and purple with high fibre and vit c. But to me, has been the most disappointing drink of all those I’ve tried 😔 guess there’s butterfly pea and grape with some sparkling something. Tastes too simple for me.

The Winter Sunrise is still my no 1 so far!

Back for my Burpple beyond deal at my fave drink shop!

This tasted like mango and almond milk mixed. Thick and Abit filling after dinner.

Beyond 1 for 1 is value for money. $8.50 for 2!

The 64% is the lowest and pretty sweet. Tastes almost like chocolate milk.

68% is more bitter! Hubs says it’s just right. Good balance between tasting the bitterness of the chocolate while it retains its level of sweetness.


Layered with black tea and milk. The top tasted sweet, evaporated milk perhaps? Hubs enjoyed it! Coffee jelly additional $0.30. All toppings only at $0.30 extra which is cheaper than most places!

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New on their fantasies menu this was really refreshing. Tasted like mango smoothie with strawberry hints infused with milk. Love their drinks!!