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aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

This was yummy! I’ve never been a twister fries kinda person - the regular fries are good enough for me, but I understand why people looove this! It’s more savoury than the regular fries, it’s crisp AND the crisp retains throughout the meal. Side note I can’t believe I’m reviewing fast food LOL

Thought that the chicken was pretty good! Crunchy, batter was not too thick, chicken remained tender and not dry. Their sunny side up comes square shaped, was a bit overcooked but it’s a minor thing. The butter rice was flavourful without feeling too greasy / heavy.

Coleslaw was refreshing and honestly not bad. Mash was alright, didn’t taste MSG-laden. Waffle was very crisp, slightly airy inside. Not the best but actually better than some waffles out there, at least they got the crispness right.

They’ve since closed as of 18 May 2021 - glad I got to try it! The place has very old school, American vibes. Yknow the old McDonald’s tables and chairs? Yeah they have it here. They also serve the food to your table, unlike most fast food chains in which you have to collect it yourself. It’s a nice, quaint place which has unfortunately put its shutters up.

It's decent but nothing to shout about - the crumble wase nice and crunchy, apples were soft but not soggy, was pretty cinnamony & sugary. Had this because it was part of the restaurant week set menu, but it's not something I would order ala carte.

Have tried this multiple times (but it's been a while since my last visit) and I'm glad that it's still good! They use catfish in this. The fish was soft and flaky, encased in thin layer of batter which had a crunch. The chips were hot and crisp. It's good and reliable fish and chips, this is something that we get almost every time we visit.

Found this okay only, I think we are just not fans of barramundi. But it was cooked well, pretty moist and the skin was mostly crisp. We liked the accompanying sides - the mash, coleslaw, zucchini and broccoli were good! Also, the sauce was very delicious, it's quite well-balanced. Would have loved for more of that sauce!

This was cooked well, the tail end was crisp & smoky, and the thicker parts weren't tough. We've had better octopus elsewhere though,

Pretty nice flavour profile, there's a nice balance of savoury & sweet. Prawns were succulent! We mopped up the sauce with the bread because the sauce was delicious :)

Bread was alright, felt that they toasted it for too long so while it was crisp, it was rather dry. But dip (or soak) it in the olive oil and vinegar and it’s fine!

Brisket was not bad and pretty flavourful, but the lean parts was bordering on tough. Pulled pork was not juicy, kinda dry if not for the sauce on it; pork ribs / chicken wings / brioche bun /sauces were decent but nothing special. Cornbread was a bit coarse and dry at some parts, a bit more moist at others. The honey butter was nice! Coleslaw was refreshing. The poutine was very nice though, sweet potato fries were crisp and naturally sweet, the beef on it was juicy and yummy! Sauce on the poutine was flavourful too.

Overall, sorry to say that the stuff worth ordering are probably the brisket, and the poutine. Wouldn’t return, there are better western BBQ establishments around.

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This was honestly quite disappointing given that I had high expectations for this place!! The fish batter was quite thick and felt that I was eating the batter more than the fish :-( but it was crispy sooo and portion is pretty generous? Enjoyed the vibes of the place tho!

Ordered their pizzas too but didn’t manage to get a shot before we gobbled the food down! Chicken carbonara didn’t go wrong but might be gelat if it’s just for 1. I liked the BBQ chicken pizza while my friends enjoyed the four cheese tomatoes thin crust they are super generous with the cheese the pull was amazing!!. Really like it that yellow cab’s pizzas are generally thin crusts (even the regular doughs!) but other than that, didn’t find their pizzas exceptionally outstanding!

Got it in a delivery packaging and the sauce was packed separately from the pasta! Though the food wasn’t hot anymore when I ate it, I enjoyed the meal so much!!!! The laksa was literally like good hawker laksa with the savoury bits of flakes (can’t figure what topping it is but I love it!!!) and tho toppings wise there was only 5 prawns (prawns were huge and fresh) but slightly more ingredients will be appreciated!!

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram: @coldbutter.sg

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