Chinese Like My Soul

Chinese Like My Soul

Featuring Swee Choon (Jalan Besar), Legendary Hong Kong (Jurong Point), YY Kafei Dian, Hai Tien Lo, Imperial Treasure Noodle & Congee House (ION Orchard), Din Tai Fung (MBS), Treasures Yi Dian Xin (Paragon), Dong Bei Ren Jia, Putien (Raffles City), Victor's Kitchen (Chinatown Point)
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

Soup base was flavourful but not heavy or salty, was quite pleasant. The noodles and ingredients came separately from the piping hot soup - you’re supposed to add them all in and wait ~1 min. There’s prawns, fish, pork belly, fried pork slices, chicken, chives, corn, spring onions, quail eggs and 豆腐皮. They were alright. The noodles were just 粗米粉 tho, I somehow expected something more special since 粗米粉 is commonly found in most noodle shops here in SG. Idm coming here again to try other dishes! An interesting lunch option, but nothing to shout about.

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Tried their caifan once and wasn’t a fan, but I wanted to try again bc my colleagues seemed to like it, they said it was one of the better caifans around the area. Glad I tried it again, as I concluded my poor first experience was bc I didn’t try their better dishes. My usual caifan combi is gulurou, spinach, and egg/pumpkin. These are not their more outstanding dishes.

This time, we tried the:
- fried calamari (was v crisp with a thin batter and decent calamari texture)
- gulurou (affirmed that it’s ok at best, bc it’s not crunchy or particularly yummy, it’s p meaty, and came with lots of onion / tomato / pineapple / peppers)
- otah (slightly spicy and soft)
- french beans (crunchy and nicely stir fried with a garlicky flavour)
- tofu (also good, soft and fresh with minced meat and a tasty tomato based sauce).

The curry fish head was also not bad, it came bubbling in a large claypot! I can’t be objective bc it’s the first time I’ve had curry fish head :p Curry zhup was nice, giving some heat but not overly spicy for me, was aromatic and consistency was good too - not too thin and watery, but not sooo thicc and lemak either. There’s lots of veg in there - tomato, pineapple, eggplant, onion and lady’s finger, and the amount of fish meat was p generous. Fish was thick and meaty, was rather soft. The rice here is harder than usual, so u gotta eat it with the curry!

TLDR: wouldn’t mind coming again if in a large group for the curry fish head, and for dishes I would reco the french beans, fried calamari, and tofu.

Ahh one of my fav liushabaos in sg are from imperial. The ratio of liusha to bao is good - there’s enough bao and is filled with oozy, savoury sweet lava liusha. V hard to share unless u bite properly (don’t tear)! I always enjoy this but this round I thought it had a slightly strange alkaline smell, I don’t know why but let’s hope it’s a one off thing :-(

This was decent, it’s very beany and has decently tender pork belly inside. We didn’t add sauce so maybe that’s why it’s on the plainer side of things which we’re okay with! Won’t order agn haha honestly I ordered wrongly - meant to get the steamed glutinous rice in lotus leaf, just that I couldn’t find it on their online ordering system (am I an IT idiot 😢) Will just ask for the physical menu next time!

I think this isn’t commonly ordered by many but I love it so much!! Sooo fluffy and soft and jiggly, with a wonderful brown sugar flavour without it being too sweet. Compared to five star dim sum (it’s the dimsum I had most recently before this), this has a richer molasses flavour. Texture was also more cake-like & delicate. I liked both but I preferred this!

It’s tasty - pork was tender, but it’s not a must-order I feel. Have had juicier, more flavourful ones!

Great as usual - fluffy bao, good ratio of meat to bao, rather generous with the filling in fact. Pork was relatively lean and tender, not too sweet nor salty. A must-order for us each time we visit!

First time trying this and it’s good!! The shrimp is indeed crispy, the batter is light and delicate. It’s not soaked in sauce so it isn’t too soggy even after some time. But I would probably ask for the sauce to be separate next time!

Yummy! Loved their porridge - the rice grains are broken down into a gooey, smooth, thicc but not toOo thick texture which makes it v easy to eat. Shredded pork is tasty and moist, and the super crunchy youtiao is great as usual. This usually comes with century egg but we don’t eat that so we made a special order for no century eggs to be added. We also had the Grass Carp Fish Belly Congee ($10.80) which had the same great texture but with fish slices instead. Our go-to porridge orders here at imperial treasure!

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We always get this bc we like this sort of dish with lighter flavours. The noodles are the same as the rest of their noodle dishes, chicken soup is natural and flavourful and clean. Meat can be more tender but overall it’s something my parents like so it’s always on the order sheet!

I love this so much!! The noodles have a nice bite and the bean sauce is so flavourful. There’s minced pork, firm tofu (taukwa), edamame and scallions. There’s an appropriate ratio of sauce / noodles / ingredients so the noodles are not dry and u don’t finish the ingredients before the noodles are done.

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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