Chinese 🥠🥟

Chinese 🥠🥟

Featuring Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao (Ngee Ann City), Núodle (SingPost Centre), Ba Shu Sichuan Restaurant, Encik Tan (Bedok Mall), Xiao Long Kan Hotpot (Bedok)
Sher Ong
Sher Ong

We were craving for the usual seafood xo sauce one but seems like they changed their menu to this. Rice was fragrant and did not get stuck to each other. Generous amount of egg that almost went with each grain of fried rice!

If you have teochew tastebuds you will like this Cos the preserved vege taste is strong (and the serving inside is pretty generous too)! The peppercorn isn’t over empowering but provides a kick without the soup actually being soaked in chilli oil, quite a good change to the usual meeting of peppercorns in only Mala soup.

Generous serving of sliced pork that was tender. soup was quite addictive!

Half portions.

Duck gizzard was a little tough but I was curious to try it it.

We ordered second servings of the supreme beef tripe! Chewy and Yums!

正宗川味麻辣香锅 #01-48
$25 only and you can choose to add 6 types of veges

I would say this is the soupy kind which I prefer less than the one I had at Ba Shu Sichuan nearby. But for a quick ma la fix, the fish was fried to near perfection. Though I really prefer the one at Ba shu! This is a cheaper option.

To each his own I guess. I didn’t really think this was delicious as what other reviews said. Perhaps it’s because I’m not such a huge fan of the “taste” of yellow noodles.. no lor Mee for me..

The viscosity of the soup is close to lor mee style and although it was somewhat tasty i probably wouldn’t eat it again. Saving grace was their home made minced meat ball thingy.. which only came with 3 of them. Wished they would give more ingredients too.

Bedok mall lacks a food court, sadly. Encik tan is the closest for their variety.

Hubs was craving claypot rice and hence we ended up here. Warning: chilli sauce is quite spicy, pls refrain from spamming!!

Not as flavourful as your famous claypot rice stalls at for eg golden mile hawker etc but it was not too bad. Rice doesn’t stick to pot easily and there’s the Guo ba too. Just that there’s not much ingredients.

Ok we ordered the grilled fish for 2 pax and thought it wasn’t enough but it was actually. But this was a good “side dish” that was delicious too!

Handmade dumplings with pork and chives (10 pcs). Skin was of a right thickness and meat was tasty.

Love it with their “Lao gan ma” similar chilli oil sauce which wasn’t so spicy but went well with the dumplings.

You can also get them for takeaway at $7 for 10.

Fish alone is $32++ with different prices for their add ons which are generally $3.80. We added the potato noodles (highly recommended), lotus root and black fungus! Probably don’t need to top up lettuce as it comes with some lettuce and beansprouts already.

Haven’t tried Tan Yu as they have really long queues but this is a good one as it’s near my house!

Soup isn’t spicy but quite numbing although the numbness is temporary. It’s addictive and I almost wanted to drink the soup if not for the chilli oil.

Fish was fresh and tender, skin was crispy and so good. Definitely a good place to cure your Mala craving!

Soup was delicious Cos of the fresh scallions. expected it to be thicker but it was more of the light kind of soup.

You can even choose the type of noodle! Good thing is that it’s halal too.

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