Featuring Birds of a Feather, Mouth Restaurant (Maxwell), Black Society (VivoCity), Yunnans 云海肴 (Jewel Changi Airport), Min Jiang (Dempsey), Beauty in The Pot 美滋锅 (Centrepoint), Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豊 (Marina Bay Link Mall), Sichuan Alley 川巷 (China Square), Madame Fan, Abundance (Redhill)

Very popular place for lunch. The Dan Dan noodles come with chickpeas which isn’t exactly to my liking. Otherwise the noodles and the meat sauce tasted great.

Another must order item is their fried intestine stuffed with leek.

They were very generous with the amount of large intestines given! The toufu was average though. Overall a good dish to order if you’re a fan of large intestine and wanted something spicy apart from their beef soup.

This is the best pork belly gua bao one can find in Singapore. The bun is light and fluffy, pork belly nicely braised and melts in your mouth. The addition of coriander, peanut and preserved veg alleviated the taste to another level.

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Tried dim sum here twice and felt that there’s really nothing to shout about. An alternate spot to satisfy dim sum craving if paradise or crystal jade within the same mall is unavailable

This is the 咸水角 that’s shaped into a cute carrot.

Majority of the dim sum here is priced between $6-$7.50 for 3-4 pieces. All items were decent without any shoutout pieces.

Service was nice and friendly.

My favourite dim sum place in this mall was Teochew paradise which has been replaced by seafood paradise recently. The search for better dim sum venue continues.

Big fresh succulent prawns tossed in a savoury slightly spicy kung bao sauce. One of the better dish on the table.

Popular among the working crowd here in MBFC

If it’s the first time you’re visiting, it’s best to order the Guo Qiao Mi Xian 过桥面线, for $12.80 you get a variety of ingredients to be added into your rice vermicelli soup.

You have to pick the type of soup and spicy level. I opted for the Wu La Tang with 1/10 spicy level. The flavour works for me, will probably order the same soup next time.

This dish of braised chicken ($15.90) was drenched in a very savoury sauce. It’s my first time trying yunnan cuisine and will have to say it’s delicious and this restaurant is definitely the best place to try.

Apparently 云海肴is one of the largest restaurant chain from Yun Nan!

Perennial favourites from DTF. Prawn fried rice and the prawn pancake.

Definitely in my top 3 hotpot list alongside HDL and imperial treasure hotpot.

Ingredients were fresh and soup was tasty.

We ordered the following for 3 of us : ($180)
Half collagen and half spicy soup base
Beef cubes x 1
Fried beancurd sheet x 1
Cabbage x 1
Potato x 0.5
Enoki mushroom x 0.5
Abalone mushroom x 0.5
Angus beef slice x 1
Prawn paste x 1
Otah paste x 1
Pork and chive dumpling x 0.5
Winter melon x 0.5
Fried fish skin x 0.5
La mian x 1
Dipping sauce x 2

The only thing I probably wouldn’t order again will be the otah paste, doesn’t go that well in soup.
First time ordering beef cubes and it’s surprisingly tasty. Will order again.

It used to have a more savoury broth. Hope it’s just this one slip up, it’s one of my favourite noodle dish.

My favourite dish of the night, braised Taiwan noodles, wind fried pork, la la clam ($28)

Really flavourful broth that the noodles were doused in. The noodles were cooked al dente just the way I like it.

Ambience here is great with good service crew.


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One cannot live well if one doesn’t eat well

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