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aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

The sourdough pizza base was quite nice - it was fluffy and thicker than usual pizza bases. The crunchy crusty sides were my favourite parts! Enjoyed the mushroom pesto one best, the mushroom + cheese + greens combi was delicious on the tomato base. One thing tho: I had expected a punchier pesto flavour. The clams + garlic one was alright, seafoody flavours were there. We all didn’t like the roast beef one - roast beef was tough and dry, and the whole pizza was quite salty. Garlic knots were delicious!! Crunchy outside, soft and chewy inside, with a fragrant garlic cream. Would definitely get the mushroom pesto pizza and the garlic knots again :)

Tried the mushroom pizza to pair with our custom margherita pizza to use the 1-4-1 deal. It wasn’t as delicious as their tomato-based pizzas for some reason, the crust lacked the crunchiness. Was an alright pizza, you can’t go wrong with mushrooms and cheese but too bad that it was nowhere as satisfying as their margherita / burrata pizza.

This came with a very generous serving of beef cheek ragout, which was tender and flavourful! The pappardelle pasta itself was decent, was done al dente but was a wee bit harder than I like. The kale, mushroom and shaved parmesan were tasty and nicely rounded up the dish. This was a satisfying lunch option! Just that it’s a bit pricey and you can get fresh handmade pastas at the same price point.

Get this over the lobster mac and cheese (they use penne if I remember correctly), which my friend said was quite meh.

I’ve heard that their burrata pizza sells out by night time occasionally, so I tried to preorder it when making the table reservation but they don’t allow for preorders. Had a late dinner at 8pm, and true enough they said the *burrata* was sold out. Then how?? I came here solely for the burrata pizza.

Okay, gotta adapt. Truth be told what I liked about the burrata pizza was the crust, tomatoes/tomato sauce and basil pesto. The burrata was not my main focus. So I asked if I could order the burrata pizza without the burrata, but the lady suggested the margherita (which comes with everything the burrata pizza has sans the burrata and basil pesto). Hence my order: a margherita pizza with an add-on of basil pesto.

This was D E L I C I O U S. I’ve reviewed their burrata pizza before and I’m pleased to know that the consistency is there - crust was crunchy, thin enough such that you don’t feel like it’s too much, but thick enough to provide that bready chewiness and satisfaction. Tomatoes were joosy and sweet, pretty good quality; they don’t just lay on cheap supermarket cherry tomatoes. Tomato sauce + basil pesto was tangy and delicious.

I’m actually not really a pizza person. I haven’t tried zazz / blue label so I’m not sure how it compares but right now (and for the past 8 months) Lino’s burrata pizza has been my fav / most memorable pizza! Now I’ve found an even better combi - the margherita + basil pesto, which is more generous with the pesto as compared to on the burrata pizza.

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Having tried Lino’s version, was curious if this was just as good / better, as I’ve seen reviews saying so! I liked the burrata here better, as it was more creamy. However, compared to Lino, the crust was less chewy & satisfying, and the pesto wasn’t as punchy as I would have liked. Still a nice pizza tho, just that overall, I preferred the one at Lino (I love crust, and Lino’s pizza crust was superb)!

This consisted of pappardelle with rabbit stewed in red wine sauce with Borlotti beans. The pappardelle could have been softer, but they did write on the menu that they cook it al dente, and that you could opt to cook it softer so I shall do that the next time I return. The sauce was interesting as it’s not common for pappardelle to be paired with rabbit / beans, I usually see a beef/pork ragu. It was savoury and slightly sweet, and the beany taste came through (in a good way). The rabbit was soft, and there were quite a few chunks of it. I think I still prefer a tomato-based pappardelle, but this is not too bad - worth a try!

This consisted of grilled octopus with squid ink capellini and charred lemon. The squid ink capellini was alright, it didn’t have much of a taste to it. But the grilled octopus though. It was SO GOOD!! It was grilled really nicely - the octopus was chewy, soft but still retained a bite, and slightly crisp on the exterior. The moment we ate a piece we told each other “this is going to be my last bite” because it was just so delish. It’s super nice when hot! It’s still good at the end of the meal, eating it when it’s hot is ultra shiok 👌🏼

Also, the sliced tomatoes were really juicy and sweet. Really enjoyed the ingredients in this dish. The capellini can be better, but I’m not sure if the Chef had intended for the pasta to be as such, so as to let the ingredients shine. Either way, I would definitely be back for this :)

All pizzas are thin-crusted so it’s still manageable in terms of the quantity! However I didn’t find anything much special about the pizza!! Also got the aglio olio and it was quite disappointing :-( rather oily and the spaghetti was pretty hard (not al-dente at all)

These pastas were decent, but I felt that they were too hard for my liking. The pork bolognese tasted pretty average, but I did like the parmesan & sage filling in the ravioli! It was creamy and savoury, and went well with the nutty brown butter sauce & crunchy pine nuts.

Am thoroughly impressed by their pizza crust, which was crunchy and not too thick! It’s one of the nicest pizzas I’ve had in a while. The pesto was flavourful, and tomato sauce tangy. This was my first time having burrata, and while it was rather creamy, it was kinda bland - I think I expected a punchier / sharper cheese flavour. However, I still enjoyed this pizza very much, and would love to try their other pizzas :)

This was on the specials board, as their risottos depend on the ingredients available for the day. It was delicious, with flavours from the sundried tomato, mushrooms & cheese coming together really nicely. It was creamy but not surfeiting at all. Definitely would order again!

This was decent, but it’s nothing to shout about. The dish could do with more sauce. They have other better items on their menu, like their josper charcoal grilled meats or other pastas, so go for those!

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