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brunch 🍳

brunch 🍳

Featuring One Man Coffee (Upper Thomson), Strangers' Reunion, Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), The Coffee Academics (Raffles City), Bread Yard, Oberstrasse, Two Men Bagel House (Novena), Grain Traders (Telok Ayer), Rookery (Capital Tower)
R Goh
R Goh

Oberworks ($18) is your typical breakfast set. 2 eggs are in a style of your choice - the scrambled we chose was of a good consistency with a runny centre, but lacking in seasoning! Strong flavours from the spiced sausage and bacon thus complemented the eggs. The portion of mushrooms wasn’t big but it was certainly well sautéed! The brioche toast was a nice addition. I wouldn’t pay full price for this, but it’s certainly worthwhile with burpple beyond. Business has certainly picked up this week with Shopback’s boosted 35% cashback - it was crowded at lunchtime, even on a weekday!

Ordered the croissant with scrambled eggs ($11) during a return visit! There seems to be great variability in their scrambled eggs - I enjoyed it during my previous visits, but found this one too watery and sorely lacking in seasoning. Quite a pity given that the eggs are a feature point in this dish! The croissant here is however, one of my favourites. Perfectly crisp and glazed on the outside, with fluffy buttery layers inside!

The All-In Brekkie ($19) features an assortment of ingredients! I particularly enjoyed the scrambled eggs, which were fluffy and perfectly seasoned. The chorizo was good too, with hints of smoky spiciness! Otherwise, I felt that the portion didn’t really justify the price. It’s still great value, especially with burpple beyond’s weekday set!

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Samvo ($14) features sourdough rye spread with smooth avocado! It is topped by smoked salmon, which I found a tad too salty, and two eggs of your choice. I picked the scrambled option, and they were perfectly done and well seasoned :-) could have done without such a large portion of salad, but the pesto sauce came in handy there!

Got the pulled pork eggs benedict ($14) too! Thought the Hokkaido brioche could have been lighter, but the pulled pork was richly flavoured and tender. The poached eggs were pretty well done with a runny yolk :-) The pinto beans and salad offset the heaviness of the dish!

Rookery doesn’t strike you as a brunch place, but they do a mean Big Breakfast ($23++)! It would have been better with some greens, but I loved the variety on the plate. The sausage surprised me with its juicy savouriness, distinctly unlike most. The sourdough was a huuuge win for me, perfectly crispy at the edges while retaining its crispiness!

Snagged a 1 for 1 using Shopback! This bowl ($10) comprises sourdough topped with mashed avocado. The toast was too dense but the spread was great!! Lightly flavoured and very generous with its portion. Accompanied it with sautéed mushrooms, mixed bean salad and egg cocette. A highlight was the salsa verde - a tangy tomato sauce with a spicy kick!

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Am surprised that so little has been said about Grain Traders’ breakfast options - snagged two bowls for the price of one ($10) using Shopback! Picked sourdough for my base but was disappointed to find it very dense and hard (not at all airy, and a lot more like rye). Paired it with house made ricotta cheese and vegan avo hollandaise! Also had broccoli kale spinach (little bit strange for breakfast oops) and scrambled eggs. Super worthwhile for its price but I could probably have done better with my selection of ingredients!

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Am really pleased that the updated BB deal includes the all-day breakfast selection! This hearty breakfast set ($25++) features a large spread. The sourdough was crisp and light, pairing well with the dense sausage and salty prosciutto ham. It also came with baked beans, sautéed mushrooms and eggs (of your choice) flavoured with truffle! Plus points for the addition of halloumi cheese, which definitely ups its flavour profile :-)

Am still on the hunt for a decent shakshuka! This had a regular tomato base, slightly tangy. I don’t usually like to mix my eggs in, but did so for this and was happy to find that the sauce was then thicker and more flavourful! Enjoyed the slices of chorizo that added texture, but was disappointed that the bread was more a baguette than sourdough.

Was pleasantly surprised to find that TMBH had refreshed their menu recently! We tried the Winner ($12) on a seeded bagel. Found the hash brown to be a little heavy given the density of the bagel, but really loved the texture added by the seeds. The sunny side egg was well cooked and look at the cheese pull! The cheddar here was super satisfying hehe. Also liked that the chicken sausage lent variation in texture, just the right amount of saltiness and even a slight tinge of spice to amp up the flavour! Was looking forward to the mustard (which drew me to this dish) but I couldn’t taste any at all. Preferred this to the Hammer and I’ll definitely be back for more!

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Was pleasantly surprised to find that TMBH had refreshed their menu recently! We tried the Hammer ($10) on a seeded bagel. It was a huuuge portion of smooth creamy scrambled eggs! Would have preferred the taste of scallions to be stronger. The bacon was toasted to crisp and added just the right amount of saltiness. The cheddar seemed to have been overwhelmed by the other components cause I couldn’t tell that there was cheese at all :-( also added tomatoes (+$1), which lent slight sweetness and acidity to cut through the rest of the dish. All in all a hearty meal and worthy indulgence to celebrate the end of a long work week!

R Goh

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