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Jap Food

Jap Food

Featuring Waa Cow! (Marina One), Teppei Japanese Restaurant, Biseryu Japanese Cuisines, Chong Qing Grilled Fish (Liang Seah), Udon Komadori, Kei Kaisendon (Suntec City), Collin's Grille Bento (Marina Square), Ura Hototogisu (100AM)
Clarence Chan
Clarence Chan

Overall this is a decent Don, the egg brings out the sweetness and portion are slightly smaller.. If they could have more rice to goes with will be nicer.

For the pricing 19.90 is abit expensive for a small piece of Una.

The portion is not very big for the price is abit on the high side, this dish has a strong Miso taste which wasn't too bad... Lucky it goes 1 for 1 with burpple which make it reasonable.

This is not exactly grilled fish buffet, its more like steamboat and dump everything into the round base pot instead of the traditional rectangle plate.

The buffet on weekdays is $25.60 and add a $10 soup base. Subsequent you can add $10 per head to enjoy premium selection such as premium beef slice, prawn paste, lala.

The food definitely not bad especially the premium slice beef, but the prawn paste is a nono. Too much mixture of mashed fish meat (if I'm not wrong) and the texture is too soft with small chunks of prawn.

Total bill after including drinks is about $70 over after using burpple voucher. (as 1 for 1 only minus off $25.60).

With burpple the price is like normal steamboat price. Definitely not on the cheap side.

Without burpple the price is $100 over I could have went for Hai Di Lao instead.

$80 for a set. Cheap and good quality, worth your bucks and experience. Changes menu every month, but still depends on what's available. I thought my Nov menu would skip the grasshopper but they still have it 🤣! Good try. About 15 courses, by the time we reach the second last main which ours was the wagyu fried rice, already couldn't finish.

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This dish cost $24.90 and totally over cooked and too chewy. Texture and taste was not worth the money I will pay for. Will not recommend to order again.

Taste is only not bad, nothing special, sadly it's not spicy enough. Ramen was cooked nicely the way I like, not too soft and soggy. Portion is not big. Maybe will go back and try the oyster ramen since it's supposed to be the bestseller.

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Small shop, there was only one waitress on a Saturday afternoon thus a little long waiting time. Food is not bad, personally loved the Tamago. Portion is just nice, still can go outside and have other desserts after the Burpple set. Sashimi were good, but cos cut into small pieces so I couldn't tell whether they were considered fresh or not.

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First time eating beef katsu, glad we weren't disappointed by the quality and quantity! One for One deal is so worthy! A lot of choices so definitely will go again!

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Amazing plump oysters! The burpple menu definitely is a good deal. Didn't change away the beef don since it was our first try there. Will definitely go again and try the other rice bowls!