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Munch Kinggs
Munch Kinggs

Yun Nans, Jewel Changi Airport
Steam pot chicken soup: $24.90
Stir fried wild porcini mushrooms w dried chillies: $25.90
Charcoal grilled seabass w lemongrass: $24.90
Deep fried pork fillet w homemade spicy dip: $9.90
Rice noodles w minced pork (spicy): $9.90
Tossed rice noodles w shredded chicken: $12.90
Beancurd pudding w brown sugar: $4.90
Had a feast at Yun Nans the other day and we absolutely love love love this restaurant!! Loved most of the dishes we ordered but if we have to pick our favourites, it would have to be the wild porcini mushrooms w dried chillies and grilled seabass w lemongrass. The mushroom dish may look simple, but definitely a complex dish in terms of flavour. Mushrooms and garlic chips were sliced thinly and fried, which gives it a soft, chewy but crispy texture. The dried chillies also gave a good spice and fragrance to the dish塚. Similarly for the grilled seabass, the spices used also made the dish slightly spicy and super fragrant, crispy on the outside but the flesh remaining soft on the inside. Have to commend Yun Nans for their seasoning as we felt that the spice was at a very palatable level, slight spicy and numbing but not too overpowering!中

We feel that Yun Nans has managed to set itself apart from the other chinese restaurants in Singapore with its variety of dishes, thus definitely worth a try

Fu Lin Yong Tau Foo, East Coast Rd
Definitely a more sinful version of yong tau foo, with the ingredients being first deep fried, then drenched with their signature meat sauce.云 They offer a wide variety of ingredients, which were all the pretty standard yong tau foo selection. What really stood out to us was their signature noodle with mushroom and meat sauce. The noodles were the thick beehoon kind, which went super well with the sauce. Honestly, the noodle was so good that we wouldn't mind just ordering that by itself in the future. Cheers to good, cheap eats in the East!

Soup Restaurant
Samsui Ginger Chicken
Fried French Bean with Minced Pork
Penang Fried Mee Suah
Our very first time dining at Soup Restaurant and were eyeing the signature Samsui Ginger Chicken which was so good!!中You could have it 3 ways- on its own which was tender and moist, slather it with loads of ginger sauce or wrap the chicken in the lettuce and add a good heap of ginger sauce on top, absolutely love it The other dishes that weve had were also done really well, a super comforting and delicious meal

Chin Chin eating house, 19 Purvis St.
One of the few zichar/ chinese restaurants that we frequent since young, dining at chin chin eating house again after so long really brings back feelings of nostalgia. Though famed for their chicken rice, their other dishes such as hainanese pork chop and prawn roll are our absolute favourites that we never fail to get! Have to admit the food quality has declined slightly over the years, but it nonetheless serves up pretty decent Hainanese fare. Furthermore, dining here is more of a fond memory to us and this restaurant will always hold a special place in our hearts.綽

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Min Jiang, Goodwood Park Hotel
Camphor Tea Smoked Duck Fillet (S): $35
Wok-fried Beef Cubes with Asparagus in Black Pepper Sauce (S): $38
Braised Fresh Crabmeat with Homemade Beancurd and Spinach in Egg White Sauce (S): $32
Stewed Rice with Minced Chicken, Dried Scallops, Baby Abalone and Liver Sausage in Stone Pot (S): $78
Fortune Koi Fish Nian Gao with Red Bean Paste: $12 per 2 pieces
Sichuan Red Bean Paste (S): $12
CNY day 2 feasting continues with an amazing meal at Min Jiang- in short we love every single dish!! The Stewed Rice came 半ubbling in the stone pot and was super flavourful, with the addition of dried scallops and liver sausage. Especially love it when the rice gradually soaks up all the flavourful sauce, probably the best dish in our opinion杗lso, try to spot the baby abalone The wok-fried beef cubes was also super tender and paired really well with the black pepper sauce. We had to end the meal with the cute fortune koi fish dessert- once again 啣僑敹思 and happy feasting!!什

Legendary Hong Kong, Jurong Point
Rice w/BBQ Twin Combo: $11.80
Stir-fried Nissin noodle with luncheon meat: $11.80
Custard crust bun with butter: $3.30
Steamed rice rolls.with prawns and chives: $6.50
Steamed BBQ pork bun: $4.80
Iced HK style milk tea: $3.40
7-up with salty lemon: $4.20
With its super extensive menu and decor giving off strong char chan teng vibes, it isnt an understatement when we say that Legendary Hong Kong is the closest we can get to Hong Kong right now!!予
Firstly, their menu was super duper extensive, ranging from roast meats to noodles to dim sum and even zi char dishes, there's probably like 100 items?!?!仁

Tried some of the more representative items and we concluded that their roast meats are simply to die for. Definitely get the roast pork as the skin was so crispy and the meat itself didnt have much fats in it, such that every bite was juicy and crunchy! Char siew was not bad too but didnt surprise us as much. Also, their stir-fried noodles with luncheon meat was equally excellent. A simple and unassuming dish when it was served, we had pretty low expectations hahaha but there's something about the sauce they used and that wok hey in the noodles that made it so addictive. Simple but comforting and delicious! Got some of the usual dim sum dishes too but they were pretty standard. Lastly, definitely try their Hong Kong style drinks as we spy some concoctions that are hardly offered in other HK cafes in Singapore (e.g. 7-up with salty lemon).

Truly enjoyed our experience at legendary Hong Kong and why have we only discovered such a wonderful place now??? Would really come here every week if not for its location being so out of the way. Truly a journey to the West for this...woes of staying in the East

Tunglok seafood, Orchard central
Ala carte deluxe lunch buffet: $38.80++
Located on the 11th floor of Orchard central, Tunglok's ala-carte buffet is one of the most worth-it buffets in town in our opinion! Definitely opt for the deluxe version to enjoy their specialty seafood dishes such as the chilli crab for an extra $10. Went during lunch and there was a delectable spread of dishes available, ranging from appetisers to dim sum to zi char dishes and lastly dessert. The quality of the food was surprisingly good as well (as we normally have pretty low expectations when going to buffets). The must-orders for us were the jellyfish with pomelo sauce (super appetising!), fried beancurd skin roll with shrimp, poached prawn in herbal soup, deep fried sea bass with light soya sauce and stir-fried sliced beef with black pepper!

Lastly, we really have to commend on the service of the restaurant! A problem with some ala-carte buffets is that food literally comes out of the kitchen at a snail's pace but here at Tunglok, we didnt have to wait long and food was constantly flying out of the kitchen!!! Super good

Min Jiang, Dempsey
Legendary Wood-fired Beijing Duck served with Homemade Crepes: $118/whole duck
Steamed 'Goldfish' Prawn Dumpling: $4.80/pc
Pan-fried Pork Gyoza: $8.80/4 pcs
Steamed Taro and Osmanthus Bun: $6.80/3 pcs
We don't normally fancy duck because the skin can get tough and the meat dry, but we're all for peking duck!!! The version offered at Min Jiang definitely hits all the right spots, with crispy skin and juicy meat. We also love having peking duck wrapped in crepe and Min Jiang offers 2 versions which is the traditional one (cucumber and scallion) and Sichuan version (Scallion, garlic and kimchi), making it really fun to eat as we could switch between the 2 versions.綽 It was our first time trying the Sichuan version and surprisingly preferred it as it offered greater flavour dimensions being a little spicy and garlicky but still tastes refreshing! Definitely worth a try as we don't see it in other restaurants. Do note that one day advance order for the peking duck

Lastly, if you just wish to have something small, Min Jiang offers an array of dim sum as well which we did try. They looked cute and innovative for sure, but nothing to shout out about for the taste. We recommend giving the peking duck a try but given its hefty price, definitely a meal saved for special occasions

Tamjai Samgor Mixian, Vivo City
Wu la soup with cuttlefish balls: $9.50
Wu la soup with beef slices: $9.50
Hailing from Hong Kong, Tamjai Samgor Mixian serves hearty and quality noodle soup bowls that are sure to warm you up on a chilly day.儭 You could customise your noodles with many types of ingredients and different soup bases with differing spice levels. We opted for cuttlefish balls and premium beef slices with their signature Wu la soup. The soup base was really something different from the usual soup bases as it boasted charred and peppery tones, which was just damn shiok!!! If we had to choose between cuttlefish ball and beef slices, we would go for the cuttlefish ball as it tasted handmade and contained cuttlefish bits. Also they gave 6 cuttlefish balls which was super worth!!! However, the beef slices was also damn good as it soaked up the if you can just get both hahaha Overall, we love how customisable and affordable Tamjai Samgor is. With such a huge variety of ingredients and soup bases to choose from, we'll definitely be back for more!!

Putien, Jewel Changi Airport
Fried Heng hwa bee hoon: $10.90 (S)
Putien Sweet & Sour pork with lychees: $14.90 (S)
Putien Bian Rou soup: $4.90/pax
Stir-fried Yam: $14.90 (S)

Putien is one of our favourite Chinese restaurant in Singapore, and we love it for its consistent quality and variety of dishes without breaking the bank!!綽 Introducing some of our must-haves at Putien:

Firstly, definitely one of our putien staples is the Heng hwa bee hoon潃 that is packed with so much wok-hey. Don't forget to ask them for their chilli which really elevates the dish with it's spicy and sourish tones

Secondly, the sweet and sour pork with lychees which really surprised us as it's quite a common dish! Putien executed it really well as the pork was juicy, slightly crispy and the sauce has a slight tinge of lychee taste to it.

Lastly, the Putien bian rou soup was really unique with the small, cute wantons and the meat filling that's so smooth!! The soup has a slight vinegary taste to it which really went well with the wantons and the coriander, making it super appetising!

As usual, we had a great time at Putien. Saw that they have many other unique and seasonal dishes as well, and will definitely be back to try!!


Si Chuan Dou Hua, Parkroyal on beach road
'Treats from the Heart' Weekend ala carte dim sum buffet: $52++/pax (we quoted 'DFD20' during reservation to enjoy 20% off)
We've missed having our yum cha sessions since circuit breaker, and we were thrilled to try Si Chuan Dou Hua, especially since we've heard a lot about their 9 dim sum specialties which is limited to only one serving per person while the other items on the menu can be ordered for unlimited times. Their 9 dim sum specialties were indeed unique, by incorporating premium ingredients such as foie gras, bird nest, sea urchin etc. However, we felt that maybe sometimes, its better to keep the classic dim sum dishes as they were

Moving on to other items, usual dim sum items like char siew pau, pan-fried carrot cake etc. are available, which tasted average to us. What caught our attention was definitely their si chuan dishes such as mala chicken cubes which we kept going back for! Their desserts were well executed, especially their homemade fine bean curd with hasma which was so smooth and silky! A must try in our opinion.

Lastly, we couldn't help but to gush over the delicate presentation of their dim sum items. Everything was presented in small steamers, small plates and individual portions which was so cute! It also allowed us to try many items on the menu without generating food wastage, which we really appreciated. Overall, it was a value-for-money buffet as we left with happy and filled tummies!

White Restaurant, Sembawang
稜hite Beehoon (small): $6
Were still trying to stay home more these days and feed ourselves equally well so finally driving to get ourselves some 賜掖蝎 from the original Sembawang location!! Quite excited for this as our dad is always saying that the beehoon from the original store is still better than the other outlets - true enough it really is!! Every strand of the beehoon is coated in that thick flavourful gravy, yums!! Portion wise they are really generous, we could totally share a small one between both of us綽

Occasionally enjoys pigging out Also on insta @munchkinggs

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