Party in your mouth: Medium rare wagyu chunks, marinaded with sea salt and seared to perfection. Foie gras is top notch - golden brown outside and creamy within. No gamey smells here. Truffle ,fried garlic chips and runny onsen egg make for a flavourful combination. 10/10 would eat again.

Lunch omakase: Perfectly grilled and brushed with miso paste, the cod is firm and fragrant. Recommend eating half as is, and the other half with a squeeze of lime.

Lunch omakase: Creamy, briny uni with a hint of nutty sweetness. Rice hand-portioned by chef. Seaweed quality has top notch crunch, much unlike the chewy hard-to-break variety.

Lunch omakase: Fresh plumpness of the oyster pairs flawlessly with the yuzu/shoyu marinade. Best consumed with in one enjoyable mouthful.

Lunch omakase: Sweet, plump botan ebi with the freshness of the ocean in a delicate broth, topped with creamy uni and caviar. Garnished with 24k gold leaf to up the opulence. Beautifully plated in an uni-shaped glass bowl.

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