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Trend Eat ⚡️

Current munch (so hot 🥵 but not so pricy 🤑)
Kugel Kaffee
Kugel Kaffee

Arguably one of the best burgers we have in Singapore. Thick juicy patty and the sauce is super nice and satisfying!! 🤘We are very happy with this dish but find it slightly difficult to use wood ‘Biopak’ cutlery to cut the burger. The ketchup packet is not necessary. 🤗

We bought this dish from JustIN booth in the Epicurean Market 2019. Although we are impressed with the efficiency of service and the fact that the celebrity chef Justine Quek is making an appearance. We couldn’t help but compare this dish with prawn noodle we got elsewhere.🤐 The food portion is rather small, the flavour is mellow although it is a recommended dish by the chef!

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Apology to share this deal last minute as today is the last day for this promo price at Fairprice. We heard from our bro a few days ago and just manage to find time to cook this “Laksa Wholegrain Lamian noodle” from @primataste today. It ranks first in ‘The Ramen Rater’ list for 3 years. 🤘😎
Claiming to be ‘hearty’ & ‘Artisanal’, we can really see why. It has no msg and the noodle is steamed and non-fried. The pack comes with packet (A) Laksa Paste (not too oily paste) and packet (B) Laksa Premix (coconut milk powder). We try this noodle with all toppings we could fetch (tofu puff, cooked prawn, bean sprout, fish cake and curry leaf). 👨‍🍳🍜 (an attempt to look like original recipe ☺️😆)
The laksa soup is not greasy at all with noodle has a firm bite. Normally we try to avoid instant noodle as it rarely contains nutrition and only loaded with sodium but just can’t resist to try this laksa wholegrain lamian once. Don’t say Bojio! 😉

Day 13: Have fun on Humpday peeling layer after layer of Kueh Lapis. Slow down and take time to savour each moment in your life like peeling each layer of this Kueh. 😌🤓

Tried Pocky X Yakun Kaya (Kaya flavour) a few months ago and loved it. This Pretz X Jumbo (Singapore Exclusive) Chilli crab flavour got us excited and we were not hesitant at all to put them in the shopping basket.🧺
Having said that, we found this flavour quite an oddball. If we did blindfold, we wouldn’t know that it’s a chilli crab flavour. We love Jumbo Seafood signature dish 💯 but it’s quite a push when it comes to biscuit sticks.🤔

You can pick whether you would like to opt in lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle. 🍅🥒 We opt out pickle because one of us think it dilutes the taste of beef. This is a no-nonsense burger (no sauce, cheese & nothing else to distract the original flavour)🤟. The portion is quite small & that’s why we order fries to fill us up.
However, we couldn’t help but think maybe it is a better idea to order 2 hamburgers & 1 shroom Berger rather than crinkle fries! 😜

True to its description the shroom burger highlight is its ‘Crisp-fried portobello Mushroom’.
We notice our breaded pocket has separated and reveal the grilled portobello mushroom inside. 🍄
They definitely are not stingy with cheese (so oozing once you take a bite). What a smooth operator with their potato bun.🧀
The shroom burger is topped with lettuce, tomato and secret shack sauce! So yum and we give shroom burger a run for its money.💰🏃 Shroom Burger is an awesome burger that will delight vegetarian (say bye to the grain patty that we tried in the past!!) 😜

Decide to give it a go as we were suggested by IG pal to try and hope that the hype is cooling down.
Still we waited around 20 mins from ordering until receiving the order. ⏱
The fries are not greasy compared to other burger chains. However, the texture of crinkle cut fries are not our favourite as we prefer traditional smooth cut (crispy skin with soft body and some aroma). There are 3 types of sauce: ketchup, mustard and Louisiana (taste similar to Tabasco we think). Some fries are so good that you can enjoy on its own but we recommend ketchup with this one. 😆

Healthy foodie obsessed w/ ☕️ 🍫 Instagram: @kugelkaffee Follow our Live! Food journey on IG!! 🎊

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