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Local Breakfast

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Serene Tan
Serene Tan

📍Hajmeer Kwaja Muslim Food (#01-103)
Prata here is pretty good, slightly crispy on the outside. Freshly made upon order.

Ordered 2 kosong pratas (S$2.60). This stall is known for their crispy prata It's freshly made served hot, and goes really well with curry. One of the best if you like paper thin crispy type. The center part was soft and chewy.

Recommended 👍

Khairun Miyah Indian Muslim Food
Chang Cheng Food Court
201C Tampines St. 21
Singapore 523201

Also tried their Laksa (S$3.50) which is surprisingly good well. The laksa broth is full of flavour and creamy.


Delicious fishball noodles with pork skewer in Bedok! Popular stall in this coffeeshop with queue.

Ordered the S$3.50 portion, meepok noodles dry version, with add-on pork skewer (+$1.50). Comes with a bowl of soup.

Noodles were springy. So flavorful after mixing in their special chilli. There's fish cake slices, 2 fishballs and 1 meatball. Love the fishball and meatball, bouncy soft, no fishy taste and tasty.

Would definitely recommend getting the mooping pork skewer; tender and juicy meat, with a nice char on the outside.


Pratas were not bad! The kosong one was abit crispy on the outside. The curry is tasty, and the thick type which I prefer.

Stall #01-43 - M Mohamed Irshad

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Mee Siam from stall #01-16 Dapur Aishah. Nice gravy with good balance of sweet, spicy and sour. Would eat this again 👏

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Economic bee hoon with chicken wing, fishcake and chilli (S$3.70)

I like the bee hoon here, its fragrant, tasty and not too salty. Chicken wing is not bad. Even though it's slightly pricey, I would eat this again.

This stall is quite popular among those living nearby and NTU students for breakfast and supper. Coffeeshop is located just beside Pioneer MRT station.

Bai Li Xiang Economic Bee Hoon
(aka Ah Lian Bee Hoon)
Kimly Coffeeshop
651 Jurong West Street 61
Singapore 640651

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Ordered the original Appam $3 for 2pcs. Fresh made to order. Generous with the palm sugar and grated coconut. Expect to wait as they can only make a few at a time. Best to eat this there when it's hot and crispy. Would eat this again 💯

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This set taste alright, decent, nothing to shout about. Filling meal and comes with a drink.

Would recommend their Club Sandwich 🥪.

Stopped by this coffeeshop at Blk 444 Pasir Ris for breakfast. There was a queue at this stall, so I decided to give it a try.

Here's what I tried:

• Malasa Thosai ($2.90)
• Onion Prata ($1.70)
• Plain Prata ($1.20)

Overall not bad, decent. The roti prata is not the crispy type and not that oily. Thosai was good, with a lot of potatoes inside which is filling enough for me. The gravy is nice.

Indian Muslim Food stall
Kimly Coffeeshop
444 Pasir Ris Drive 6
Singapore 510444

😋👍 Yummy handmade Prawn Chee Cheong Fun (S$5) from the newly opened popular stall @chefweihkcheongfun in Bedok.

I went there on Saturday at 10am and there was already a long queue. Had to wait for about 1 hour because the CCF are freshly made. The CCF was smooth and the prawns were fresh. The sauce was not overly sweet.

Overall its yummy and I will eat again, but maybe on a weekday when the queue is not so long.

Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun
FoodHub Coffeeshop
209 New Upper Changi Road
Singapore 460209
(5min walk from Bedok MRT, coffeeshop is beside Sheng Siong supermarket)

🌤😊 Satisfying breakfast in Bedok. Chee cheong fun, crispy fried beancurd skin, fried fish cake, rice dumpling and orh kueh (yam cake). Topped with sweet and spicy sauces, spring onions, sesame seeds.

This is their Set D add additional orh kueh (S$4+). Quite a large serving, suitable for 2 person to share. Recommend 👍

Yummy (Stall 01-77)
Blk 216 Bedok Food Centre and Market
216 Bedok North Street 1 Singapore 460216


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